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"Hey guys? I think you should take a look at this," Lucas said, gesturing towards the TV. He turned the volume up just as a news bulletin appeared.

"…situation developing here. As you can see behind me, the police are taking this very seriously… Reports coming in indicate the assailant is on some sort of new drug that enhances muscle strength…"

"So what?" Ramsey interrupted. "Dude, we deal with souped up aliens on a daily basis. This is just some guy on drugs."

"Listen!" Luca urged.

"…an eye-witness, who has been taken to hospital for shock, told us earlier that this man apparently threw another person some 60ft across the hall…"

Lucas was certain that he heard eye balls rattle, the other's heads snapped around so fast.

"Where is this?" Baylock demanded. Lucas typed away furiously as he called up the details.

"Where are Dr. Caffrey and Cavennaugh?" Baylock asked, impatiently.

"…just received word that the function being held was actually a school reunion for one of Washingtons most prestigious institutions. There is no word yet as to how many are inside. More details will follow as we have them."

"Uh, sir? You want to know where Caffrey and Cavnnaugh are? Well, they're… there," Ramsey said, gesturing towards the screen.

"WHAT?!" Baylock bellowed.

"What should we do?" Cavennaugh hissed.

"Nothing, at the moment. Not until we know why he's here and what he plans to do," Molly replied.

Both of them turned their attention back to the situation just to see the infectee shove Katrina to the ground angrily. Striding across the room he overturned the table laden with food, splattering fruit and custard over the terrified people nearby.

"Shut up!" He yelled, grabbing his head. "Leave me alone!"

Molly and Cavennaugh watched with detached fascination as he seemingly had a conversation with himself. Rocking back and forth mumbling, Molly couldn't help but feel pity for him. Suddenly, his head snapped up and he looked her dead straight in the eyes with startling clarity.

Molly gasped slightly as he stared intensely. Never breaking contact, the infectee got up and walked over to them with unnatural grace. When he stood in front of them, he shifted his unblinking gaze to Cavennaugh who regarded him challengingly.

"Listen," Molly began, trying to break the unnerving silence. "We know what you're going through…"

"You have no idea what I'm going through!" He screamed. Flinching, Molly lowered her head and tried to look as non-threatening as possible.

Cavennaugh, on the other hand, was boiling, itching to do something. Sitting idly by while someone was intimidating others had never sat well with him. Seething, he shifted almost imperceptibly as he mentally readied himself to take action. Just when he was about to leap up, he felt someone squeeze his hand – tightly. Wincing slightly, he glanced quizzically at the woman beside him.

Molly, however, had raised her head not looking at him. Eyeing the infectee, she projected an air of calm confidence but Cavennaugh felt her tension in the strength of her grip. Still puzzled, but willing to trust her, he briefly squeezed back to reassure her that he wouldn't do anything. He felt her hand relax a fraction but she didn't let go.

"What's your name?" Molly asked softly, soothingly.

Looking at her warily, the infectee responded with an equally quiet "Luke".

"My names Molly, Luke," she said, not breaking eye-contact. "I do know what you're going through." At this Cavennaugh glanced astounded at her, but her attention remained focused.

"You're changing," she continued. "You feel the changes happening. And the voices. Telling you what to do, making you hurt people."

Cavennaugh watched as Luke's gun wavered and lowered slightly, confusion and hope reflected in his face. 'Poor kid,' Cavennaugh thought. 'Not completely infected yet so he has no idea what he's going through'. Looking surreptiously at Molly, he admired her profile. Unconsciously threading his fingers though hers, his attention was caught by movement behind Luke.

"You know?" Luke asked, a bit disbelievingly. "How do you know? Do you hear them as well?" Sounding eager, he lowered the weapon to his side. Cavennaugh kept an eye on it, not reassured by his sudden mood swing. If anything, it made him nervous. Luke was unpredictable and unstable.

Glancing behind Luke again, he saw Katrina rise, eyes wide with fright. Sensing Molly tense, he knew he had seen her too. Trying to make eye contact with Katrina, trying to convey how dangerous the situation was, he cursed silently as she inched towards the massive doors. While Molly kept Luke's attention, Cavennaugh willed her to understand his silent warning. He saw the panic fill her eyes when Luke shifted slightly to his right. She bolted.

Luke whipped around and raised his gun, taking aim at Katrina's back. Not thinking, acting purely on instinct, Molly sprang up and placed herself in front of the barrel...

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