Beast Boy walked over to his girlfriend, Raven, and sat down on the couch next to her, slinging his arm casually around her shoulders. Raven flipped the page in her book, not even turning to him. The shape shifter opened up a box of conversation hearts and offered her one. She took a handful. Today was Valentines Day, a day of love and happiness. Even Raven was happier than usual. Sort of. Beast Boy showed her a heart. 'How are you?' He popped the candy into his mouth as she searched for an answer.

Soon, she held up a heart with 'Good' written on it. He nodded. She ate it before turning back to her book. The goth looked up when Beast Boy poked her in the side. A heart stating 'Be mine?' was in front of her face. She smiled slightly, lifting up a candy that answered 'Yes.' Her boyfriend tossed his into the air. It fell into his open mouth. Raven continued reading. A few minutes later, Beast Boy tapped her lightly on the shoulder. She looked up, annoyed, to see a red-faced boy holding out another heart. She read it and gasped. Raven looked up, her face red as well. Eyes wide and jaw open, she stared at the teen next to her. He leaned in slowly; too slowly for her taste. Raven leapt from her spot and kissed him fiercely. Beast Boy was shocked, but quickly recovered.

On the table, a lone conversation heart remained. It was light green, with purple letters spelling out 'I love you.'