Kiss THIS!

30 Kisses challenge 7: Superstar


The Ambassador from the Southern Water Tribe smiled with wide mirth as a shirtless gentleman placed another grape into her mouth. To her right was another shirtless gentleman, this one with a palm tree branch in his hand, fanning her from the Fire Lands' surreal heat. And at her feet was yet another shirtless gentleman, rubbing her feet and asking her pointless questions like, "Would you like some more grapes, milady?" and "Would you like us to carry you?" Well, of course she did! Honestly…

She could hear an amused chuckle from behind her. She scowled.

"Enjoying yourself, Ambassador?" The Fire Lord asked her, with an inquisitive glint in his eyes that promised severe teasing later for the Ambassador. She groaned under her breath before she put on her fakest smile. What did he want now?

"Of course, Lord Zuko." She said pleasantly, sitting up to look the Fire Lord in the eyes. "Your people always take such good care of me when I have to stay here." Her eyes narrowed. What do you want and get it over with soon, I'm on vacation, they seemed to say.

He smiled. "I'm certainly glad you're having a good time here, Ambassador, however, I believe I need to speak with you." He said seriously. "In private."

She began swearing as soon as her horde of shirtless gentlemen left under their Lord's orders.

He laughed. "It will only take a few minutes, I promise."

She glared at him. "You know I only come to the Fire Nation when I need a vacation or if you really need me for something. In case you haven't noticed, I'm on vacation!" She glowed as he continued to laugh.

He cocked his eyebrow to one side. "Who's the spoiled one now?"

"I'm not spoiled!" She shouted back. "I lived a very deprived childhood. I'm a world-famous hero. I deserve to pampered daily, thank you very much!" She clicked her tongue as he continued to laugh. "And I only do this every few months, so stop laughing!"

His gaze softened as he kneeled down beside her. "What would you say if I said you could have this, and more, forever?"

She blinked at him. "I'm afraid I'm not following."

He sighed exasperatedly. "Never mind that right now. Listen…How old are you, Katara?"

"Nineteen." She whispered, wondering where he was going with this.

"And what's the marrying age of your people?" He asked carefully.

She shrugged. "It depends. It varies anywhere from thirteen to sixteen."

He let out a breath of relief. "And you aren't promised to anyone, right?"

She set down her book cautiously, taking off her sunglasses and turning to face her friend. "Zuko…where are you going with this?"

He said nothing at first, only laid down on the chair beside her. He let out several steady breaths before he finally answered. "I have to get married. Soon. It's the law. I can't delay it anymore, I've tried."

She frowned, her gaze softened. "Are you having trouble finding a bride?"

"Quite the opposite, really. I have too many people who want to marry me." He buried his head on a fluffy pillow. "Every day, I get thousands of marriage proposals. Don't get me wrong, they're all pretty girls, I'm sure. I just---I can't—"

"You want to fall in love." She whispered, finally realizing what he was saying.

He gave her a grateful smile. "Seems silly, doesn't it? I was raised a Prince, I knew I would have to marry…it just seems so, I don't know, sudden, I just—"

"You still have a choice, though, don't you?" She asked delicately.

He stared. "Not for long. I have until my twenty-first birthday to pick a wife. Then they choose one for me."

Her mouth gapped open. "Zuko, that's in three days!"

He winced. "I know, I know!"

She threw down her book, jumped out of the chair, and wrapped a robe around herself and began pacing. "Well, what are you doing sitting here? Where's my shirt? —Come on, we have to go find you a wife!"


She wasn't listening. "Honestly, Zuko, what on earth were you thinking? Waiting until now to ask for my help! Are all men so clueless?"

He raised his voice a little. "Katara---"

She still wasn't listening. "Where are your shoes? We have to hurry! What if we can't find anyone? Oh, I hope this all works out! You have some nerve waiting until the last minute, sometimes I swear you and Sokka share a brain the way you two act some times—"

"KATARA!" He finally yelled, causing her to stop her endless chatter.

She stared at him as though he had grown an extra head. "What? I'm trying to help you here, and all you're going to do is—mmph!"

The world around her stopped; she forgot to breathe.

Zuko was kissing her.

Zuko, the Fire Lord, one of her best friends, was kissing her, Katara, little Miss Nobody from the South Pole.

And believe it or not, she was enjoying it, too.

After a few moments, he broke apart from her, his breathing just as uneven as hers. He rested his forehead against her own, his gold eyes reflecting every confusing emotion that was running through her own.

"I want to marry you, Katara." He ran a hand through her hair carefully. She could not reply; she was finding it difficult to think, much less come up with an even semi-intelligent response. Her mind (or was it her heart?) was racing; she did not know what to say.

"Why?" She finally managed to spit out, with her heart pounding so loudly she was afraid he could not hear her.

"Because you're perfect." He whispered gently, his face barely away from her. "You're beautiful, and kind, and powerful. When I think of someone who I could spend the rest of my life with, you were the only one who came to mind." His voice was shaking as he leaned in even closer.

"I think I love you, Katara." He captured her lips with his own once again.

This is the best damn vacation I've ever taken. She thought wily as she opened her mouth and deepened the kiss. Best. Damn. Vacation. Ever.


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