Kiss THIS!

Watch V for Vendetta. That movie is flipping sweet. It gives one so many KataraxBlue Spirit plotbunnies.

Note that this drabble also includes some SoKo, (SongxZuko—Storybender is gonna kill me) so be ye fair warned, fangirls.



"Who's is this?" the Fire Lord's wife, a petite girl from the Earth Kingdom, asked her husband, holding out the blue and silver necklace to him. "It's not mine, and unless you have a thing for women's jewelry that I didn't know about, I would assume it isn't yours, either."

He laughed at her until he saw the necklace. His expression turned somber at the blue threading and the silver stone. "I—I had forgotten about that."

"What is it?" Song asked, more curious than she was before. Zuko took the necklace from her and held it up in the air, the gold of the sunlight gleaming off of it's silver stone.

"A gift for a—a friend." He said the last word hesitantly. "I broke her other necklace, so I figured I should replace it."

Song raised her eyebrow towards her husband. "What happened to her—your friend?"

He turned away from his wife, looking crestfallen at the ground. "She died."

Song looked around uneasily, gently putting her hand on her husband's shoulder. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be—she died a long time ago." But there was still a dark look in his eye that held regret.

Desperate to lighten the mood, Song smiled. "How did you break her necklace in the first place?"

His face turned crimson at the memory—

A rough, well-calculated kiss, full of all the passion he could muster, claimed her lips with his own. His were not the only ones full of passion—her desire equaled his own as she moaned, opening her lips and allowing him to conquer her further. He undid her necklace, placing it on the table beside them, as he continued to place kisses along her neck.

Neither of them realized the necklace had fallen off the table and shattered until the morning after.

--"It was nothing." He lied to Song, brushing her off by waving his hand lightly. "We were sparing, and it fell off and I stepped on it. I felt guilty about it afterwards, so I had someone make almost a direct copy of it to replace it." He did not mention the hours he had spent carving the stone, the love that had driven him to make it, and the real reason the women of water wore the necklaces to his wife. "She died before I had the chance to give it to her."

Song leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "I'm sure she would have loved it, had she had the chance to see it."

As he placed the necklace back into it's hidden spot in his drawer, the small sun and moon on the stone left unseen to all but himself, he was inclined to agree with her.


This drabble is oozing with symbolism, however I'm looking for one place in particular for it. It's kinda vague, but find it and you get a cookie.

(you can tell spring break is over and I'm back at school, right?)