Kiss THIS!

zutara drabbles. (Plot, what plot? Have you ever heard of this strange thing they call plot?) A series of drabbles concerning a certain fire prince and water peasant and an authoress' many ways to get them to kiss.

Anywho, this drabble was inspired by the drabbles Rashaka has been posting. For those who haven't read them (and you should. They're on the zukokatara lj.) the basic plot is this: Zuko helps Katara escape as the Blue Spirit, they kiss, then have hot sex, and then she kills him. (BOOO!)

So yeah, I was inspired, but I wanted it to turn more into a "We'll meet in secret don't tell anyone" sort of cliché rather than a murder (BOOO!) one, so I wrote it. Also, Spiderman the movie inspired me. See if you can see any similarities. It won't be hard, I promise.

"I won't tell if you won't tell."

She had wanted to remove to mask completely, but her rescuer wouldn't let her. The hidden man kept his hand firm, and while she had a pretty good idea who he was (no other Firebender kept a ponytail like he did), she still wanted to be sure.

"Please." She began, in a quiet voice unlike her usual manner. "I just want to thank the one who saved me."

He paused, contemplating her request. Slowly, uncertain, he nodded.

It would be enough.

"You know," She muttered lowly. "This is the third time you've saved me."

The spirit stopped, and considered the girl in front of him. He knew how many times he had saved her, how many times her frail body had been pressed oh-so-neatly against his, how many times he had felt her coolness against his skin.

Why was she reminding him of this?

"The first time I was with Aang and Sokka." She started, moving closer to the spirit. "But the past two times, I've been by myself. Did you—ever wonder why?"

He nodded. It was something he had wondered, but never thought enough about it to voice his concern.

"I wanted to see you." She confessed nervously. Even behind the mask, she could tell he had his eyebrow raised suspiciously. "And no, I didn't ask for the Fire Nation to kidnap me." Despite the mask, he allowed himself a small chuckle, and she blushed. "But I didn't try to escape, either. I—I wanted to see if you would come again. I—"

She stopped in front of the hidden man, a foreign redness escaping onto her face. "I—this is going to sound crazy, but I started having these dreams about you. You were—are—such a mystery to me. You were my hero. You saved me, even though you didn't have to, you did. You were my masked savior, a blessing hidden in the shadows, and I—I might've fallen in love with you at some point, but…"

She stumbled, but the spirit caught her, and lifted her up to where he could see her eyes, even if she couldn't see his. "I had to know if you would come again. I had to figure you out, even if you didn't want me to." She caught her breath, and became all too aware at how close her protector was to her, and the fact that his hands had yet to leave her side brought a warmness to her face that she couldn't wish away.

Did you? He seemed to say, though no voice echoed from his mouth.

"I think I have." She murmured, raising her hands to where the mask still laid. She lifted the mask partially, revealing only her guardian's mouth and nose. She leaned in closer to him, stunned to see him lean closer to her as well.

Their lips met for the first time in either teens life. The mask dropped--the odd fumbling mixture of hands and lips had caused it to fall.

He broke apart suddenly, turning his head almost shamefully away from her. She was not supposed to have seen his face.

Ever. He added in his mind.

Would she reject him now? Would he still be her hero now that she knew exactly who he was?

To his surprise, she only smiled. "Don't worry—your secret is safe with me, Zuko." She whispered softly, leaving his arms. A horrible cold feeling replaced the warmth from where she was, as he remained unmoved.

She waved to him slowly as she walked away, just as she had done all the previous times, hiding her quiet tears as she wandered. Nothing has changed, then. She thought sadly.

She felt a hand grab her and spin her around, and found herself staring eye-to-eye with the Fire Prince. He held her close to him, the cold leaving him almost instantly.

"I won't tell if you won't tell." He whispered, and his lips met hers once again by the moonlight.



---DAMN THAT'S ONE LONG ASS DRABBLE! I didn't intend for it to be this long!

Two kisses in one drabble? I'm spoiling you guys, really…

Also, I'm contemplating changing the summary. Anyone like this new one: Kiss THIS: Your damn near-daily drabbling source of zutara, full of the vitamins and minerals needed to make you squee and cry and angst all at the same time.

Some of you were confused about the last chapter, about why Sokka was affected by the love potion, she's his sister…Well, I wanted it to be used as a way to show you exactly how powerful the love potion was, it'd make even your sibling attracted to you…But I guess I failed. Oh well.