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Jack shook his head, a smirk on his face, as he stood in the brig looking at two men sitting down across from him. "You two just couldn't leave well enough alone, could you? You just had to find me."

Mac looked down at his hands, "…It was Jack's idea!"

Jack O'Neil looked at his accomplice and glared at him. "I seem to remember you were the one that brought up visiting him, Mac! And you were the one who posed as him to get the guards to let us in!"

"Ah!" General O'Neill screamed. "I don't want to hear it! It's just going to be high school all over again!" When the two other men had quieted down, Jack sighed, "That's better." He turned his attention to the two guards still in the room, "Send in SG-1 and wait outside." When they hesitated, he shouted, "That was an order – not a request!"

After they had left and Teal'c, Daniel and Sam had come in, Jack continued, "You two are in some pretty deep shit for coming here. Breaking in, no less."

O'Neil snorted, "What, you gonna give us that whole 'classified' gag again?"

Sam looked at the two men, wondering how the hell they'd managed to get in and making a note to tighten security. "As a matter of fact, Jack, Mac, this is the most top secret base in the whole of the US, North America and perhaps even the entire world. Not to mention the most important." O'Neil gulped, knowing he could be court marshaled for coming there. Mac's face went pale…he could go to prison. Such dark stains on their 'spotless' records.

"What," Daniel said, looking at the two men he now knew as Jack and Mac…wow, Mac looked a lot like Jack O'Neill…and who was this other dude Jack? Maybe it was Jack O'Neil…maybe. "Who are you two?"

Mac perked up, "I'm Mac and this is Jack. We're old friends of Johnny-boy's. We went to high school together."

The corners of Teal'c's face began to twitch as he tried to remain straight faced at the announcement of the two men's names. It was just too good! Daniel couldn't control himself as well as Teal'c, within two seconds he was doubled over in laughter.

"Hahaha, laugh it up, Danny," Jack said seriously. "I'm still your boss." The archeologist tried to calm down, but only succeeded in stifling some of the snorts of laughter that invaded his body.

O'Neil looked at all of them, "Okay, you know who we are, and we know Johnny-boy and Sam…but who are you two?"

Since Daniel was still snickering, Teal'c answered, "I am Teal'c, and this is Daniel Jackson."

O'Neil's eyes widened, "The Daniel Jackson? Wow, I've read some of your stuff – it's really interesting."

Daniel looked at Jack with a smirk, "So it is possible for a Jack O'Neil(l) to find my work interesting – and the world's not ending!"

Jack just glared at Daniel without saying anything. He opened his mouth to say something but before he could get it out, the intercom said, "General O'Neill to the control room! General O'Neill to the control room!"

The base commander sighed and looked at Carter, "Carter, make sure they stay here. I think I know what this is but I'm not certain."

"You think? Is it Dad?"

"It could be."

"So…what do you do, Mac?" Daniel asked conversationally.

"I'm an engineer," the man said proudly.

"Really? How 'bout you, Jack?"

"I work with the ATF in matters concerning historical treaties."

"The ATF deals with stuff like that?" Daniel asked skeptically.

"Sometimes. Mostly with matters concerning gun laws and the such. It's good work even if I don't get called in that often."

Sam turned to Teal'c, "Can you watch them for a minute? I want to go see what's keeping J-General O'Neill."

"Indeed, Colonel Carter."

Outside Sam was about to walk to the elevator but she found Jack and her father walking towards her, "Hey, Dad," she said, giving him a big hug. "What's up?"

"Hey, kid. I don't know exactly. I just got a call from this guy" he motioned at Jack "that I was needed here. You know what's going on?"

Sam grinned, "Yes, as a matter of fact, I do." She reached up and took Jack's hand in her own, "We're getting married."

"When does the resignation come through?" Jacob asked, it seemed he wasn't the least bit surprised with the announcement.

"It came through yesterday. Hey! Wait a minute – who told you?" Sam asked, putting her hands on her hips and glaring at her father.

Jacob looked down in chagrin, "Walter announced it to the Tok'ra last night. It's the talk of the Tok'ra water cooler now."

"What! That's got to be record – even for the SGC. Around the galaxy in less than 24 hours," Jack said sarcastically. "I gotta go take care of Mac and Jack."

Sam nodded at her fiancé, when he had entered the brig again, she turned to her father; "Hey, Daddy?" she said sweetly.

Jacob mentally rolled his eyes and Selmak chuckled, "Yes, Sammy."

"Can we go shopping? Please?"

"For what?" The Tok'ra asked, confused.

"For the wedding. I don't know when Jack wants to have it so I want to be prepared." She batted her eyes at him, drawing her father into the spell she'd perfected over the years with various boyfriends.

Jacob sighed, wondering how he'd ever said no to the 'innocent' (conniving, sneaky) face before him, "All right. We can go shopping tomorrow."

Sam grinned, wondering if he knew it would be on his tab, "Thank you, Daddy."

Jack smiled ruefully, shaking his head, as he watched the car pull away from the base. He'd have to do something about their lax security, but for the moment he was just relishing the fact that he meant enough to those two men in the back of that car that they'd brave a top secret military base to find out where he worked.

"Johnny-boy?" Daniel said teasingly.

The soon to be retired Air Force General glared at the younger man, "If you'd have just seen the hair, you'd understand."

Sam grinned at Daniel with a wink for Jack, "And I know where all those pictures are."

"She didn't!" Jack asked, horrified.

Sam smiled innocently, "Susan most definitely did."

"Can I see them?" Daniel asked at the same time Jack said:

"Can I burn them?"

Teal'c watched the interaction of his three Tauri friends with humor in his eyes. It was reassuring to hear the banter. It proved that while changes were in store for the quartet, they would remain always and forever the original SG-1.


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