Sakura shut her eyes and shot her hand out. Neji's eyes widened, Himowari giggled, and Teijo…well, he just stood there not caring.

"Haruno…how could you not tell the difference between me and Teijo-san?!" yelled Neji.

Sakura slowly took her other hand off her eyes and looked shocked that she pointed to Teijo.

"Well, well, Sakura-san…it seems you've mistaken Neji-san for Teijo-kun," said Himowari hardly controlling her giggles.

"You know the rules," she said pushing her forward to Neji.

"But Himowari-sama—"

"No buts Sakura-san."

"But Himowari-sama—"

"I said no Sakura-san. You have to do it."

"Himowari-sama! I'm still soaked in mid-temp coffee." Sakura pointed out.

Himowari looked down at her outfit.

"Oh…ya, I suppose you can get changed right now."

Sakura nodded and disappeared upstairs.

Teijo and Himowari then turned their attention to Neji. Neji stared from one to the other, before something hit him.

"What are you doing in my clothes?" he asked menacingly, obviously not too menacingly because he is the prince, to Teijo.

Teijo looked directly at him and answered.

"I don't want to be."

Neji's pearl eye twitched.

"No reason, he just wanted to see what it would be like to be you for a day. Now, with that cleared up, I suggest you Neji-san should go up to your room while I treat Teijo's wound Sakura gave him," ordered Himowari making them both nod.


Neji headed up the stairs. When he reached the hallway, the lights suddenly dimmed. He looked up curiously at them, then frowned.

Cautiously, he strode down the hall, the only sound from his sandals making contact with the floor.

He walked and turned the corner, stopping exactly in front of his room about to open the door when suddenly something caught his eyes. He turned his head, and let go of the handle.

With one of his feet, he gradually took a step back from the door and turned it. Continuing his way down the hall, he turned the other corner seeing an isolated door.

Inhaling then exhaling, Neji walked up to the door and turned the handle.

Peeking his head through the five inch crack, he peered into darkness.

Using his bandaged hand, he flicked the light switch vigilantly that made a dull light barely outlining the room. He gave everything a quick glance then stepped into the room.

There was a bed, nightstand, window, dresser and closet.

"They rebuild fast." He muttered under his breath.

He came up to the dresser and saw a box sitting on a tan piece of paper. Carefully he picked up the box and opened it.

He gazed down at a picture of a boy around five. He was smiling by a man who was holding him up. Neji, pulled out a different picture. It was the same boy, but a little older. He was smiling with a tooth missing putting on a sound headband. His eyes widened slightly, but he just pulled up a different picture. It was the same boy, but angry. He had a big slash on his chest and sitting in a hospital. He was probably 13 then.

On the bottom it read incomplete


The next picture made him a bit surprised. It was a picture of a woman and man, covered in blood. The woman was unfamiliar but the man was the same man holding the brunette little boy. It was a dark room and handprints on the picture.

On the bottom it said complete

"What does that mean…?" Neji muttered.

The last picture in the box was a picture of the current boy. He was standing next to a girl with short brown hair.


On the bottom it read incomplete

Neji tried to figure out what that meant.

"Teijo-san…." He whispered.

Under the pile of pictures was a music box. He picked it up and opened it. It looked brittle and fragile.

A doll came up and started dancing and singing.

And the taste of dried-up hopes in my mouth

And the landscape of merry and desperate drought

Once I knew myself

And with knowing came love

I would know love again if I had faith enough

Too far is next spring and her jubilant shout

So angels, inside

Is the only way out

(this song is drought by Vienna Teng or something like that)

He pondered the words the little doll sang….

Putting it back he picked up the last thing in the box. A red headband from rust and blood. It had the symbol of sound on it.

Getting concerned and overflowing with curiosity, Neji put the stuff back in the box and shut it. His eyes fell on the last thing on the dresser. A piece of paper.

He set the box aside and was going to pull up the paper when something shocked him. Blood. On the corner of the paper were two fingerprints made from blood.

"What are you doing?"

He shot his head around to see Sakura staring into the room through the crack.

"Neji, this is Teijo-sama's room. I don't think he would like it if you were going through his stuff."

"…" he couldn't think of any thing to say, so he just nodded and put everything back. Turning around he followed Sakura out of the room.

Giving one last suspicious glance, he shut the light switch off and left the box in the darkness.

Seeing the door shut, glowing eyes opened from the other corner of the room. The figure couldn't help but smirk.


"Honestly Neji, I wouldn't expect you to snoop," lectured Sakura sitting down on her bed. She picked up the calendar and marked off another day. Only five more days till the wedding.

"Sakura, it's not snooping if we're here to get information," retorted Neji closing his eyes, leaning against the wall.

"Well it's still rude. What would happen if someone besides me caught you?"

"Then I'd have to make up a good excuse," explained Neji creasing his brow.

"No. We'd get fired and replaced. Please, don't go in Teijo-sama's room again." Said Sakura a little concerned.

Neji opened his eyes and looked at her.

"…I'm just concerned."

"No. You're distrusting."

"Sakura, he has some weird things in there." Neji said sternly.

Sakura blinked innocently at him.

"What do you mean weird things?"

"Sakura, think. Ok? Just think. He's an ex-shinobi, I saw he was from the sound by his head band in there, he's got some freaky pictures in there too, come on. It's obvious—"

"That you're reading too much into this!"

"I'm just saying be aware. A ninja must see underneath the underneath remember that!"

Everything grew silent.

Sakura groaned and put her hands on her face.

"All I wanted was to go an easy week on this mission."

"Missions aren't ever easy."

Sakura pulled her head up and glared at him.

They sat there glaring at each other for a while before Sakura's mind drifted back to earlier that day.

"Neji…ugh come here."

He looked at her strangely.


"If I don't French you then Himowari-sama will get all naggy and we would have to do it in front of everyone."

"You were serious?" he asked walking over to her cautiously.

"No, but Himowari-sama was." She said blushing slightly.

Neji stopped in the middle of the floor.

Sakura groaned and got up over to him.

"You can just lie and say you did it," Neji groaned with an unsure stare. He didn't feel too comfortable in this situation.

"Please don't make this more complicated…oof!" Sakura said and then tripped on the corner of the rug making her lips come in full contact with Neji's.

They both fell on the ground with Sakura on top of him. Hesitantly, she inserted her tongue into his mouth feeling around. This was their first kiss, not to mention Sakura's first altogether.

'Hyuuga….Neji….' Sakura thought.

Neji, gently placed his hands on her hips making her squeak.

Sakura molded her lips with his, both their tongue's navigating in each others mouths. Slowly, they began to get the movement and pace of it. Pulling back, they stared at each other, both sets of eyes wide and surprised. Sakura's cheeks were the only one's flushed though.

"I…I think we should go to bed now…Neji…kun…." Said Sakura getting up and looking away from him. He nodded and got up as well, not wanting to make eye contact with her.

When Sakura walked over to her bed, she saw that the sheets had a big stain on it.

Sighing, she grabbed her pillow and walked over, squeezing in Neji's bed with him.

"What do you think you're doing?" he asked not sure how to react.

"Stain. Not sleeping on the floor." Was all she said in between yawns, snuggling up to him.

Slowly relaxing, he snuggled down to her also….but that was only because it was cold out, was his excuse.

All the while Himowari was peaking through the door with a smile on her face.

"How sweet."