"That's a time machine?" Etcetera muttered.

"It's ugly!"

"Can we paint it a pretty color?"

"How does it work?"

"Meep! It just sent my catnip mousey to the 37th century!"

"That was my catnip mouse, 'Teazer! Why do you have to lose all of my stuff?"

"It's not my fault! The time machine ate it!"

"What date are we going back to?"

"Whenever this whole thing started."

"Think 11 B.C.'s a good guess?"


"12 B.C.?"

"February 16th, 2006, please,"



"The time machine stole my word!"

"Word thief! Word thief! AAAA!"


"The time machine—uh…DIDN'T steal my word!"

"I should certainly hope not."


"Are we there yet?"

"We really aren't going anywhere."

"Are we then yet?"

"We'll stop when we get then, okay?"

"You're brutally murdering so many grammatical laws."

"I need a litterbox."



"Misto got timesick!"

"I knew I should've brought some Dramamine."

"Don't say that! It's copyrighted!"

"What, Dramamine?"



"Will you stop that infernal beeping?"



"Hey, look, it's the flying Mistoffelees!"

"It's not funny, Tugger," Mr. Mistoffelees muttered with a sigh. "Why must Coricopat and Tantomile make everything so difficult?"

The Rum Tum Tugger gave a short laugh before stretching out in the sun. "It's only because you have no twin to perform it with,"

Mistoffelees gave one more unsuccessful attempt before joining his friend in the sun. If this little magic trick was anything like the others, he'd have it down in under a day. He absolutely had to have learned it by then, for Bustopher Jones would be visiting soon and the large cat required entertainment.

"Mistoffelees? …Mistoffelees! Mistoffelees!" Munkustrap's voice brought Mr. Mistoffelees from his troubled thoughts. The silver tabby smiled and sat down in front of him. "Tell me," he said, his tail flicking back and forth. "Have you mastered your latest trick yet, or is the kitten having a bit of trouble?

With an angry grunt that went "harumphumherumph", Mistoffelees turned away, closing his eyes. "Well then, magical Mr. Mistoffelees, why don't you show me all you can do, and I'll speak to Coricopat and Tantomile about the rest?"

Mumbling a very unhappy mumble, Mistoffelees raised himself to his adorable little paws and leapt into the air. A victorious smile crept across his face.


And a shiny little rainbow sparkled around his paws.

"See? It's not that hard." Coricopat said with a smile as he walked past. "By the way, what's with the mascara, Tugger?"

"Uhm…Can't say I know."


I'll miss you, Presto!...But I had a good time. -hugs-

Hope you all enjoyed the run...