A/N: I do like this couple—I really do. But I like them as a couple before Kagome comes along—otherwise I'd have to put them into a situation where one gets hurt…and God knows I love both these women too much to do that! -.-; Anyway, this story is before all that sad betrayal stuff. So, for all you Kikyou-lovers, here is some sweet, sweet fluff from this denying couple to rot your teeth.

Summary: Sometimes being a little emotional gets you a long way. (Just because there isn't enough Inu/Kik out there.)


"You know…sometimes I don't understand," she said softly, gaze on the dewy grass. If he'd been human, he would have missed her soft-spoken words. But, as he was, his white ears swiveled towards the sound and he scowled.

"Understand what, wench?" he questioned, crossing his arms.


He didn't answer, just shifted his gaze from the foaming water to her. His golden eyes surveyed her slumped figure; she sighed, and the sound had his ears perked again. Then she smiled and laughed.

"I must sound ridiculous." She sniffed, lifting her sharp brown gaze from the grass. He straightened immediately, horrified to see moisture gathering in those cloudy eyes. She looked so young and vulnerable, and it just didn't suit the priestess. Her normally calm and serene attitude failed her now, and the hanyous shoulders tensed.

"Don't cry Kikyou—it doesn't suit you." He muttered ears flattened against his equally pale hair. Anger suddenly sparked in her eyes, and she stood stiffly.

"No—No, of course it doesn't," she said coldly. "The stoic priestess doesn't feel emotions, right?" gathering her bow, and quiver of arrows she began to stalk off, anger dimming as sadness came soaring back.

"What? H-Hey, Kikyou, wait! I didn't mean it like that!" she spun around, spitting her next comment acidly.

"I thought you understood me," her bottom lip quivered dangerously. "I guess you're just a filthy half demon after all." Inu-Yasha flinched visibly, his expression hurt and his eyes vulnerable.


"No!"—She took a deep breath, shoving her calm façade back into place—"Don't even try to apologize, Inu-Yasha; it doesn't matter. It's the truth; too…I shouldn't act so vulnerable. I must be strong for the village…thank you for reminding me of that." She turned, beginning her trek back to the village.

A clawed hand caught her shoulder, spinning her back around. Her breath caught in her throat as those golden eyes caught hers. His gaze immediately dropped, embarrassed at being caught in the middle of this emotional conflict. Then he tugged on her shoulder, easily pulling her into his embrace. His chin nestled atop her soft black hair and she closed her eyes.

"You have the right to feel, just as any woman should," he murmured.


"I'll be watching over you—don't do anything stupid." He said gruffly, holding her out at arms length. Then he gave her a quick, adoring look, and bounded off, hopping into the foliage.

"Yasha?" she finished, a small smile gracing her lips. "Thank you."