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Things We've Lost

Three weeks passed and Nerina fell into a routine of planning, briefing and training in the morning and afternoon, drinking and making love to Lancelot in the evening and nighttime. Not to say she didn't enjoy being with her friends again, it was just tedious for the Assassin Queen to not have more to do like in her time. In her present there were business deals, people to kill, her guild to watch over, her back to cover and her clubs to take care of. In short Nerina was more than a little bored and not even the occasional scouting mission with Tristan eased that tension and restlessness. All the knights noticed it, but figured it was something Lancelot could handle; she is after all his lover.

But not even Lancelot could fully take the edge off her restlessness and voiced this after a particularly "energetic" night of passion. Basking in the glow of their love and lust, Lancelot stroked her spine with lazy fingers.

"Love?" His voice slurred sleepily.

"Yes?" She looked up to his face, although tired Nerina was not sleepy yet. "What's wrong?"

"I could ask you the same thing, Roxie?" He yawned. "You are wound too tightly and I know not what to do. I know not how to help you."

"It's nothing really, I'm fine baby." Nerina assured him tucking a few errant curly dark locks behind his ear.

"Aye? This morn you nearly made Galahad a head shorter in the practice ring with that cursed pig sticker of yours." He pulled her up so they were face to face and he could look in Nerina's bright hazel eyes.

"Did not."


"Lancelot, remember the first day I came back?" He remembered all too well, with Nerina, Lancelot had no need of other women. His lover was incredibly inventive and talented both in and out of bed.


"Remember the girl? The young assassin girl?" Her voice hitched sorrowfully and in Nerina's eyes, Lancelot saw the unshed tears. He nodded not knowing what to say. "She was so young, just like I was, pulled into a side of life that no one should have to face ever. I wish there was someone kind enough for me to end my pain, my fear, my sorrow when I was her age."

"Do not say that my love," Lancelot reproached her, "had someone ended your life, my life would be empty… I would not have lived through Baden Hill were not for your love."

Realizing what she'd said, Nerina attempted to repair the situation, "Lancelot, don't mind me… I'm just not used to this. Back home, I was always moving, always planning, always doing; this sitting and waiting is off putting. It has been a wonderful break, but now I just need to be doing something. You know what I mean?"

"Aye Roxie, with this new peace with most of the Woad tribe, we knights have had little to do but become like Bors… fat and useless." He chuckled against her hair as her own sleepy giggles tickled his chest. Simple moments like these needed to be treasured, they both knew especially since they were all in danger once again. Only this time, the danger was more from just humans.

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