Kiss THIS!

30 Kisses challenge 10: #10

Le Gasp! What is this…a plot? Hehe, sort of. A follow-up from the drabble previous.


The hardest thing for Katara was admitting her relationship with Zuko to her brother. It shouldn't have been so hard for her, she realized, except for the fact that it was confessing that she had lied, confessing that she had broken his trust, and confessing that in spite of everything, she had fallen in love with the enemy and had hidden this fact successfully away from her friends and family.

All in all, it could have been a lot worse. She was expecting a huge blowout from Sokka (which there was) and a mixed look of pity and betray from Aang (that was there, too) but neither of them vowed to disown her like she thought they would. Instead, they took deep, steady breaths and somehow managed to count to ten before speaking.

It could have been worse, she realized happily. After all, Sokka only threatened to kill Zuko twelve times before Katara was able to gently reminded him that, if he killed Zuko, then the baby would have no father and that would do them no good.

Of course, Zuko's bright idea (which didn't seem so bright at the time but was slowly beginning to become brighter) regarding the whole thing wasn't much better. His bright idea had been to run away and elope, escaping to some far away, virtually-unknown island and living there the rest of their days. She would never admit it out loud, but after dealing with several minutes (almost an hour) of Sokka's distrustful interrogation, she was sort of ready to move far away to an unknown island, and wished she had taken Zuko up on that offer.

"How many times did you kiss?" Sokka asked, eyes narrowed; Katara glowed.

"Excuse me? What do you mean?"

Sokka glared at her stomach heavily, as if glaring at it would make the invisible lump go away. "How many times did you kiss before," He turned his head away shamefully. "Before that happened."

She raised an eyebrow carefully. "You mean the baby?"

"I mean the baby's conception." He growled. "I mean the one time you got drunk and ran into Prince Ego-trip and he took advantage of you."

She winced. "Sokka, that's not how it—"

"SHUT UP AND LET ME PRETEND, OKAY?" He yelled, and Katara had no choice but to recoil from her brother's temper. Sokka took several deep breaths ("One…Two…Three…Four…Five…Six…. Seven…Eight…Nine…Ten…) before he finally cooled down enough to continue the conversation.

"The first time." He finally answered her, his temper temporarily cooled. "How many times did you kiss before…the first time?"

She paused, thinking back to that time, which now seemed so long ago. Two years and a week ago. She noted happily, allowing herself to relive the memories as if they were yesterday.

There had been ten kisses, she remembered, and each one was a little softer than the last, each filled with all the passion and desire both patrons could offer.

The first kiss had been soft, gentle, smooth---a mistake, an accident (never a regret) but with it also came a spark.

The second had been a little harder, a little rougher, a little more "What will happen if I do it again?" and then following through with it.

The third (her favorite) had started with a laugh and a misplaced piece of hair and had ended with all of her hair misplaced and the inability to laugh due to her lips being otherwise occupied.

The fourth kiss (or had it become kisses?) had been desperate, a last-chance cling to hope, at least on his part. She didn't mind—if he needed hope and could find it in her kiss, then she would give it to him, as many times as he needed it.

The fifth kiss had been filled with denial—this wasn't happening, it didn't happen before, and it won't happen again, this time I promise—and yet, that didn't stop them from continuing.

If the fifth kiss had been denial, than the sixth was acceptance. There were, after all, worse fates than finding solace (your soul-mate) in your enemy's touch.

The seventh had been a tease, a taunt. If you want me come and get me.

He did, and that is what lead to the eighth kiss; his retort to her teasing.

This is wrong spoke the ninth kiss, but neither stopped—she thought (at the time) that she had lost the ability to.

The last, the final kiss before they let go, giving in to their desire, had been a promise, a declaration. I won't let you go. I'm not sure that I can let you go, even if I wanted to.

And I'll love you, if you'll let me. The kiss had also said, but she hadn't realized that until much, much later.

Waking up from her trip to memory lane, she smiled softly before she answered her brother. "Ten. We kissed ten times before…well, you know."

Sokka stroked his chin, thinking about what Katara had said. He seemed to feel a little (only a little) better about the whole thing.

Katara felt as though the wisest thing she had ever done was forgetting to mention to her brother that all ten of those kisses happened almost simultaneously, but that was her secret, for now.


YAY FF IS WORKING AGAIN::dances: This completes the first ten of my 30 kisses claim. There will be twenty more, I promise.

For some reason, I would love to see someone draw all ten kisses in this drabble. (That's a hint, fanartists! A very large hint.)