I will never be this happy again.

"Very lovely indeed,"Quigley said , but he was not looking at the view beneath him. He was looking beside him, where Violet Baudelaire was sitting. (pg 211, Book 10)

Violet looked up and saw that Quigley was gazing a her. Suddenly her gaze was directed downwards as she blushed and a shy smile spread across her face.

Quigley smiled back at her, and placing his hand under her chin slowly turned Violets head so that she was looking Quigley in the eyes. Violet went reder still but smiled at Quigley.

"I mean it" Quigley said, lowering his hand so that it was now on Violets waist. "You really are lovely"

Violet went reder still and smiled, "Thank you" she said "Your not so bad yourself"

Quigley reached his other arm around so now both his arms were on Violets waist. Violet reached her arms up and put them around Quigleys neck.

They sat like this for a while, just looking into each others eyes. "Can I kiss you?" Quigley asked after several moments of silence.

Violet laughed slightly "Why are you asking me?" she asked.

Quigley pulled Violet slightly closer to him. "I didnt know if you would be ready, with everything that has happened" he said, looking down slightly. "I dont want to hurt you"

A small tear ran down Violets face, "Of course you can kiss me," Violet said silently looking down, "You wont hurt me"

Quigley wiped away the tear that was running down Violets face, and Violet looked up into Quigleys eyes. They moved closer together slowly until finally their lips touched, and for a moment it felt to both of them that all the worries of VFD were gone and that it was just them. All fours drafts of the valley were blowing on them and Violets pushed herself closer to Quigley to keep warmer. Small tears starting rolling down Violets face again, and Quigley could tell that she was crying.

Quigley pulled back and looked into Violets eyes "Are you ok?" he asked wiping tears from Violets face.

Violet smiled. "I never thought I would be this happy" she said, "Being with you makes me happy, Im so happy Im crying"

Quigley leaned forward and gave Violet a kiss on the cheek before hugging her, they both stayed in a hug feeling the most relief they had in a long while. Finally Violet pulled away.

"We better get going" she said. "We dont want to be sitting here all day"

They both stood up and and Violet reached up and tapped the ice above her with the candelabra. "Its solid here" she said to Quigley.

She solidly placed her top fork in the ice and was about to place her foot in the ice when.

"Violet" Quigley said.

"What?" Violet asked.

Quigley quickley leaned forward and gave Violet a small kiss on the mouth.

Violet smiled and bit her lip before turning back to the waterfall to continue her climb.

And all the way up Violet and Quigley had small secret smiles on their faces, and quietly tears of joy ran down Violets face as she thought that she would never be this happy again.