"I miss you, Addison." He said almost hoarsely.

She stared at him looking completely desperate. "I-I'm in love with my husband."

He fought the urge to roll his eyes. She noticed Derek standing near them, his bright eyes watching them suspiciously.

"He's not in love with you." He replied, watching her face fall.

The phrase rang in her head as her green eyes stared into Derek's, almost in disbelief.

He's not in love with you.

He's not in love with you.

He's not in love with you.

"Addy." He said softly, reaching out for her. She didn't move, just stood stock-still. Although she knew Mark was only saving this to manipulate her. He touched her shoulder, she shoved his hand away.

"You see how he looks at that intern. He loves her. I love you. Come back with me. Back to New York."

He's not in love with you.

Derek was approaching faster now, as visions rang through her head. Derek, Meredith, and elevators. Derek, Meredith, and elevators.

Come back with me.

Tears started to burn her green eyes as she worked to hold them back. Affairs, apartments, and broken promises.

I miss you, Addison.

He hadn't missed her. He had his intern, his anti-Addison, he had his trailer. He had his elevators. He had his ferryboats. He had a life.

Mark reached out for her again. This time she didn't move. That was his talent. He knew exactly what to say to break her. She was Addison Montgomery- Shepard. She couldn't break. Derek was close now. Too close.

"Addison. I-"

Derek punched him with such force that he fell to the ground. She just watched him fall, her expression unmoving. Derek shook out the "pain" in his perfect, surgeon-y hands.

"I would punch you again." He spat. "But I have surgery later."

He looked over at Addison who looked completely broken. Mark stood up and exited the area with one more jealous look at her.

Come back with me.

I miss you, Addison.

He loves her.

"Addy…" Derek started. His voice sounded so far away. She reached for it desperately. Derek…Derek, Meredith, and elevators. "Addy"


"Stop being an adulteress bitch."

"Why don't you get on your broomstick and fly to New York where you belong?"

"There is a land called Passive Agressiva, and you are their queen."

"That is not the she he was talking about."

"He doesn't love her, but he'll go back to her anyway. She's his wife."

"Addison and I are over."

"We had adultery. That was enough."

"You are Satan. You realize that, right? If Satan were to take a physical form he'd be you. Everywhere, all the time."

"It wasn't a fling, and it wasn't revenge…"

Flashback Ends

"Addison! Addison, say something!"

He's not in love with you.

A soft hand touched her face. "You're so pale. What did he say to you? I'll hit him again."

"Derek, are you done? Hurting me back. Because, if not, I'm gonna have to special order a thicker skin…or something."

"What am I suppose to do, just wait for it to pass?"