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Summary: Roxie is back! Yay! Five years have past since she was pulled into King Arthur's Britain. Now as she takes back her name Nerina Elaine LaRuse, she has started a better life for herself, only that better life has been disturbed as three people from the past come to her with problems in need of retribution. Can Roxie fix everything and come back to the life she remade or will everything take a turn for the worse? Will she even want to?

Five Years

"Hey baby, you gotta light?"

The boss man turned to see a well-dressed hooker with entrancing hazel eyes looking at him with a thin cigarette to her bright painted lips. She was curvy, but not overly voluptuous, permed platinum blond hair and a tight black micro mini dress under a heavy black leather jacket. She was very pretty in those thigh-high black high-heeled boots. Sad that pretty girls like her usually became hookers on the mean streets of New York.

He fumbled for a silver and copper naked woman Zippo lighter and lit her cigarette.

"How much?" He asked her, his bodyguards eyeing her as well; the hooker flicked her blond hair over her shoulder and smiled blowing the acrid smoke in his face.

"I've already been paid, Aaron Hunter," She whispered in his ear. The boss man's eyes widened… for the last time.

A tight black micro mini dress, heavy black leather jacket and blonde wig, all lay neatly on a padded chair beside a large four poster bed. It's 3pm…The woman stretched her sore limbs and shook out her wavy medium length charcoal brown hair as she got up from the bed, looking at the calendar she saw the date: April 20th. 'Has it really been five years?' She thought to herself before going to the bathroom to ready for the day. Nerina's 25 year old body had filled out nicely these past five years compared to the smaller 20 year old she had been when she finally killed Kronos and became queen. Not to mention when she was sent back in time to keep her blood line safe. But that was a different story, one that only she and her guardian, G, were privy to.

Nerina Elaine LaRuse a.k.a. Black Phoenix, Queen of the Red Sun Guild; she owned the most popular nightclub, Roxie as herself and two even more popular restaurant/nightclubs Camelot and Assassin as Black Phoenix. She was the head historian for the movie King Arthur in 2004, where she met the "knights" and the "Lady Guinevere" and became very good friends with the actors involved. Yes, her life became better in the last five years. She'd finished grad school with a Masters in business and was quite successful; the only thing missing was those that she loved to share her happiness with.

Happiness… something she really had denied herself for a long time. Nerina felt her mood become black and shook her head as if to clear those thoughts. Taking a look around her two-bedroom flat, she made a mental note to clean and scour it again. She had been so tired lately, that hit the night before had not been difficult; rather it had been the stress of running the clubs and the guild. All had been accomplished in the span of five short years, graduating college and grad school with a business degree, taking over the guild, opening the clubs under both aliases, and helping with that movie… for some reason every thought kept going back to him.

She had to do something special for herself today, today she was 25, today was the day Connor was murdered and avenged, today she met him and left him. So many things happened today… it was a very special day.

Nerina had just spent the last three hours cleaning every square inch of her apartment when the phone rang.


"Neri babe, how's it hangin'?" the voice on the other side said.

"Josh, one date was enough. Leave me alone."

"But I was really feelin' the vibe babe. You and me gots the chem.-is-try."

"Blow it out your arse." She hung up. Again the phone rang, checking the caller id, she saw it was Josh again and decided not to answer. The answering machine came on and it was the creep again. Why she had agreed to the blind date was way beyond her… oh right, she had an image to protect. No one must know that the sweet little Nerina LaRuse was in actuality the infamous Black Phoenix. Even the newspapers had a few stories on her. Again the phone rang and she saw that it was the club.

"Mikey, tell me something good."

"Hi to you too birthday girl." The perky voice of her assistant responded.


"All right, you're the boss lady." Nerina could practically hear the roll of the other woman's eyes. "Slov is here at Assassin, looking for you. And he's not happy."

"Bastard never is. Fine, be there in twenty."

"But you live five minutes by car."

"Twenty." And she hung up. It may be her special day, but it always turned to shit.

Inten minutes she was dressed riding her silver and black Ducati Agusta through New York's rush hour traffic. Her black heavy leather riding trench coat fluttered behind her as she weaved her way to Assassin.

Removing her helmet, she tossed it to the bouncer Zahir who briefly gave her the heads up as he handed her the porcelain mask of kabuki doll's face. "Oh and Happy Birthday boss." He said as she made her way down to the entrance of the club. She waved at him without looking to the big man. Zahir was not only a bouncer, but one of her lesser known advisers in the guild, codenamed ironically White Dwarf. The 6'4" coffee skinned bald man with deceptively kind honey eyes, had been there when she was brought back from time and was her support from the very beginning.

Slipping the porcelain mask over her face she opened the door to her upstairs office. "Slov, what's the occasion?" Nerina asked flatly to the Russian Mob boss who sat comfortably in her leather chair. She held in any outburst at seeing him in her office going through her files, Slov was damn powerful but he didn't have the power to go through Nerina's files!

"I have a job for your people Black Phoenix. There is competition in the shark business, I want it taken care of." Slov looked up at the porcelain face trying to hide the discomfort he always had when he looked into those red contact eyes.

"Shark? Iwamoto has head there, not the Red Sun. Take your complaints to him." Nerina's cheek twitched behind her mask.

"Black Phoenix, since you came to power, the Red Sun has become a sort of police force among the underworld. There is a disruption that needs to be policed." The Russian's voice was free of an accent, as he was raised here and ascended to power similarly like she had.

"I told you that the Red Sun doesn't do that, so you deal with it. If there is no other business, get out of my office." Nerina stated, her nose itched behind the mask and the mob boss was already working on her last nerve.

"I feared you would not help. But I do have other business, one of your best to take down this man… a politician, Greg M. Hsub." He spat the name, specks of spittle hit the mask and Nerina frowned behind the porcelain face. "Don't like him very much, besides he squelched on a deal we made years ago. I want him taken out." He signaled to one of his men to put a metal suitcase on the desk, inside looked to be near 50 grand in used bills. "This half, the rest when the job is complete."

"It's a hack job. But consider it done, I don't know why you don't just have one of your goons deal with it Slov, it'd be cheaper." Zahir came and took the suitcase away as Nerina and Slov shook hands. "Now get out of my club."

Slov nodded his head and made for the door. "One more thing Slov, you ever taking liberties with my office or any part of my business again, I won't hesitate to decapitate you or your guard. Clear?"

"Crystal." The door shut behind him and Nerina sighed removing the mask. She had many faces for many different clients and faced all with red glowing contact lenses in her eyes. Now she wanted nothing more than to spend time with her favorite birthday buddy, Jack Daniels.

"Mikey, get me a bottle of Jack and my shot, the celebrations need to begin. And I need Silver Fox here an hour ago." She spoke through the intercom before changing the light scheme so that she was in shadow. In a few moments her assistant Michelle came in with the needed liquor and glass as well as a young man with dyed silver hair.

"Anything else boss?" The young blonde woman in a tight red blazer and black skirt asked, eyeing her boss hungrily. She'd had a big crush on Nerina for a long time, ever since her interview to work as The Red Sun Queen's assistant, Michelle had tried everything to convince Nerina to have sex with her, only to find that The Black Phoenix was not into women.

"That's all for now. Silver Fox, you have an assignment… Greg M. Hsub, the future candidate for governor. Here's 15 grand now, the other 30 when it's over, let Mikey know what transport you need and any alibi proof. You leave in an hour." Nerina said shortly after downing a shot of Jack Daniels. The good thing about owning a club was there was always a stock of liquor on hand. Silver Fox nodded and left with the hot young assistant.

"You sure you want to give it to him? He's a hothead…" Zahir asked beside her, he had been worried about her since she stepped into the office. For some reason her birthdays were never good and he didn't know why.

"He's a hothead, but he's good and fast. Besides, kid's been restless lately. Been trying to get into Mikey for the past six months and no fuck, he's horny and this'll give him some release." She replied taking another shot of the burning liquid. It was near time for the club to open and all she's been doing the day was work. Not only had she to deal with Slov for the guild, Nerina had the club to think about. Her normal supplier of liquor was late and she had to send two assassins to get the shipment, something completely unorthodox of the guild; but she wanted the clubs to survive.

It was 10pm when the club rush downstairs began picking up, the patrons were livelier today or at least it felt like they were. Instead of enjoying the club as was her original dream of owning a club had been, she was upstairs in the office drinking and working. Not even Zahir could get his boss downstairs to enjoy her birthday.

"Z, I said no. I've got all this work to do."

"Boss, you're stressed; I'm telling you to go downstairs work the bar, dance with some random guy or tell Sparks what to mix, just don't spend it up here by yourself drinking everything away. Please, for once, enjoy your 25th year."


"You're gonna get old before you should." He tried a different tactic.

"Who cares?" She looked at him with a strong glare telling him to back off, finally he relented knowing full well that making her lose patience with him would only mean a bit of his body detached and sent far away… most likely his favorite part.

Zahir was downstairs with Rochelle or Rocki a.k.a. Blue Angel serving drinks, a bachelorette party in one of the private rooms was taking place as Darren a.k.a. Red Centaur provided the entertainment. The bodyguard looked back up at the one way mirror of the upstairs office where Nerina sat drinking and working; shaking his head he turned his attention to three newcomers to the bar, two men and a very pretty woman.

"What can I get you?" He shouted over the music, these three looked rather familiar yet their demeanor was a bit off. One man had jet black hair and piercing green eyes, he was tall with a five o'clock shadow, his silk green collared shirt open buttons at the top matched his eyes. The woman on his arm seemed a bit young, her long dark hair was flowing loose in waves, her dark eyes twinkled as she looked at the green eyed man. She wore short purple backless top over a long black skirt. The other man was the oddest of all; shoulder length dark brown hair with a few braids twisted in it, his beard was just recently trimmed and piercing dark eyes hidden behind his hair. He wore a dark brown collared shirt open buttons at the top and dark pants.

"Um, hello, we are looking for Nerina. We were told we could find her here," The green-eyed man said drawing Zahir's attention back to him.

"Who?" Zahir questioned, why would anybody be asking for his boss by her name? These people were fishy.

"Nerina, Nerina LaRuse." The dark-haired woman stated over the music. Now something was definitely wrong, "She sometimes goes by the name Roxie, she's about 5'3" with black hair and hazel eyes…"

All the warning bells were going off in Zahir's head, but he kept his face impassive. He had to let his boss know; maybe she was in trouble or something. Did she get id'd on that hit? "Sorry, nobody I know by that name."

"Oh, well in that case, I'll have your best ale, the lady will have wine and our friend will have…"

The man and woman looked crest-fallen, while the weird one didn't do anything.


"Sorry, no water, only in the bathroom. C'mon man this is a bar." Zahir responded. Ale? Unless you were from the Middle Ages did anybody ask for ale? "Here's a menu, let me get back to you with those other drinks." 'And let me warn Nerina.' He thought as he moved away toward Rocki and gave him the order of the three odd people before pressing a button to signal an emergency to Nerina.

Meanwhile, Nerina had downed another shot of Jack Daniels as she stared at her laptop computer when the emergency light went off. Glaring at the blinking light she got up to look down at the bar where Zahir was serving drinks to three oddly familiar guests.

To the microphone in her ear, she said, "White Dwarf, paint me a picture."

Her closest advisor sent her the video feed. With a look, Nerina gasped dropping the shot glass with shock as the faces of the three people popped on the screen, "No, it can't be."

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