Summary: Lucy feels as though she does not belong in Cair Paravel. Oneshot.

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Lucy sat with her back to the castle, enjoying the sight of the crystal clear water and the smell of the sea. It had been five months since the coronation, and life in Narnia seemed more normal than it first had done. This little spot on the bank had become one of her favourite spots, where she could just forget and be at peace.

Forget the endless court cases, where Edmund always seemed to know exactly how justice could be done. He truly deserved the title King Edmund the Just. Although the cases could be interesting, they often took many hours to resolve.

Forget the weekly balls and feasts, where Susan's radiance always seemed to shine through the room. She truly deserved the title Queen Susan the Gentle. Certainly, the balls were fun, but she was only eight and more than once she had woken up with a hangover.

Forget the battles against the remnant of the Witch's army, where Peter always led the army of faithful Narnians into battle with the courage of Aslan. Like the other two, he deserved his title of King Peter the Magnificent. Lucy did enjoy the excitement before the battles, but they were bloodthirsty affairs, and she was always relieved when they were over.

Lucy sighed deeply. It wasn't what she did in Narnia, she realised, but what she didn't do. Queen Lucy the Valiant. That was what she was called. Yet she had hardly been able to draw her dagger when the wolf in the last battle had jumped down from the trees… no. She would not think about that. The very memory made her stomach churn. "How can they call me valiant?" she muttered out loud to no one in particular.

She jumped when a voice behind her answered, "Because you are." She turned and saw Edmund standing there.

"Edmund!" she said. "You scared me." He came and sat down beside her.

"What makes you think you don't deserve your title?" he asked her softly. "I remember that in the battle of Dancing Lawn, there was that wolf-"

"Exactly!" Lucy cut Edmund off so sharply he was taken aback. "My hands were shaking so hard I could hardly unsheathe my dagger. For goodness' sake, I felt downright sick! I mean…" her voice trailed off and she looked down at the sand.

It was a moment before Edmund replied. "You know Lucy, in a way that is valour. You did it because you had to, not because you wanted to." Lucy looked up sharply. "Narnia needs you more than you think." Before Lucy could respond, he got up and ran back in the direction of Cair Paravel. Lucy was left alone to think about the conversation. And that was the way she stayed until the gong sounded for tea.


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