Author's note: This is my first fanfic for Threshold, and I wrote it in about an hour. I would love feedback and any suggestions as to how to improve it. I've never been that big on spotting OOC characteristics so let me know.I just had to get it down:DThanks for all your help.

"I'm not going and that's final!" Molly stated hotly, hands on hips and eyes flashing defiantly.

"Why not?"

"Because I…don't want to" Molly finished lamely, acutely aware that she sounded like a stubborn child refusing to go to bed. That just made her madder. If there was anything that Molly Caffrey hated it was being made to look foolish.

Cavennaugh smiled cockily and casually leaned against the doorframe. He knew he was annoying her. Actually, annoying was an understatement. And he enjoyed every minute of it. To him, Molly looked beautiful when she was rubbed to wrong way. 'Actually,' he thought, 'she looked beautiful at any time.'

"You don't really expect me to leave it at 'I don't want to', do you?"

"It's none of your business anyway. You weren't even supposed to see it!" Molly cried exasperatedly. Cavennaugh smiled at the memory.



Cavennaugh was rounding the corner on his way to Molly's office, when he ran into someone almost knocking them over. Papers flying everywhere, Cavennaugh steadied the other person with his hands on their arms.

"Woah, sorry, I ….Molly?" Cavennaugh asked, slightly surprised. "Are you alright? I didn't see you there."

Bracing herself against his chest, Molly took a deep breath to steady her nerves.

"Geez, Cavennaugh, you almost scared me to death!" Molly gasped. Reluctantly disentangling herself from the circle of his arms, she refused to think about how nice it was to be held by someone. Especially him.

"Sorry about that," Cavennaugh grinned sheepishly. Bending, he began picking up the papers that had fallen.

"No, wait! You don't need to do that!" Molly said frantically. Dropping to her knees she hurriedly began collecting her papers. 'Where is it? Where is it?' she panicked. 'Please don't let him see, please don't let him see!'

"Really, I don't mind. It's my fault in…" he trailed off as he spotted Molly's dreaded piece of paper. Reaching for it, he read the headline and an amused smile graced his lips. Cavennaugh glanced up to see Molly's flushed face.

"So," he said with nothing short of glee, "you have a school reunion next week?"

Molly quickly snatched the offending invitation away and tucked it out of sight.

"No, I don't," she said with a note of finality on her voice. "I'm not going." Gathering up her papers, she walked briskly away.

Cavennaugh stood and stared after her. Puzzled at her abrupt departure and intensely curious he sensed that there was a lot more to the story than Molly was letting on. Resolving to satisfy his curiosity, he smiled determinedly and strode after her.



"Well, I did see it, and I want to know the truth about why you don't want to go," Cavennaugh stated simply, moving in close until he was just inside her personal space. Molly's eyes darted left and right, seeking an avenue of escape. Seeing none, and knowing Cavennaugh wouldn't drop it without answers, Molly closed her eyes and ducked her head, resigned to admit the embarrassing thruth.

"High school wasn't exactly a happy place for me," Molly started softly, sadness apparent in her voice. "I had few friends and was constantly ridiculed by the popular people for any little thing they could think of. That didn't bother me much. Until prom night." Molly paused in her reminiscing, hesitant to speak about it.

"Anyway, there isn't anyone I have any desire to see in a hurry so there is no point in me going," Molly finished, swallowing hard and lacking the courage to make herself look up.

"So you're afraid to go because you think those same people still act the same way and belittle you?" Cavennaugh asked, knowing exactly what sort of reaction he would get. He wasn't disappointed. Molly's head snapped up, eyes blazing as her stance subtly shifted towards the aggressive.

"I am not afraid," she spat. "I just can't take time out at the moment. It's only next week. That isn't enough time to do everything." To Molly, it sounded like a perfectly reasonable excuse. Cavennaugh wasn't buying it.

"Uh huh," he said, raising an eyebrow, a slight hint of disappointment in his voice. "I wouldn't have thought that the Dr. Caffrey I have come to know and admire would shy away from doing something," he baited further. Turning to walk out the door, he tossed over his shoulder "Your choice of course. I'll see you Monday Dr. Caffrey."

Staring after him, Molly reassured her conscious that it wasn't fear that made her reject the invitation. 'It wasn't,' she thought……Was it?

Several hours later

Tossing and turning in the heat, unable to get Cavennaugh's voice out of her head, Molly sighed in frustration and gave up on sleep. Getting out of bed, she padded to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of root beer then went and sat in front of the TV, flicking through the channels.

'Of course,' she thought, smiling bitterly at the irony. 'The one time I want to watch something meaningless there isn't a thing on.'

Glancing across at the dining table, Molly spotted the reunion invitation. She had thrown it there instead of in the bin in defiance, proving to herself and the Cavennaugh's phantom that she wasn't afraid. She wasn't!

'I can't believe he thought I was afraid,' Molly fumed on the quiet, working herself into a state. 'I'm not afraid of these people! How dare he presume to know me! I'll show him I'm not afraid!' Grabbing the phone, Molly dialled the number on the invitaion and reserved her place with the organisers. Hanging up, she quickly hit the speed-dial for another number.


Cavennaugh groaned and blearily opened his eyes to the sound of his phone. Glancing at the caller ID, he was instantly awake.

"Molly? What's wrong?" he asked worriedly, already reaching for a shirt and looking around for shoes.

"I'm going," came the short, indignant response. "Happy now?"

Stopping his mad dressing, Cavennaugh smiled slightly. "That's wonderful Molly," he soothed. "Are you planning on taking anyone?" Hope seeped into his voice despite his attempt at sounding nonchalant. Molly was too worked up to notice.

"Are you completely insane? I'm dreading going myself! Do you really think I would drag someone else into that hell?" Hanging up, Molly congratulated herself on her heroic deed. As reality set in, and just what that heroic deed was sank in, Molly stared into space horrified. Covering her mouth, her eyes went as wide as saucers.

"Oh God," she whispered. "What have I done?"