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Glaring at the test booklet, she glanced at her test bubble form. Ashley frowned, closing her eyes in concentration… nothing could distract her now; NOTHING. The life on many depended on this – well, more likely, the happiness of her parents and the welfare of her crazy grandmother who had made a ridiculous bet with her uncle, both forcing her to hit the books every time she relaxed with a book and…

Not now…her mind whimpered as her thoughts suddenly swerved to the red ranger; or, should she say, former red ranger… and current boyfriend of mine.

A smile graced her lips at the thought. But for now… Her eyes refocusing on the multiple-choice questions, she steeled her determination to face the most difficult of them all: the SATs.

Frowning in boredom, Andros rubbed his forehead, listening to the ambassadors and representatives from numerous worlds discussing the latest topics in Galactic News.

"But that would effectively… blah blah the blah blah…"

"No – I insist. Blah blah needs the assistance much more than blah blah blah-blah blah."

Stifling a yawn, the former leader of the Power Rangers settled back slightly, trying hard to keep his composure. Had 'sleeping pills' been one of the benefits Kin-Won had empathized upon approaching him with the job offer? Or was this just another one of the many 'tests' he had mentioned, continuously saying how he would be the perfect man to overcome these obstacles?

Either way…

Snapping back to attention upon hearing his name – or his title at least – Andros focused on the task at hand and not other… distracting thoughts.

Ashley bit her lip, absently twirling a lock of hair as she glared vaguely at the question. She had never been one for math or science, though she had found something quite interesting about Astronomy – which showed in her grades. Nevertheless, this long answer question concerning geometry and physics confused and bored her to tears. Sometimes she really missed that little alarm that DECA had… coughing silently, she refocused on the test… something about Newton's Laws…

Sighing in relief, the brunette former Power Ranger turned in her test booklet and Scantron sheet to the teacher, accepting the complimentary pencil with a weak smile. Trying not to roll her eyes a the overly bright grin the supervisor flashed at her, Ashley skittered away, only too happy to meet up with Cassie and Carlos.

"How'd it go?" Cassie demanded. "What did you get for that one about Newton's Laws…? Like they expect us to remember these things after learning them in, like, seventh grade!"

Grinning in response, Ashley watched Carlos let out a fake groan and double over in dismay.

"Almost everyone I know has taken it already! Why must they make me wait?" he declared in an overly dramatic stage voice.

"Hey, you're the one who said he didn't want to take the SAT so early – but think about it! If you'd done it then, you would have been able to celebrate with T.J… speaking of which…" Ashley glanced around quizzically. "Oh Cassie," she sympathized mockingly. "I'm so sorry… Lost your boyfriend after only a few weeks?" Giggling, she ducked the Asian's wild swing.

Grappling with each other, the two best friends mock fought, though they ruined the effect by giggling madly the whole time.

"Hey now, do I have to start giving out timeouts?" an amused voice asked. Looking up in surprise, Ashley smiled to see T.J there, trusty and dependable, holding a bag that looked and smelled suspiciously of Adele's fries and shakes.

Catching her stare, T.J hefted the bag and walked over to a bench, setting it down. "Though you guys might appreciate something other than those… pencils…" Coughing slightly, he lifted the bag back up and added, "Figured we could go to the park and…" he shrugged.

Laughing, Cassie pulled Ashley along as they linked arms, walking in the direction of Angel Grove Park.

A week after her test, Ashley found herself staring at another piece of paper. Only this wasn't the test… it was the envelope that held the results of that test – and this particular piece of paper was much more substantial in its worth. Her parents would likely want to hold some sort of ceremonial Opening of the Results, but… Ignoring that little voice in the back of her head, Ashley ripped open the envelope and yanked out the crisply folded paper, nearly ripping it and giving herself a paper cut in the process. Scanning the letter anxiously, her eyes stopped upon the four-digit number…

She heard a cry, but she didn't even realize it was hers until she was already out of the house and looking up and down the street, running blindly. That was okay. Her feet knew where to go.

Leaping into someone's arms, she laughed dizzily. Burying her face in Andros's neck, she smiled, breathing warm air as she spoke:

"I passed."

Smiling back, her boyfriend pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead.

"I think we both did."

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