A/N: Redoing this story despite not really liking this pairing anymore. Please read again if you liked it before. I decided for the moment to add and edit this story. I read it again and it didn't please me to say the least. Enjoy the redone version. There are more detailed paragraphs, added paragraphs, character personality changes, and some added scenes.

I also realize I kinda fucked up the characters a little in this story but I can't help that too much now. Can you blame me? I was only 13 or 14 when I wrote this.




Sakura walked down the road outside the Hokage building furious. She was so angry at Tsunade for their previous conversation. The words still echoed in her head making her clench her fists in an act to calm her. It felt as though she was being toyed into something she wanted no part in.

"How…could she? Even knowing how I felt she still asked?" Sakura thought to herself out loud. She couldn't comprehend why it had to be her. She didn't want to be upset at her shishou but it was so hard not to in her state.


"You wanted to see me Tsunade-sama," Sakura announced walking into her office. She smiled at the stacks of unfinished paperwork on her desk. She was so lazy it was amusing.

"Ah Sakura! I'm glad you showed up early. Come in. Sit sit," Tsunade said getting up and greeting her.

Silence bubbled around them as Sakura took a seat in the lone chair across from the Godaime. Her sharp brown eyes bore into her making Sakura force herself not to fidget. There was something wrong floating in the air.

"What can I do for you, sensei?" Sakura asked calmly trying to get straight to the point without being rude. Tsunade placed her chin on her hands and shut her eyes.

"No need to talk Sakura. I'll do that for you. As you may or may not have noticed, I have been training you nonstop for the past couple of years. That's all well and good but I think I should send you out on a mission," she paused to look up at the surprised face of her pupil. "I also took into consideration that after Sasuke left you have refused missions by the—"

"I refuse. I am in no state to go on a mission. All of the missions that are being sent out recently have been linked to Sasuke-kun's and I really can't deal with that right now," Sakura struggled for the words.

"I understand. But Sakura there has been a particular mission that needs attending and I have been prolonging the problem just leaving it to the side. You are the perfect candidate for this. I know you can do this for me. I have already assigned Hyuuga Neji to lead the mission but he needs a skilled medical ninja to go with him. It's very important that he needs—"

"I can't, Tsunade-sama. I beg you to not put me on this…Please…" Sakura made one last attempt to persuade the woman into leaving her be. She didn't want to leave the village especially in the state it was in. Ever since Naruto left rumors of Akatsuki lurking about kept getting more and more frequent. She wouldn't want to leave the village or look for Sasuke…at least until Naruto returned.

Tsunade paused and released the hopeful breath she was holding. Backing down she said, "Alright… But I'm not so sure Neji will be happy to know he can't go on this assignment. He hasn't been on one in ages. I've been quite irritated with his nagging actually."

Sakura's head shot up. "What do you mean? Why can't you get some other medic nin to go with him?"

"Sakura," Tsunade chuckled and shook her head. "You should know that we're booked here. I planned that you would go with him originally thinking maybe you felt ready. If you don't go no one goes. I'll let you decide."

"…Good luck then Tsunade-sama. I'll be leaving now," Sakura mumbled awkwardly. She bowed before taking her leave, trying to ignore the disappointment released from the Godaime in a final sigh.

End Flashback

Hyuuga Neji stood tensely in the Hokage's office. He had just received the news that the assignment he so gladly accepted had been canceled for a few more months not even guaranteeing his services. He tried as calmly as he could to wrap his mind around the situation.

"What do you mean it was canceled?" asked Neji in an apprehensive tone that Tsunade expected the moment the words slipped from her lips.

"Sakura has declined. I had originally told you she would be attending it with you but there has been some complications. I expected too much from her at once. I shouldn't have made it seem as if this was set in stone."She eyed the boy on the wooden floor merely feet away with curious eyes. He looked down for a moment as if he were pondering something; anything to change her mind. It wasn't her mind that needed to be changed to his disliking.

"Is there anything else open that you need my services for?" he asked and his shoulders slouched seeing her unhopeful reaction.

"There isn't anything to your standards. There are many minor D or C missions but nothing as high as a B or an A."

He knit his brow together making Tsunade feel for the boy. He hadn't been out of the village in months making him coop up in the Hyuuga compound. She assumed he was bored out of his mind.

She decided to throw him a bone. "If," she stopped and caught his white eyes. "If you can convince Sakura then I will allow you to go. I can't guarantee anything. She is very stubborn as you may know and has been vigilantly awaiting Naruto's return. You probably won't even make a dent but if you wish to try then it wouldn't hurt."

Neji blinked and absorbed her advice. Politely he bowed and went in search for the pink haired kunoichi.

He found her treating an old man at the Konoha hospital. Glancing up from him she noticed the brown haired ninja and her eyes widened briefly. She hid her displeasure and continued helping a nurse wrap up his leg.

"Hello Neji-san. Are you injured? If so then please wait in the waiting room. If not then I don't think you're supposed to be back here," Sakura motioned to the door trying to sound as polite as possible. She didn't want to have him nag her as he had been doing the Hokage. That was the last thing she needed.

"You know why I came here," Neji announced getting straight to the point. He could tell she was discontented when he didn't beat around the bush.

"I know and I already declined. Tsunade-sama already informed you I presume." She placed the man's leg down gently and smiled at the nurse for her assistance. Folding the bottom of his sheet out the way she continued the conversation ignoring his overbearing presence by the door. "I'm sorry your trip here was a waste of time."

She glanced up to see he hadn't budged. She assumed from the silence that he'd left and given up but he hadn't even moved an inch, his glassy eyes still fixed on her task. She gave a reassuring pat to the man's shoulder and picked up the clipboard next to his bed.

Leaving the room and brushing by the Hyuuga she noticed he followed straight on her tail. Her irritation flared and her blood started to boil.

"I'm not leaving until you accept."

"That's a pretty narrow-minded statement," Sakura mumbled and picked up her pace. He did that same and she bit her lip. When she arrived at the next room she found a little girl who had fallen out of a tree and received a concussion. She smiled sweetly at her and began to heal it as best she could with her medical ninjutsu.

"I meant what I said."

She released a puff of air through her nose tersely and looked up to glower. Ceasing her healing she gave him her full attention. "Please leave Neji-san. You're disrupting my work."

He didn't budge. "Don't think you're the only one who is angry." She held her ground at the firmness of his voice. His irritation must have been greater than hers but she held no sympathy towards his situation. Boredom wasn't going to kill him.

"I don't care," she announced uncaringly. If he could be blunt then so could she. She would crush his hopes now instead of letting this game drag on.

"I can outlast you."

Bitterly turning back to the girl she began once again the process of healing. "Then you're going to be waiting a long time," she whispered to herself not caring if he heard her.