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Chad was storming down the hallways,kicking and punching anything that got in his way.

''Where are you.'' Said Chad.

He keep walking,untill he got to the entrance of the other side of the building,the doors were locked.

''DAMN IT!" He shouted kicking the doors.

He thought for a minute,after a while,he walked up to a window,they had bars over them.

Chad turned around and ran at the doors,kicking them again.


''Library.'' Said Chad,who walked to the end of the hall,and stepped inside of the library.

''Hello.'' He called.

No one replied.

There was another door,that linked to the other side of the building.

''Yessss.'' Said Chad,the doors opened.

The other side was much worse,but one thing,there was blood all over the walls and floors,papers,desk,chairs,and other things were everywhere,but not one zombie was in sight.

''Huh.'' Said Chad.

"The main lab is'nt that far away" Chad thought.

He ran down the empty hallways,untill he reached the main lab.

He opened the door slowly.

"Tay...Taylor." He called.

The room was very dark,and Chad did'nt know where the lights were,so this could be a problem.

"Taylor,if you're in here,it's me Chad,I'm not a monster." He said.

Suddenly there was a loud,LOUD banging noise coming from the end of the hall.

"Chad." A voice called from the room.

"Taylor,is that you." He said.

The lights to the room came on,Taylor was hiding in the corner.

"Oh my god." She said,running up to him and hugging him.

"I was so scared." Chad said hugging her.

"So was I, I thought I was never going to see you again." She said, eyes full of tears.

Suddenly a body came flying down the hallway.

It lay in front of Chad and Taylor, twitching.

"This can't be the work of a zombie." Said Chad, gazing at the scratch marks, and huge bites take from the body.

"" Said Taylor.

"What?" Asked Chad, still looking at the body.

"Chad I think we need to go." She said,pulling his sleeve.

"Hold on Tay, let me check this out." He said, still looking at the body.

"Ummm Sherlock, check this out." She said, turning his head straight.

"What in the name of God?" He asked.

There was about a twelve foot tall frog looking monster standing on it's back legs at the end of the hallway.

"Ummm Tay." He said.

"Yeah." She asked.

"I think we should now." He said, grabbing her wrist and darting off.

The monster sprang after them.

"CHAD I CAN'T KEEP UP." She screamed nearly tripping.

He stopped, threw her over his shoulder and darted off, still as fast as before.

"HE'S RIGHT BEHIND US, GO GO GO!" She shouted.



Chad slid into a classroom and slammed the door.

Taylor jumped down and began to slide dest to Chad who was shoving them in front of the door.

"I think we're ok." Said Chad, panting.

"Yeah." Said Taylor.

Suddenly a zombie sat up behind a desk.

"Oh come on." Said Chad.

He picked up a globe and threw it at it, it fell down, not dead though.

He picked up a desk and threw it at the zombies head.

It crushed it, blood splatered everywhere.

Taylor was nearly about to throw up, but Chad could'nt have thought it was cooler.

"Oh man Tay, did you see that." He asked, putting up his hand for a high-five.

"That was so uncool." She said, still sick to her stomach.

"Your no fun, Troy would have thought it was awsome." He said,suddenly he realized what he has said.

"Man I wonder if he's ok." He said.

"What happened to him?" She asked.

"I got mad at him and coach, I almost shot him." He said.

"WHAT!" She shouted.

"I was mad." He said.

"Oh Chad, you do the craziest things sometimes." She said, wrapping her arms arond him.

"So...were all an empty room, the school's filled with zombies, were nice and safe in the room...all alone, what should we do?" He asked, slidding behind her and slidding her jacket off her body.

She turned her head to face his, their lips about an inch appart, her breath splashing across his lips.

"We gotta get outta here." She said, pulling her jacket back on and standing up.

Chad nearly fell forward, his heart sank.

"Man." He said.

"Sorry lover boy." She said, peeping out of the window.

"I thinks it's gone." She whispered.

"Maybe we should stay here for a little while." Chad said.

"Sounds like a plan." She said.

She pulled up a desk, but Chad shoved her aside and jumped in the chair.

"UGH, CHAD!" She said.

"Relax baby, there's room for one more." He said, patting his lap.

She rolled her eyes and sat on the floor.

Chad slid out of the desk and next to her.

"Tay, all jokes aside, I really do much." He said.

"I love you to." She said brushing his lips with hers.

Chad did'nt ven both deeping the kiss, he stroked her cheek and said,"I love you so so much, everything about you is perfect, you hair, her eyes, you so smart...I...I just can't begin." He said.

"Chad." She said, brushing a tear away and cuddling up next to him.

"Tay...I..I know we're in still in high school and all, and I don't have a ring...but...stand up." He told her, helping her up.

"C...Chad?" She asked, she had never seen him like this, he was practicaly glowing, his eyes we're glassy looking.

He was walking up to her, when he fell right in front of her, he landed on his knee.

"Oh baby, are ok?" She asked.

"Oh, I'm fine, I just fell...right in love with you baby girl, Taylor McKessie, will you marrry me...when were a little older?" He asked.

Taylor felt as if she had been punched in the gut.

"C...C...Chad...I..." She could'nt speak.

"I...I'm...I just don't know." She said.

Chad's heart sank.

"I...I understand." He said.

"I just don't know how we're going to get of here, but you can bet we will, because, YES, I WILL MARRY a little while!" She said.

Chad hugged her and spun her around.

"Taylor you've made me the happiest man about two years." He said, kissing her.

Taylor giggled a little and kissed him back.

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