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Chad couldn't help feeling left out.

Ever since Troy started going out with Gabriella he had felt a little-lost in the shuffle. He and Troy used to be tight, really good friends-inseparable almost. Now instead of "Troy and Chad" always being said in the same sentence, it was "Troy and Gabriella."

Whatever, at least he was still on the basketball team-barely.

Yeah he was about to get kicked off the team. Not because he wasn't the best high school forward in the state, but because he couldn't remember his presidents.

Who ever heard of getting kicked off a team because of History?

"Hey Troy." he said, looking up at my buddy when he walked into the locker room. At least this is one place Gabriella can't follow him. Chad looked got up and started walking towards the gym, but Troy called him back.

"Hey man, I need to talk to you." Troy said, waving him over. "Listen, Gabriella wants to double date tonight on Friday. You and Taylor want to come?"

Chad shrugged, "Sure, where to?"

"The movies. There's this great new film out. I think you'll really like it." There was a joke in there somewhere, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Anyway, I wanted to do something this Friday.

"Thanks man." Troy said. The two of us walked into the gym together.

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