Luna's wings

The characters belong to Rowling.

One day Luna Lovegood grew wings and flew away. She soared higher and higher through the blue sky, laughing and smiling, until she was nothing but a small speck far away. Then she was gone.

Her disappearance was in the Quibbler's next edition, and learned wizards and witches all over England gossiped about it. Luna's closest friends had been asked of their opinion about the incident. Ron said that she once saved his life. Ginny said that she had been the most faithful of friends. Neville said nothing, but the photo of him in the magazine cried. Harry Potter, when asked about where she had gone, thought at length and then said that Luna now was with her mother, a theory supported by the editor. Hermione, who since the episode had begun to work her way through the many books and notes left by Luna's mother, said that Luna would be dearly missed by those left behind. She said that Luna had come to mean more for her than she had ever imagined and that she had full confidence in that Luna one day would return and tell them where she had been.

Also this opinion had full approval of the editor of the Quibbler.