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Since my free time is slowly becoming non-existent, and Kiss THIS, unfortunately, is coming to an end fast (followed promptly by Vol. 2, but that's not the point) I decided I should post what you can expect from me in the future. Also, I decided that I should free up my hard drive just a bit, maybe blow a bit of dust off of a few of these stories. Pairings for these will vary, though most are probably going to be either gen, zutara, taang, or tykka. I'll tell you what each is. Also, the snippets don't go in any order and may or may not end up in the final draft of anything; they are all just bits and pieces pulled out to entertain you.

So without further ado, I present:

Previews and Snippets

What you can expect from me in the future

(aka the stuff growing mold on my computer)

The Birds and the Bees

Summary: Sokka and Zuko team up to face what might be the most dangerous of all missions: telling Aang where babies come from. Meanwhile, Katara tries to help Toph get through her very first 'time of the month'. Chaos insures.

Pairings: Taang mostly, though maybe a tiny bit of zutara if you're lucky.


The very worst day of Sokka's life started with an earth-shattering scream, followed shortly by a rock barely missing his head and Katara shaking him. He knew right then that it would be a very awful day, but really, he had not clue how bad things would get for him later on.

"Get up." Katara shook him harshly. "Get up now, it's an emergency."

That spurred a response in him. "I'm up, I'm up." He grabbed his boomerang sleepily. "Are we under attack?"

She winced. "No. It's not that kind of emergency."

He blinked slowly, lowering his boomerang. A small, slightly more awake part of him noticed it was still dark out. He glowed. "Then why the hell did you wak—"

"Shh!" She held her finger to his lips. "Aang's still asleep!"

Oh, that little! "And why am I not asleep, then?"

"Just shut up and listen to me, Sokka!" There was a hint of panic in Katara's voice that made him listen despite his sleepiness.

She placed her hands on her knees, rubbing them nervously. "Toph and I…we're going to go for a walk in the forest, okay?" He nodded tiredly. "And we're going to talk about…uh…stuff. Girl stuff."

He blinked. (She woke him up for this?) "What, like guys?" Wasn't that all girls ever talked about?

Apparently not, because Katara rolled her eyes angrily at him. "No, Sokka, we are not going to talk about—" Now it was her turn to blink. "Actually, yes, we are going to talk about guys. We're going to talk about guys. Guys and girls."

Katara looked at him expectantly, but Sokka just blinked at her. "Guys and girls. Together." He didn't followed; she sighed. "When a man and a woman love each other…"



He came to a realization very, very fast, and winced. "You mean…she doesn't…?" Katara shook her head hurriedly. "That's just…that's…" He shriveled up his nose. "Well what do you want me to do about it?"

Katara relaxed tremendously. "Stay here." Sounded easy enough. "Keep Aang here." Again, simple stuff. "Don't tell him where we are."

Sokka looked at her, curiously. "Why not?" His sister shrugged.

"Toph's scared enough as it is, and Aang's one of her friend—" ("We aren't?" "Shut up, Sokka.") "—And she doesn't know what's going on, what's happening to her, and it's scary. So just…don't, okay?"

"Alright." He rubbed his eyes tiredly. "I'll do it." It would be easy, he figured. "Can I go back to sleep now?"

And fate just had to show up to bite him on the ass, too.

"SOKKA, KATARA! I CAN'T FIND TOPH AND THERE'S BLOOD WHERE SHE USUALLY SLEEP—" Sokka could vaguely hear screaming and a rock being thrown towards where Aang was at.

It was going to be a very long day indeed.


Summary: Sokka has just made the stupidest mistake of his life: "Any idiot can wear a mask and hit things with swords!" Unfortunately for him, Zuko challenges him to a face-off, to see who has the better skills. Words are thrown, and somehow a challenge becomes a bet: Should Zuko win, Sokka must give him permission to marry Katara, full blessings and all. Should Sokka win, Zuko must give up on marrying Katara. And of course, Sokka has no clue how to do any of the ninja stuff Zuko's already mastered, but luckily for him he has found a willing teacher: Ty Lee.

Pairings: Tykka, Zutara

No drabble available.:( Sorry.


Summary: "You still have good in you." But good is just a matter of perspective, or so a banished Prince realizes after being confronted by two very different girls, both of whom seem to think he's still good, and both of whom have different ideas of what good is.

Pairings: Katara x Zuko x Mai triangle

No drabble available. Sorry.

The next chapter of 'Maybe'…

Sokka didn't know who the latest boy Katara was infatuated with was, but as soon as he found out, he was going to kill him.


Summary: AU What if, instead of being found by Sokka and Katara, Aang had been found two years earlier by Prince Zuko? Featuring Heroic!Zuko, Villain!Katara, and Powerful-But-Evil!Sokka!

Pairings: possible zutara, possible aangxazula, possibly just gen, haven't made up my mind yet.


"Treat your friend as if he may become your enemy."

Before she left, my mother use to tell me stories, stories of the world nearly a hundred years ago, before my great-grandfather, Fire Lord Sozen, began his conquest against the other elements. She would tell me stories of all the nations---from the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation, to the Air Nomads. But above all, she would tell me of the Avatar, the reincarnated spirit who would bring peace to all nations.

But the Avatar vanished shortly before Fire Lord Sozen's reign, and has not been seen for nearly a hundred years. Everyone believed that the Avatar cycle was broken—that the Avatar was never reborn into the Air Nation.

But I still have hope.

Ever After

Summary: Not all love stories end at "Happily Ever After". In fact, some actually begin there.

Pairings: zutara, kataang, SongxZuko


…And they all lived happily ever after.

She married the Avatar, like she was suppose to. He, likewise, married the kind, gentle girl from the Earth Kingdom, like he was suppose to. In the end, they all did what they were suppose to, and would not change it for the world.

Except sometimes, not very often, very rarely, the Fire Lord's eyes would wander over towards his old friend, the Avatar's wife, and wonder.

This didn't happen very often, of course, because the Fire Lord was very happy with his wife and loved her, but curiosity is a strange, bizarre thing, (he certainly had no control over it) and he could not help but question himself, wondering what his life would be like if her had married her instead and what if she loved him instead of the Avatar or…

But these thoughts were fleeting, and did not happen very often, and besides, she would never think these things about him.

Or would she?

Because every so often, very seldom and very rarely, a pair of bright blue eyes would meet his own, his heart would rush, and for a moment (just a moment) it would seem as if she was thinking, as if she was feeling the exact same thing he was.


Rejected ficathon response. I have it half-written, and then easytodistract said she'd write taang if I did. What easytodistract doesn't realize is that I always have a spare plot bunny lying around somewhere. ;)

Summary: Not all who wander are lost. A trip back to the swamp brings back memories for Aang, both of the good and of the bad.

Pairings: Pure Taang.


It wasn't a planned action (it never was) nor was it an expected one, but that did nothing to stop the pain that was still, after all this time, growing inside of him. A part of him wanted to chide himself, to shout and scream and cry and yell, all at the same time, because, dare he say it? He knew. He knew it would happen, knew it since the day he met her. Had known it the very first time he saw her, in a placid white dress, giggling at his confusion while knee-deep in the groves of a forbidding swamp.

In the swamp, we see visions of people we've lost, people we've loved. An old voice, one from so long ago, echoed in Aang's memory quietly, painfully. It was horrible, remembering those words, but he needed to hear them, needed to remember. People who we think are gone. But the swamp shows us that they're not.

But what about me? He had asked, youthful and naïve about the world around him. The person I saw was someone who I've never met before.

Time is an illusion, and so is death.

If he was lucky, he thought as he traced his steps in the old swamp, it still would be.

Sokka and Azula's Most Recent Attempt To Not Kill Their Siblings (or more recently—their children)

Sequel to Unmatchmakers. ;)

Summary: Don't have a proper one written out, sorry. ;(


Dear Journal,

I am not Queen. This does not bode well with me. However, I did have a string of hope, and that was the fact that my only living relative is my idiot brother, Fire Lord Zuko. The only reason I have not killed him in his sleep yet is because his stupidity will get himself killed in five years or less, and bloodstains are hard to get out of clothes.

However, a new problem has come about: My idiot brother's equally stupid, barbaric waterbender wife has announced this evening that she is with child.

This means that there is a new, legitimate heir to the throne.

This does not make me happy. It is not good when I am not happy—things tend to get set on fire when I'm not happy.

Must now try to figure out a clever way to kill my brother in his sleep. Or convince his wife to have an abortion, whichever seems easier at the time.

With love,



Dear Journal,

Killing my brother in his sleep is proving to be harder than I thought. Apparently he's become clever enough to put guards outside his door at night.

On the bright side, now I know where the guards are located and how to get around them. On the other hand, the guards now think I sleepwalk with knives and keep giving me odd looks.

Will think of a more clever way to kill him tomorrow.




Dear Journal,

My sister-in-law is getting fat. This amuses me beyond reason. Am seriously contemplating waiting to kill brother and legitimate heir until after legitimate heir is born, just so I can laugh and make fun of my fat sister-in-law.

Glad to see there's a sense of justice in the world,


You remember that thing me, Rashaka, and retad all did based on irrel's art? More on that here:


Sometimes I wish I never fell in love with him.

It doesn't happen often, usually only whenever I miss him the most, when I find a small piece of him that I thought I had managed to hide away in the small, quaint house we use to call home. For instance, today I found a shoe.

A shoe.

Just a plain, ordinary, everyday shoe. It was old and small, and the leather was cracked, but that didn't matter. Most people would have just walked by, ignoring it, but I couldn't. They didn't understand—it was his shoe; he wore it when he was alive, and it still carried his scent.

This is why I say I wish I never fell for him, for if I hadn't, these simple little things like shoes wouldn't hurt as much.

My (our) children don't understand. I can't blame them—they do not remember their father like I do. I was pregnant with Sari when Sokka (of all people!) came and told me that he was dead, that Zuko, my husband, was dead, and he was never coming back home. Koh, our son, had been a little boy, almost three years old, when his father's death happened, but he does not remember him.

I'm most grateful for my children, I think, for without them, I don't know if I would have had the strength to go on after that...

I'm also contemplating doing an Avatar/Jade Empire crossover. Anyone ever play that game? If you own an X-box and have free time, I suggest you buy/rent it, because it is a sweet game. It's a lot like Avatar in the fact that the world is set in an feudal China type world and is connected to a 'spirit world' so to speak, only there is no bending, but 'fighting styles', in which you can learn different things that are like bending and such. It's a cool game.

Character list:

Aang --- PC

Toph --- Dawn Star

Iroh --- Sun Li, the Glorious Strategist

Katara --- Sky

Blue Spirit/Zuko --- Silk Fox/Princess Lian

? --- Zu

Black Whirlwind or Henpicked Hue --- Sokka

Jia --- Azula

Ozai --- The Emperor

Any other suggestions I'm more than willing to hear out if you have any.

Children of the Revolution

Title stolen and semi-inspired by burnbadart's drawing.

Summary: takes place 2 years later in the series. After having a disturbing vision, Aang allows himself to get captured by Princess Azula in order to figure out the meaning behind the visions. Betrayal, murder, and lies occur as the gang attempts to rescue him.

Pairings: Zutara, Tykka, Taang, One-sided AangxAzula


She didn't like to admit it, but Mai's death and Ty Lee's betrayal hurt the Princess far more than she let on. Aang could tell, especially on nights like these when he would watch from afar as she practiced, unable to form the lightning she was once so proud of.


"How is she holding up?" He asked quietly from his place beside the door, watching as Katara took the wet towel off of Toph's sleeping form.

"About as well as can be expected." She sighed quietly, pushing a stray hair out of the blind girl's face.

"She'll make it, though." Zuko whispered, walking towards the pair on the bed. "You can say a lot of things about Toph, but one thing you have to admit is that she's strong."

Katara stood up from her place on the bed, her arms crossed sadly. "How strong, though? She's fourteen, Zuko, only fourteen years old." She shook her head quietly. "She's fourteen years old and she's killed somebody."

Zuko felt his eyes narrow. "That was an accident."

Katara nodded, though barely. "I know it was, I know Toph would never intentionally hurt somebody, it's just…" Words failed her. "It doesn't feel much like an accident. It feels like murder."

"This is war. People die."

She nodded. "I know that. I just hate it. I—I hope this war is over soon." She looked up at Zuko, meeting him in the eyes. "What about Ty Lee? How is she?"

He shook his head. "She's devastated, as you can imagine. Mai was one of her best friends."

A thought ran through Katara's mind so fast that she had little time to think before the words slipped out of her mouth. "Do you think she'll go back to Azula?"

Zuko shook his head again. "No. I—I thought that, too, but I've talked to her, and she's come to a realization. She knows what Azula's doing is wrong and I think she wants to stop her just as much as we do."

She walked pasted, intending to leave the room, but she stopped when she reached the doorway. "I'm just glad none of us were hurt. I don't know what I would do if I lost y—anybody else."

His eyes followed her frame unconditionally as she walked out. "Yeah, me too."

Random Drabble #29452

"…The war is over, and Lord Ozai is dead." Zuko's voice ran throughout the red hall of the Fire Lord, the people watching intently as their young Prince spoke. "Kneel now before your new Lord, the true King!"

To the Dragon of the West's surprise, they kneeled to him, not his nephew.

"You fool boy," he spoke softly, brushing back a few traitorous teardrops. "You fool, fool boy, what have you done?"

The young Prince looked up and smiled. "Giving back what's yours, Uncle."

He was not expecting this out of his nephew. "Zuko…"

But the boy shook his head, silencing him. "My father had no right to take the throne from you." No, he didn't, but still… "You deserve to be Fire Lord, Uncle, you know what you're doing! I'm seventeen, for Agni's sake! I can't rule the Fire Nation, not yet."

The old dragon let out an amused chuckle. "I'm too old, Zuko, and you fought so hard to get here…"

There was a glow in his eyes. "And I wouldn't have made it without you, Uncle." He smiled softly. "Besides, my time will come soon enough. Right now, though…" He picked up the fallen flame, the mark of the Fire Lord, and placed in his Uncle's regrown topknot.

"Now it's your turn."


Summary: Sokka. Ty Lee. A box. Not much personal space. Oh, and did I mention they're paralyzed? Hey, the lines have to be drawn somewhere…And then they need to be crossed, redrawn, and forgotten about as often as possible. Add the typical capture plot for spice. It's like Bluetara only pinker, with less Katara and more Sokka.Yeah, it's that kind of fic…Only better, because Jun's in it. Turtleducks, explosions, Jet, (not to mention Azula), general chaos and insanity all promise to make this a very interesting experience for Sokka. (And here you thought they were just sidekicks!)

Pairings: Tykka, small amount of Zutara because I can't help myself

No snippet available, sorry!

Taang 1sentence claim:


There's something oddly sensual about his second kiss—she kisses his nose, his ear, before finally finding his lips—but really, he likes it this way.


You'd think her ears would be bigger with all the stuff she manages to hear ("Did you just whisper my name in your sleep again, Twinkletoes?")


There is blood everywhere, Toph and Katara can't be found ("They're just out talking in the woods, Aang, just girl-talk, you don't want to know.") but when they comes back she stares at him unseeing for a moment, hesitates, and then screams.


I see no love in your future—because really, fifteen is too young to know what love is, (it's also too young to die), and he never could love anyone after her.

Shattered Fates: Alpha,Chapter Four (yes, I'm still working on it...) Day One

"…Looks…like…you've…finally…won…doesn't…it?" The slow, ragged voice from behind him caused the Fire Prince to jump, almost dropping what was in his hands. "…Congratulations…"

"You're awake." Zuko said shortly, glancing over to where the Avatar was tied up. "I'm surprised. Your friends are still asleep, I guess they drank more of it than you."

The Avatar struggled to lift his head up to meet Zuko in the eyes. "I…didn't…drink…much…"

The Prince kneeled down beside the Avatar, holding out a glass of water to the young boy's mouth. "Drink this. Don't speak. You're still very weak."


"You aren't suppose to." Zuko hushed him, pouring the liquid into the boy's mouth. Aang half-drank it, half let it fall down onto his clothes, coughing as he did.

"…all…blurry…" He continued, shaking his head as the water continued to drip off of him. "Why…did…you…take…my…friends…too?"

Zuko scowled. "That wasn't my idea. You can thank Azula for that one."


"My sister." The Prince answered coldly, taking out a handkerchief and wiping the drool off of the boy's face.

"…Didn't…know…you…had…a…sister…" Aang slurred.

"Few do, apparently." Zuko commented, setting his handkerchief down beside him. "Do you think you can stand to eat anything?"


Zuko blinked in confusion. What the hell did that boy just say? Aang laughed at him, or at least attempted to. It came out more as a choke rather than a laugh.

"…I…don't…eat…meat…" Aang explained, head hanging down, feeling exhausted from having to do the simple task of looking Zuko in the eye.

Zuko frowned. He didn't know the monk was also a vegetarian. "I have bread. Do you eat bread?" Aang nodded as Zuko began to tear the bread into small bite-size pieces for the boy in front of him.

Aang only managed to eat about three bites before he turned his head and vomited. Zuko winced.


"Don't mention it. I'll get someone to clean it up later." Silence erupted between the two boys; it was almost haunting. Guilt plagued one while sorrow, and worry, filled the other.

"…I…just…want…to…know…Is…it…worth…it?" Aang slurred, using all of his strength left to lift his head "…Are…you…happy…now?"

Zuko did not reply; instead, he turned around and left.

Aang could not help but smile.

Into the West

(no summary because I'm lazy)


The sun was setting in the western sky, and through the corner of her eye she could see Zuko walking up towards her. She had skillfully avoided him like the plague all week long, and it had not been easy for her. In fact, it had been one of the most difficult things in her life. She didn't realize exactly how much time she had spent with the Blue Spi—or should she say Zuko? Now that she knew of his real identity, it seemed silly to still refer to him as the Blue Spirit as if he was a different person. Or maybe it was just her mind's way of rebelling. Even though she knew it was true, she still had trouble accepting that the Blue Spirit, her friend, secret crush, and masked rescuer, was the same person as Prince Zuko, her enemy, sworn rival, and overall jerk towards her.

Zuko was responsible for Sokka's death, after all...

Drabbles You Can Expect Me To Write For Vol. 2 and/or random stuff:

Snippet: Ever since she and Zuko had had that conversation by the lake, Katara woke up every morning to a flower of some sort beside her, and she had yet to thank him enough.


Snippet: He blinked slowly as she pulled away just in time; Sokka glared at them both heavily for a few minutes. "We were just talking, Sokka, no need to get so fussy." Well, if that was her idea of talking, then they needed to talk a hell of a lot more than they did before as far as Zuko was concerned...


More fics with ma kids, because, you know, I love them.


Snippet: (my OC, Hiroshi, backstory for the collab between me and Prince Suzaku) Hiroshi Ju is pretty sure his father has gone mad, and that's why he's begun to take matters into his own hands, following the masked thief out of the store and into a dark alley, dagger raised and anger searing This is what you get for stealing from our store! but then he notices the children the Spirit hands the food to; he puts the dagger away and turns (The Blue Spirit can have his respect now).


Any and all requested drabbles/prompts (including Rashaka's 12 from forever ago) that have been given to me.


More 1sentence stuff.


I just joined the zutarafanfic100, write a hundred zutara fics. ;) Think I'll have any trouble with that one?


Possibly another AU. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the details (which is why there is no summary/snippet for you) but there is a possibility there...


Well, they aren't actual drabbles, but they are something. Hope this will hold you guys for a few days! Tell me which ones you liked the best/the worst, and which ones you think I should spend the most time on.

I appreciate it,