Kiss THIS!

30 Kisses challenge 5: "ano sa" ("hey, you know...")

So Which Is It?

"Are you afraid?" He asked quietly, softly, as the wind blew past them, wrapping them tightly in its cold embrace.

"I ought to be." She whispered, closing her cloak around her body to hide against the cold. "In fact, I should be terrified." She stepped closer to him, too close (not nearly close enough) almost. "You're the enemy; the fact that I'm here willingly makes me a traitor to my people, my family, and my friends. You could hurt me, kill me, break me, and it would all be so easy for you to do." She stepped closer still, her azure eyes sparkling with something, maybe mischief (maybe something better).

"But I'm not afraid."

"You are brave, then." He said, slightly amused at her confession.

"No," she replied. "I'm stupid. So very stupid."

But as he wrapped his arms around her waist and enclosed the space between them, she was no longer sure which she really was.


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