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Beginning of the road

I had been beaten, but it brought me back to my sense's what I had done was wrong, I wanted to fix it, but all that power I had….it seemed unfixable, a few day's later I saw an advert. It said, "A tournament will be held. The prize, a mythical blade. It will be held in Tokyo. God, bless the ring.'' The rest was all address's.

I later found out that, the blade, that was said to be the prize, it had strange materia in it. It had been found in Germany, which made me wonder why the tournament was being held in Tokyo, but that did not matter.

I went to Germany to take a look at the blade. The materia was strong, it was the only way I could right my wrongs. So I entered the tournament. I had to get to Tokyo but that wasn't a problem.

I started working at a shop, eventually made enough money. So I went. When I got to the tournament, I saw a few familiar face's to familiar, they would be hard to beat, but I'd have to, they were Cloud Strife, Vincent Valentine, Tifa Lockhart , and Yuffie Kusangai. That was it, but there were some other's they looked like they would be easy to beat, but I was wrong.

First I was up against a man named Sasuke, he looked just like a normal ninja, but oh was I wrong. At the start of the match, the referee came on to the field, "Draw your weapon's." He said, and we did, is weapon was a simple Katana, and I drew my legendary Masamune. The referee stepped of the arena and then said, "Fight!". Its was an epic battle , in the end a won, but it resulted in many cut's and gashes, but my next fight wasn't for two day's so I had time to heal.

I checked in at an Inn and went to sleep. I had to be ready for the next match. For all I new, the next person might be Cloud. The next day I felt much better, I took a look around town. It was beautiful really, a lot of shop's but nothing to really interest me. I went back to the Inn and slept again.

Well, that's all for now folk's .I might right the second chapter if people like the first.