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Chapter 1

Fullmetal Welcome!


"Risa, are you okay?" Asked a short red haired girl around the age of 15 as she felt her younger sister, Risa Harada on her forehead. "Oh man you have a fever!"

"I must have caught that cold..." Sniffed Risa as she put the blanket over her head. "And I wanted to go to school today!"

"Ehh?" Riku raised a brow at her younger sister why did you want to go to school so bad? "What's going on at school today?"

"Everyone one knows!" Fummed Risa as she sat against her wall. "Dark Mousy-kun! Is finally picking a girlfriend!" hearts appeared around her eyes.

"That pervert, ooh I really hate him!" Riku said standing up from her sister's bed putting her hands into fits.

"Just because he told you that he liked you!" Risa shouted at her sister as she walked out the door.

"I'll tell you who he picks." Riku shouted up the stairs at her sister.

"Thank you Riku!" Risa shouted hearing a door close.


"Stupid sister liking him, come on she can do better then that!" Riku fumed riding her bike towards her highschool. "I really shouldn't be thinking of that!" she thought as she turned the corner seeing her school. "I'll think of that later." She stopped her bike placing it into the bike-parking area looking over seeing two boys. "Are they new, or just visiting?" she thought as she walked into the school doors.


"At lunch Dark-kun is going to pick a girlfriend!" A girl cooed as she sighed and another girl agreed. "It'll be so great when he picks someone!" She sighed sitting down.

"Every girl in school really seems to be happy Dark is picking a girlfriend." A spicky red heard boy said to Riku.

"Yea, it's getting on my nerves..." Riku said to her best friend and secret crush, Daisuke Niwa. "Other then that how have you been since that cold has been going around?"

"I'm okay but my mom is sick...Harada-san?" Daisuke blinked at Riku who was staring right at him. "W-What is it, there something on my face?" Daisuke asked rubbing his face.

"What?" Riku blinked out of thought; ah she was staring right at Daisuke! "Ah! I'm so sorry, Niwa-kun!" Riku said sitting back against her chair her heart was beating so fast, her best friend of three years gave her 'love' feelings.

"Settle down class!" the teacher said as the class settled down. "Before we start class I want to introduce two new comers!" two boys walked into the classroom.

"The boys from this morning." Riku thought as she looked up from her book.

"Everyone meet Edward and Alphonse Elric, make them feel welcomed!" the teacher said as she finished righting down. "Boys say hello."

"Hello everyone, it's vary nice to meet you." Alphonse bowed, he looked much younger then his brother.

"Hey there everyone." Edward smirked nicely to the class, making girls go 'So cute!' and all.

"Let's see there's a seat behind Niwa and a seat beside Harada." The teacher said pointing. "Edward please sit beside Harada, and Alphonse sit behind Niwa."

Edward and Alphonse nodded walking to there seats; Edward stopped and looked down at Riku.

"Hey there, I'm Edward Elric who might you be?" Edward asked slick making Riku blush. "Riku Harada...um, E-Elric-kun."

"Call me Edward!" he said sitting down, he was flirting making Daisuke squeeze his notebook.

"Niwa-kun, are you okay?" Riku whispered to him behind her she was clueless.

"Just fine!" he whispered back.

"It looks like Fullmetal pipsqueak went under cover again!" someone said looking down threw the window at Edward, and the person changed into a diffrent student, this shape shifter was known as Envy. "This will be interesting!"

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