I'm Not Wonder Woman:

The Comet's tale

Unlike many teacher's at Sky High, Principal Powers had never done Hero work (besides the fact that she was a sidekick. Boomer loved rubbing that in. Grrrr!) She had attended Hydro Institute, an underwater hero Teacher's Academy. The days at HI had been good, but everything changed the day she went to Sky High.

She didn't start of as a Principal, but as a Hero's Biology teacher. (She'd flunked everything except for Biology in Sky High.)

On her first day, she'd walked into the Biology Lab, expecting a well-behaved class.

God must have hated her.

The students had been sleeping, talking, playing, reading God-knows-what, and even making out at the back of the lab. After the class, she had taken 5 aspirin tablets to eliminate her migraine. No wonder Mr. Hester had quit his job!

She'd become Principal after she successfully defeated CryoGenius when he attacked the then current Principal, Ms. Hydrone.


She'd gone to hand in her latest report on her Biology classes' lackluster performance when Ms. Hydrone screamed. She ran into the office to see Cryogenius (an ice-elemental villain) freezing Hydrone into a block of ice. He turned to glare at her.

"Belynda?" he shouted.

A memory stirred in her head. Her Homecoming date had been…

"Matthias Head!" she shouted back, "You really did become a villain!"

"Because you announced my middle name to the whole school!" he roared, sending freezing blasts at her.

She paused, thinking. What had been his middle name?

She snickered, "Matthias DICK Head!"

Bellowing with anger, he whipped out a shrinking ray and shrunk her….

She'd later been thrown into a tank with what seemed to be Betsy, his extremely hostile pet Tokay Gecko. So Betsy was still alive, whoopee. Even though Betsy was only 9 inches long, Powers herself was only 2 inches tall after being shrunk…

She didn't remember much except for Medulla battling Matthias, unshrinking her in the process. Yet she was the one who had slammed a fire extinguisher into his (Cryogenius) head, knocking him out, and Medulla sending him to jail…

She walked to the detention room, only to see Lash and Speed inside. AGAIN.

She sighed. Being Principal sucked, big time.