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Kohaku's Wishes

I wish the pain would go away, I wish I could flee.

The floor is cold and damp, its seeps through my body, chilling my bones. I open my eyes, but there is only darkness. I feel a tiny smile play on my lips. I am most comfortable in the dark. In the dark no one could see you cry, in the dark you couldn't see hands covered with blood.

I wished I was far away from this place, yet at the same time I dare not leave. This is my home, my life, my tomb. I try to remember what I had done earlier, but only aching blackness echoes in my mind. I try to remember how the sun feels on my skin, but that is elusive as the touch of god upon my head. I tryst with demons now, both real and imaginary.

In my mind, below the swirling darkness, beneath my veneer of emptiness was screaming. Wherever I went, the screams followed me. Some were unfamiliar. Strangers in passing that I had done some misdeed to. While others were intimately connected to me, someone I knew, someone from the past, but I could not see them.

This, I try hard to forget. I do not want to see past the void. I do not want to hear the voices. The spider stretches, my back aches, and the screams recede. The darkness swallows me, and I smile. The pain saves me, but I wish it would go away. I wish I could crawl off this floor and towards the light, but I can't. It does not want me, and I fear what I will see.

Most of all I wish the screams of my memories would fade.