Severus Snape looked up from his book as his wife walked in. She looked as fresh as ever, hair slightly damp with her towel in one hand. And wearing…

"Hermione." He hesitated, staring at her weirdly. "Is… is that…?"

Is that what I think it is? He wondered, taking another look at his wife.

Hermione raised an eyebrow in puzzlement. Severus rarely sounded so… uncertain.

" ? Yes Severus?"

"Are you wearing a black bra?" He finally got the question out.

She continued staring at her husband. Cheeks slowly turning pink. She hadn't thought that the black bra would be so noticeable…

"That's because you're wearing a white translucent shirt over it." He interrupted her thoughts.

"You stupid Muggle woman…" He muttered, now putting his head in his hands. "Severus…?"

"Got you." He pulled her down onto the sofa with him. "Stupid stupid Muggle. Wife." She gave an inane giggle, the whole situation was silly, spontaneous and childish beyond thought. She tried to tuck his hair behind for him, but his hands held her wrist, like velvet bonds. Firm yet soft and yielding at times. She relaxed and continued to watch the man above her, noting that his eyes now held a dangerous, smouldering gaze. That looked familiar…

"You know black is my favourite colour…" He murmured, lifting a lock of her honey hair to his nose and breathing deeply, then proceeding to kiss her softly, nibbling on her lips. Hermione gave a sigh as she slid her tongue into his mouth, tasting him, feeling him, exploring the velvet interior as his was exploring hers.

She had to know more. "Y…Yes… And?" It came out breathier than she would have expected, feeling a tingle of anticipation unravel in her stomach.

"And… I hump black bra-ed women."

She never thought that she would hear such a sentence from his mouth, it was too kinky. Seriously KINKY.

"Ah really? Hump me then." She ordered, pulling him down with her.

Looking at her husband's sleeping figure, she gave a small smile. He was really such a… virile? No, great lover. She tried to move again but winced a little. A smirk that he would have died to see crossed her face.

And he was all hers…

"I should wear black bras more often."