Kiss THIS!

WEE! It's spring break! This is one of the sixteen zutara prompts…I only have ONE more left! Woo-hoo!

It's pro-zutara week, people! Everyone, write Zutara, just this week! We've got to prove our support for our pairing during this, er, "troubling" time. I've even got the first chapter of a novel-length fic in the beta works (Thanks again, Vickiso!) and whenever she's done with it I'll post it here!

(crap my ANs are longer than the drabble...)

Til then, enjoy these drabbles!


"I think I know, I think I understand, but it's all subject to the tide." –Jeanette Winterson

"I think I know." She whispered softly as she removed the blue and white mask that had haunted her for so long. Tenditevly, she brushed part of the small patch of hair on the back of his head with her fingers, but the boy who's head laid limp in her lap did not move.

"I think I understand," She whispered, tracing a finger along his scar---It had taken her forever, but she had finally figured out why Zuko was so obsessed with capturing Aang.

"But it's all subject to the tide." She spoke softly, planting a gentle kiss on the head of the Prince's scarred and almost-lifeless body. She lifted her head and removed the lid on the vial she wore around her neck, and began the healing.

Now, to see if she was right.


Thank you, come again!