turn one: it all starts some way

turn one: it all starts some way


I'm gonna tell you something good about yourself.
I'll say it now and I'll never say it about no one else.

- "Eighties Fan" by Camera Obscura


Eiri Yuki was busy typing on his laptop. He was just about to finish up his latest novel when a high-pitched voice screaming his name burst into the room.


A happy pink-haired rock star came running over to Yuki and gave him a hug from behind.

"Why do you consistently bother me?" Yuki asked coldly.

"Do I really bother you that much?" Shuichi Shindou replied innocently.

"Yes. Now go away. I have a deadline to meet and I want this horrid story to be done with."

"Sorry to bother you, Yuki," Shuichi said, leaving the room with his head towards the ground. He wandered into the living room, sat on the couch, and watched tapes of Nittle Grasper that he had brought with him from his place.

Feeling bored in no less then twenty minutes, he turned the TV off and called Hiro.

"Hey Hiro, its Shuichi. Want to go grab a coffee?"

"Yeah, sure. I'll meet you down there in ten minutes." Hiro said hanging up the phone.

Shuichi knocked on the door to Yuki's office after getting off the phone.

"What do you want?" Yuki grumbled, still typing away at the keyboard, not bothering to look up for a second. Shuichi spoke from the other side of the door, shuffling his feet.

"Erm...going to grab a coffee with Hiro."

Shuichi heard nothing but the sound of keys being pressed with a ferocious intensity.

With a sad look on his face, Shuichi walked out of the apartment.

He walked down the street, alone and cold. It was a chilly day, and he had neglected to put on his jacket before he left since Yuki had distracted him with his surly attitude. He always knew Yuki cared about him, but nowadays he wasn't really sure anymore. Yuki had been so cold to him lately, which was why he had asked Hiro out for coffee. Shuichi wanted to talk to his best friend and get some advice.

On his way to the coffee shop, it began to rain. Shuichi paid it no mind. True, he was really cold now and was beginning to shiver a little, but he just ignored it. Legions of fans followed him, surrounded him. He just kept on walking and ignored their pleas for autographs and pictures.

Once Shuichi entered the coffee shop, he noticed that Hiro was in disguise, trying to avoid the fans. However, it didn't last long when he saw a drenched Shuichi. He ran over to his friend, placed his jacket around his shoulders, and the owner of the coffee shop locked the door so the fans couldn't get them.

Hiro brought Shuichi over to his table.

"What's the matter? Why aren't you wearing a jacket or have an umbrella?" Hiro asked as the owner gave them coffee on the house. Shuichi sipped it gently then looked out the window.

"Yuki's...been distant lately," Shuichi said as Hiro began sipping his coffee.

"How so?"

"He doesn't want me around, and he's been kicking me out of bed every morning, really early. He hasn't kissed me in so long. We haven't had sex in a while either. He shuns me from his work space more often then he used to, and I feel alone in that house even though I know he is there."

Shuichi took another sip of coffee.

"Maybe you should tell him how you feel?" Hiro suggested.

"Oh please. You know he never listens."

"Well, maybe you should make him listen."

"How the hell do I do that? Yuki's a good listener, but he really hates it when I try to talk to him about that type of stuff ." Shuichi said, drinking more coffee to warm his frozen body.

"Walk into his office and talk to him. Make him listen. Close his laptop if you have to, shit."

"But he's on deadline."

"Shuichi, you need to tell him. You really do." Hiro said, patting the pink-haired star on the head.

"Thanks, Hiro! In fact, I'm going to go home right now and tell him what I think." Shuichi said dumping Hiro's coat over the booth they were in.

"Shuichi, wait. Don't you think you might need my jacket?"

"No, I'll run home. You made me feel so much better, Hiro." Shuichi yelled as he ran out the door, past the fans and paparazzi.


"YUKI!" Shuichi shouted, drenched in rainwater. He dripped all over the carpet, forming small puddles here and there.

When Shuichi reached Yuki's office and opened the door, his blonde-haired boyfriend was nowhere in sight. Then he checked the living room, and the kitchen.

Still no Yuki.

He ran to the bedroom to discover the sleeping writer, all wrapped up in silk sheets. He looked warm and comfortable, and suddenly Shuichi wanted to be right by his side. Shuichi knew Yuki wouldn't mind if he slept next to him for the night. But he thought he should change out of his wet clothing first. After he slipped into some pajamas, he curled up next to his boyfriend.

Yuki could feel the new arrival in his bed. Opening his eyes a little, he saw that Shuichi was shivering. He wanted more then anything to kick the kid out of his bed, but then decided not to, because he just looked so cute laying next to him. Yuki moved closer to Shuichi and put his arms around his half-sleeping lover.

"Hopefully this will keep you warm," Yuki whispered as he began to nibble on Shuichi's freezing earlobe.

"It's working." Shuichi said quietly, drifting off to sleep in the arms of the man he knew loved him.


Morning finally came. When Yuki awakened, he noticed that his grip was no longer on Shuichi. Looking over the bed, he noticed that his lover was buried a little further under blankets then usual.

Yuki might have found it odd, but didn't say anything. Instead, he got out of bed and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. Minutes later, as he was stirring some rice porridge in a pot, he saw a red-nosed, dreary-eyed, pale pop star come out of his room.

"What the matter with you?" Yuki asked as he watched Shuichi fall on the couch.

"I'm cold," Shuichi replied with a rather stuffy voice.

"Go get a blanket. I have work to do today so you can take care of yourself." Yuki said, taking a bowl of rice porridge to his office along with a newspaper.

Shuichi remained on the couch, uncovered, freezing cold, his head swimming. Objects around him looked as though they were swimming too. He got so dizzy he fell off the couch and onto the ground.
He managed to get up, his legs wibbling a little. He kept a firm grip on the armrest as he called out for his lover.

"Yuki!" he whined. Yuki came out.

"What?" he said rather coldly.

"Make me feel better, Yuki."

"I told you, you need to take care of yourself today. I don't have time to take care of you."

"Please Yu…"

Shuichi couldn't finish his sentence. His eyes fluttering, dizziness overtook him and he began to fall. Yuki caught him and felt his forehead and body.

The boy was burning up.

Yuki picked up the small rock star, carried him to the bedroom and placed him atop the sheets. He went to prepare a cold compress, and placed it on Shuichi's forehead while he listened to Shuichi's abnormal breathing.

Yuki got up to get some medicine to reduce the fever. When he came back, his lover was shivering even though he'd been placed under five blankets.

At that moment the phone rang. Yuki got into bed and placed Shuichi's head in his lap before answering.

"Eiri Yuki," Yuki said into the receiver.

"Is Shuichi there?" It was K, who always needed to make sure where every member of his band was.

"He's not coming into work today," Yuki said, barely above a whisper.

"We have a upcoming concert. He needs to come in."

"Well he isn't feeling well enough," Yuki snapped, and he hung up the phone without bothering to hear K's response.

"Thank you,Yuki," Shuichi murmured quietly, drifting into a deep and feverish sleep.


(Such a promising beginning.)