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If there was anything the creatures of what had been Market Square knew, it was not to mess with the Shiekah. Ever.

There was only one figure in Market Square who walked with that kind of confidence, and they recognized it easily and stayed the fuck away. The figure strolled through at a leisurely pace, as if waiting for something to happen. Around him zombies moaned and sat curled upon empty buildings, but they never cast him a glance. Ever so often the white-garbed head would raise, a few locks of blonde hair and one eye seen through a part in the fabric. His body was adorned in a blue formfitting outfit, hands shoved into pockets as he took a seat on the steps of the Temple of Time. Or at least it had been.

Crumbling stone upon stone. Nothing but memories. It had once been beautiful, sacred.

But then Ganondorf came, and everything that ever had a purpose was gone now. Hell, half the Hylians were dead or imprisoned. Everyone knew why; the Dark King was looking for someone. And he wanted that someone alive.

Funny, Sheik thought to himself, About the way things turned out.

There was a sudden second set of footsteps, so soft one might not hear them if they were not of the elite class, the Shiekah. Nobody ever heard a true Sheikah coming. They were indiscernible from the background.

Shiek turned his head and met the newcomer with his hand curled, ready to attack if they should be an enemy, but seeing that it was one he knew, relaxed his grasp. "Impa," he said flatly. The woman showed herself; stark-white hair and piercing eyes, imposing and taller than him by far. She'd always been imposing.

I hate you, Sheik thought, but now was not the time to get lost in memories.

"Ah, I see you're getting on well enough. What's it been, Shiek? Three years? Four?" she smirked, though there was no humor to it.

"Depends if you count that one glimpse of you at Hylia."

"I don't."

"Then yes, three years." He curled his back against a stone eye, closing his eyes and re-tying his hand wraps, which were coming loose already. Impa gave him a hard stare, as if trying to measure whether he was being cocky or not. And then quite suddenly she was done, looking up at the spires of the Temple. "Enough about that," she said in that smooth voice. "It's time. This is what you've trained for for nearly a decade."

The other Shiekah nodded. "I know," he said, trying to contain the unease in his voice. What if the Hero of Time didn't awaken? What if they were all doomed to die? It was sure to happen. He hadn't been old enough to really care much when everyone had been raging about this hero; only eleven at the time. He almost missed the times he spent as Royal Spy. Reminiscing, however, would get him nowhere.

"Better get in there. It's nearly time," she said, and then disappeared. Such was the way of their kind, after all. Short and to the point – don't drone on and you'll keep your neck.

He sighed inaudibly, stood, turned towards the entryway.

Shiek silently made his way into the building, past the broken door and up to the altar that held the now-useless Spiritual stones. Once those stones would have been the most coveted items in the land, and now they floated there, meaningless. The other room, the back chamber, was the one he wanted.

Light fell even though it was night, illuminating the empty pedestal in the center of the chamber. That, supposedly, was where the Hero had taken the Master Sword seven years ago. Nothing there now; only dust and echoes. He took a seat on the lowest step.

There was a voice from somewhere: a woman's voice, singing. He did not flinch, because he hardly ever flinched. But he turned his head slowly to the center of the room to see the source. There was a tiny spark of blue light floating above the empty pedestal. His heart gave a mighty lurch: Not fiction, not fiction at all! Or was it only his mind playing tricks on him? But no. The voice was joined by another, and then another, becoming a swirling cacophony of noise that filled the chamber.

And suddenly the room was filled with blue light. Sheik narrowed his eyes, stretched an arm out and braced his face from whatever might be coming—

It was done. And in the center was a boy.

No, not a boy at all… a young man about his age.

"The Hero of Time," Shiek breathed aloud. The Kokiri (or at least, that was the assumption; whom else wore green?) merely looked back at him, as if he were slightly confused. His face was haunted. He looked like someone caught at a bad deed, and as if he were more than sorry for it. His expressions were unguarded, completely free as they changed his face.

And then, in a slow voice, he spoke.

"Where… am… I?"

"Temple of Time," Shiek replied, trying to regain his cold tone, though inside he was full of emotion. Questions that hadn't been asked, but which he was dying to. "It's been seven years, Hero. Welcome back."

The Kokiri looked around, dazed, and then spoke again. "My Gods! Seven years?"

Sheik nodded. Impa had told warned him that the Hero would have been sleeping for seven years, and would not know what had been going on. All this time, asleep! He couldn't get his head around it. How could anyone look upon this destruction, this chaos, and not think that there had been no time when Hyrule was not torn?

"And who… are… you?" Link asked then, trying to keep his face under control.

"Shiek," he replied. "I'm here to guide you."