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Chapter 1

Piper and Leo Stood in the doorway of their son's room watching at Wyatt and the new baby fell asleep. Piper's pregnancy had taken a turn for the worst and they almost lost him. When it was time to take him out of the womb, Chris's head had got stuck on Piper's pubic bone and the baby was losing air fast.

After the got him out he was on ventilators for days checking his lungs and for any brain damage that could have occurred. Than they could take him home, when Piper and Chris stepped through the front door Chris was taken hostage by his aunts, everyone had a smile on their face. Especially after what had happened to big Chris, after he faded away in his fathers arms. After his death Piper and Leo took it the hardest, Leo had never looked so broken before and Piper after learning about his fate locked herself in her room with the new baby and didn't come out for hours. During his birth, his brother, dad and aunts were waiting outside in the waiting area not saying anything hoping for the best. When the doctor came out saying that his son was currently stuck and could die, that broke the man even further. After hearing that he went to the corner and sat down staring at nothing, not speaking to anyone, not that anyone tried, his aunts were taking this news the same way. Waiting to here the baby's cry's was the longest moment of Leo's life, wanting to hear that loud cry of his baby boy, the same baby boy that came from the future and save his big brother.

Finally after what felt like hours to Leo and the sisters they heard a loud cry coming through the doors. Leo let out the breath he didn't know that he was holding.

Now standing in her husbands arms watching her boys fall asleep, Wyatt looked to his parents than to his baby brother. Leo walked over and tucked him in than kissed him lightly on the head. He turned to his wife and than they silently left the room. While everyone was sleeping a demon shimmered in and stood over Chris's crib, he picked Chris up and held him against his chest. He put a vial of blue liquid to the baby's mouth coaxing the potion down his throat and than putting him back down in his crib.

"Until it is time, Young Christopher" he said before shimmering out.

The next morning Phoebe and Paige walked into the kitchen, doing their morning business. Phoebe picked up the newspaper and started reading this morning's news, while Paige put on a pot of coffee.

Piper was calming a crying Chris and Leo was feeding Wyatt applesauce. Ever since Gideon, Leo quit being an Elder and continued living with his family being their whitelighter. He vowed to big Chris that he would be there for both of his sons. Piper put a pacifier in Chris's mouth and his crying stopped.

"Kwis, being bad" Wyatt said.

"No buddy, Chris is just a little cranky" replied Leo, trying to explain things to his son. Wyatt made a face at his father and Leo chuckled at the sight of it.

Phoebe looked up from the newspaper and smiled at her brother-in-law and nephew. Paige just continued watching the coffee maker, make the sustenance that would keep her up all day.

"Leo, could you watch Wyatt today?" Piper asked suddenly as she packed Chris's baby bag.

"Yea, but what about Chris?" Leo asked her.

Oh, I'll just take him with me, besides Wyatt loves spending time with his Daddy" Piper said as she walked over and kissed Wyatt on the head.

Phoebe and Paige both looked up from what they were doing and stared at Piper. Ever since Chris was born, Piper would not let him out of her sight for too long, she felt that because she was not there to protect big Chris, that he had died because of it. She promised herself and both Chris's that nothing would happen to baby Chris, she would make sure of it.

"Sweetie, maybe we should take Chris today, and let you take a load off" Phoebe tried.

"Yea, Piper, we'll take the boys to the zoo and you can go to the club and relax" Paige added.

"No, I got him" Piper said fixing Chris's strap.

"Sweetie, it's not your fault you know, he didn't die in vain" Phoebe said. Piper didn't reply and kept getting ready.

"We all miss him, Piper, don't beat yourself up over something that's not your fault" Paige said.

"Yes it was, I would've have just been their helping him, he would be back in his happy future that he created" Piper said not turning around to face them picking up Chris.

"Piper, you were in labor, and even if you were there, you couldn't have done anything" Phoebe replied.

"Yea and if you hold on to Chris any harder your smoosh him" Paige said trying to cheer everyone up. Leo who had not said anything this entire time stood up and went over to hug her. Piper started crying on Leo's shoulder. They were interrupted by a demon flaming in behind them.

"Demon" Phoebe screamed and dodged a fire ball that was coming her way. The demon didn't stop there, he threw multiple fire balls at them. Paige orbed one back at the demon, but he dodged it, Phoebe levitated and kicked the demon in the head sending him across the foyer. Piper tried to blow him up, but it just bounced off him. Leo took Wyatt and Chris and orbed up to the nursery. He was trying to calm Chris down and didn't notice another demon flame in behind him until he was hit on the back of the head and fell over unconscious.

Wyatt's force field went up to protect himself and his baby brother. The demon took an atheme and tried prying open Wyatt's force field.(Authors Note: Kinda like Gideon did.)

Before the demon could get any further the Charmed ones came into the room and he flamed out and Wyatt put down his force field. Piper went over and hugged Wyatt and watched as Phoebe went over to get Chris.

"They must have been after Wyatt" Paige said.

"Yea, and the demon that was downstairs must have been a decoy, so they could get us out of the way to get to him" Phoebe added.

Since baby Chris had not come into his powers yet, demons didn't think him much of a threat yet. Wyatt was powerful from the beginning so he was on every demons hit list. Little did they know that as soon as Chris does come into his powers he would rival the Elders. One clan of demons knew this and were after him.

"It's ok, that bad man didn't get you, and your big brother protected you" Phoebe said to a crying Chris. Piper noticed her husband on the floor and went over to him and prodded him awake.

"Wyatt, Chris' Leo said looking frantically for his sons.

"There ok, we stopped the demon in time" Piper reassured her husband.

"Ok, I'll go check the book and Paige will start scrying" Phoebe said handing Chris to Leo and heading for the Book of Shadows.

/Later that night/

Piper and Leo put there kids to bed and watched as they fell asleep. They had been working all afternoon trying to find the demon that attacked their kids, but came up with nothing to show. Phoebe suggested they get a good nights rest so they can get back to working in the morning and Piper after seeing Wyatt yawning and Chris who had already fallen asleep on his fathers shoulder agreed.

"Don't worry, Piper, we'll find the demon that's after Wyatt" Leo said trying to cheer his wife up.

"I know" Piper replied and headed for her room with Leo at her heels.

As soon as they left the same demon from the other night shimmered in and went over to Chris's crib and picked him up again.

"It's time, young one" Said the demon.

He took a step back and stepped on Wyatt's squeaky toy, jolting Chris awake. He started whimpering and the demon tried to calm him done so he wouldn't wake the Charmed ones. His noise woke Wyatt up and he looked around his room to see a bad man trying to take his baby brother. He did the only thing he could think of, he started crying.

Piper and Leo were the first one in the room followed by Phoebe and Paige. They expected to see someone trying to take Wyatt but saw exactly the opposite. The demon was trying to take Chris.

The demon smirked at the Charmed ones and shimmered out holding Chris, while Wyatt kept crying. Piper's knees gave out and she fell to the floor crying, Leo was not doing much better.

CHRIS! NOOOOO! Piper screamed, her baby boy, the one she promised to protect was gone.


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