Disclaimer: Black Cat is not mine.

Characters/Pairings: Sven, Eve, Train

Notes: Quick middle-of-the-night drabbles to help propogate more non-Train, non-Creed fics. (And as practice in characterization for later chapters of my longer fic.)

Promise in Blue

The sky is blue, and for some reason this bothers him. It should be pink, he thinks, or crimson. Black, even. Hell, it ought to rain. Like the movies, except this isn't a movie and the sky is blue and the sun's blistering above like a, like a goddamn fire or something and Train, you bastard, you can't do this to me, think of Eve, think of us --

But the bastard just lies there with his familiar cocky grin, cracking jokes about debt and repayment as his life pools red about him.

I've never seen a bluer sky, Sven.


She has never seen a bluer sky.

The idiot, the goddamn idiot, fumes Sven desperately, and she thinks that he is right. But then Train never did have good timing, and somehow, she thinks, this suits him. Better these sweltering hot days of summer, full of life and warmth, than winter, bleak and cold.

Even so, the tears come, because summer is dry and seedlings will wilt if not watered. Those seeds of freedom and hope within her, he had planted, he had nurtured, together with Sven, and she cannot, will not let their work go to waste.

Later that night she tries to remember his face and she realizes she cannot, despite her photographic memory, recall anything beyond a promise and a cocky grin.