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General Jack O'Neill whined as he picked up his mail from the post office and noticed the return address of the top letter. It was from Minnesota – the town he grew up in to be exact. A town he hadn't visited since he graduated high school thirty years ago.

He decided upon seeing the letter that he wasn't going to open it… or maybe he would, but just to see what it was. Yeah, that was a good plan: open it up and see what it was, then burn it.

Jack drove home in a thoughtful mood. Who the hell would be sending him something from the town he grew up in? It wasn't like he'd had very many friends at school or anything… but that English teacher had been nice.

Oh, God. What if the letter was to inform him that Mr. O'Hara was dead?

At Jack' s house, he brought in all of his groceries that he had just bought for the team night scheduled that night at Jack's house. He plopped down at the dining room table with a beer in his hand, after having put away the food. With shaking fingers he opened the letter from Minnesota.

It was an invitation to his thirtieth high school reunion.

The black ops trained Colonel spat out the beer he had in his mouth. What the hell? Had it really been thirty years since he'd graduated high school and promptly joined the Air Force? He was old.

Invitations were soon forgotten as he prepared for his favorite team's arrival in a few short hours. He ordered the pizza first, and then went about cleaning his house (the little parts of it that actually needed cleaning).

As usual, Carter was the first one to arrive – and she came bearing gifts.

Sam smiled warmly to her superior, "Hi, sir. Sorry I'm so early."

"Nah, its fine Carter. Come on in. You're not that early anyway." He motioned toward the cake in her hands, "And you brought cake, so all is forgiven."

Sam grinned at that, "I'll just put it on the table, sir. I'm sure you'll want to eat it as soon as Teal'c and Daniel get here."

"What kind is it anyway?"

"It's a German chocolate cake with coconut frosting, sir. Very rich." Sam set it down next to the pile of mail she saw there, and her eye was soon caught on the open invitation lying there. "What's this, sir?" she asked as she picked it up, reading what it said.

Jack tried to yank it out of her hands, but she was too well trained to let him do that.

"A high school reunion, sir?" Sam gibed as she evaded his maneuvers to get the letter. "I thought you never finished."

Jack stopped running for a minute, looking into her laughing face with mischief displayed in his own. "Yeah, well, appearances can be deceiving, Colonel."

Sam grinned in reply, not really caring what he meant at that particular moment. "So, are you going to go?"

Jack shrugged, "I don't really see the point. It's not like I have a date to show off to them or anything."

Sam's grin grew wider, "I'll go with you," she said before she realized what she was thinking.

Jack responded just as quickly. "Okay."

A month later, after procuring leave for SG-1 and himself, Jack found himself sitting next to Carter on a plane to Minnesota, wondering how the hell he had let her talk him into going home. It wasn't like there was anything interesting there anyway!

He looked over at the exuberant woman next to him and sighed inwardly, realizing exactly why he'd agreed to go – Colonel Samantha Carter. He found himself getting sentimental in his old age and unable to say 'no' to her at all when it was about a matter other than planetary security (and most time even then). Now was no different.

"What are you looking at, sir?" Sam asked without turning away from her view outside the window.


Just then one of the flight attendants announced that they were about to start their decent into the airport. Sam and Jack locked eye contact for a brief second, relaying their personal fears and excitement in that look.

After a successful landing and the renting of a rather nice truck for Jack and Sam to drive around in, the pair drove to the hotel Sam had booked for the duration of their stay. Jack would have booked the hotel, but Sam knew that if it was left up to him, he wouldn't have done it until it was too late to find decent lodgings.

When they arrived at the hotel and went to check in, the receptionist had a funny look on her face as she looked at the screen of reservations, "I'm sorry, ma'am, sir, but we don't have a reservation for a two room two day stay over under the name Carter."

"What!" Sam nearly shouted, furious that the hotel made such an error. "That's impossible, I called last week."

The receptionist smiled at Sam sadly, "I really am sorry, ma'am. I do have a reservation under the name of Carter, but it's for one queen sized room. Do you still want that?"

Jack and Sam maintained eye contact for a few seconds as they thought over the proposition. They'd slept in close quarters off world plenty of times… but this was in a hotel… on Earth… in the middle of a state where chances were no one knew that they were 2IC and CO…

"We'll take it," Jack said, before Sam could change her mind.

Sam unpacked her bags into the left half of the dresser as Jack showered after their long flight and car ride. She just couldn't believe that she was finally there – in Jack O'Neill's hometown, about to encounter so many people from his past. Why the hell had she volunteered to do this? Oh, yeah, she wanted to know what she was getting into before she made her decision with Pete.

"Carter, you might want to shower now. The reunion starts at 2000 hours, okay?" Jack said as he walked into the common room, towel drying his hair as he sat down on the bed in the pants of his Class A's and a white undershirt.

Sam secretly thought he looked good enough to eat… whipped cream… "That's fine, sir. I'll be out in an hour. You never answered my question before we left, did you want me to wear my Dress Blues or a cocktail dress?"

"Cocktail dress, we don't want to scare any civilians unnecessarily now do we, Sam?" Jack teased, drawing out her first name on purpose, making her blush and look down.

"That happened once, sir. And it wasn't my fault that the gang member thought I was wearing your jacket!"

"Sam, its Jack on this trip. And I know it wasn't really your fault, I was just teasing you. Now, go take a shower so we can eat before I kill myself from mortification at that damn reunion."

"What are you afraid of, s-Jack?" Sam asked with a smile as she walked to the bathroom with her bag containing her outfit and toiletries in hand.

Jack groaned, "That you'll find out something tonight that you shouldn't know and you'll tell the grapevine! And that the Devil will show up."

Sam raised her right eyebrow, "The devil, Jack? I didn't know you were superstitious."

"I'm not, Sam. There was a kid in my graduating class nicknamed 'the Devil'. Now go shower woman! I'm hungry!"

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