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Cornelia guided him to a wall and pushed a brick on it. The bricks came away to reveal a large hole and a dark tunnel with one torch in a bracket joined to the wall. They both climbed inside.

End flashback...

"What kind of home is this?" Jason stared at the slimy wall with disgust.

Cornelia chortled. "The Mage'll kill you if she finds out you said that."

Jason snorted as they walked through an arch. "I ain't afraid of no witch..."

"Really..." A mystical voice vibrated around the walls.

Jason stumbled and fell backwards while Cornelia clutched her sides laughing. The Mage's face appeared through the water.

"Holy... Don't startle us lesser beings like that; you almost gave me a heart attack..." Jason began to act very shocked while The Mage laughed at Jason's disrespect.

"The boy has a sense of humour, very rare in a warrior. So... Cornelia, Jason, you wish to know about the origins of Jason's curse?" The Mage became serious.

Jason stood up slowly, checking his jeans for any slime residue. "Three questions your most high, mighty, powerful, great, merciful, brilliant, incredible, astounding..."

"Jason... today please." Cornelia raised an eyebrow.

Jason made a very fancy bow to her. "Yes ma'am." He turned to The Mage. "How did you know my name? How do you know what I want to ask you and finally is this thing really a curse?" Like The Mage, Jason also became serious.

"The answer to the first two questions is I know everything, and the answer to the last question is yes, I'm afraid it is a curse." The Mage waved her hand and two wooden chairs appeared. "Please, sit, it is a long story."

Cornelia and Jason sat obediently.

"In the very early period of time, the spirits of the dead roamed the earth, in and amongst the living. The Oracle and Kandrakar made sure that the spirits had no contact with the living what so ever. Kandrakar made all the spirits invisible and invoked a magic that would not let the living hear the dead. This was because the dead had a great telekinesis power and Kandrakar was afraid that with the influence of a mortal, the spirits would turn against them. However Kandrakar overlooked one small detail. Every hundred thousand years a being will be born that will be able to see, hear and talk to the spirits. As soon as the magic was invoked a boy was born, the boy that had that magic power." The Mage paused; she looked from Cornelia's shocked face, to Jason's very pale wide-eyed face. She took a breath and continued. "After twenty years, when the boy, now man, realised his powers, he began to convince the spirits that they shouldn't listen to the Council and the should be free to make their own choices, however the man was only saying this to get the spirits to help him storm and take Kandrakar as his own. Kandrakar received a tip off from another spirit about the invasion and were luckily able to prevent it. However a large war was involved and the aftermath of it was so terrible that Kandrakar made a safe haven that all the dead travel to after they had passed away. The gateway to this haven is on a top of the highest, steepest most impossible to climb mountain, however to gain entrance to this place you must obtain the five pieces of a puzzle. The pieces placed in place with physically and mentally challenging tasks to guard it. These objects are often dull or unimportant looking, and will be objects, animals, or..."

"People." Jason breathed.

"That's not the worst, this puzzle is not like any other puzzle, and you must extract the soul of the object or being and place it in the circular cut on the haven portal. To extract the soul of a being you must kill them." The Mage looked into Jason's blue eyes, they were wide with fear.

"But how do you stop it? The pain, marks, everything?" Cornelia spoke for the first time since The Mage began her story.

"You must find the pieces and the person who activated..."

"Wait, wait, wait, activated?" Jason looked at her quizzically

"The person who activated the puzzle is the one who is going to kill you. To activate the puzzle you must have the Key to the Portal which is the brother of the Amulet of the Warriors. It looks just like it but silver. You must get the Key and destroy it... before it's too late…"

To be continued…

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