Kiss THIS!

zutara drabbles. (Plot, what plot? Have you ever heard of this strange thing they call plot?) A series of drabbles concerning a certain fire prince and water peasant and an authoress' many ways to get them to kiss.

For Sokka

"You know," He said slowly, waving extravagantly in the air. "I'm this close" he pinched his fingers so very near one another. "To kissing you."

That got her attention.

"What?" She almost dropped the basket of food in her arms.

"Not like that." He explained at her hasty look. "I just want to tick Sokka off. He's been getting on my nerves, and—"

She smiled. "You think you'll get back at him by kissing me?" She giggled because she knew it would work.

He returns her smile warmly. "Of course." He paused, rubbing his chin where the smallest of whiskers had begun to grow. (Since he joined with the Avatar's gang, he hasn't exactly had the chance to shave, and he's not going to ask Sokka if he can borrow his razor.) "There are other benefits, too, of course."

She grins. "Like what?" She asks cheekily.

"Well, for one, I'd get to kiss you. I thinks that's a good enough reason in and of itself, personally."

She stops walking, and he in turn follows her example. She puts the basket on the ground and crosses her arms, staring at him pointedly, "And what's stopping you?"

Nothing. He realizes as he closes the gap between the two of them just as Sokka turns up behind them.


A/N: So, why did I write this?

1 Random is fun!

2 Writer's block is a bitch.

3 It's Single's Awareness Day/week, so I figured I had to prove I am agirl and write a few things that were fluffy and romantic and all that jazz.

4 I wanted to write something completely OoC on both of their parts.

5 I wanted to try to make up different scenes where Zuko and Katara would kiss that would be completely random and possibly not very romantic. It's silly, but I enjoy it.

I'll write some more of them later, more than likely right after I post this one.

Crap, my author's notes are longer than the fic!