How to Deal with the Local Anger Management Case

By Kuro Doragon Enkou

Summary: Prequel to How to Tick Your Neighbor Off in Three Minutes or Less. Kagome never meant to listen to that conversation in the amusement park…she never meant to help that guy out either. Funny how fate works huh?

Genre: Romance, Humor, Drama, Angst

Rating: T for mild voilence, language, and Kikyou.

Pairings: Inuyasha/Kagome

A/N: Hello! Sorry for not putting this up sooner, but hey, on with my third story, and hello to both my new readers and the one's from my other stories. Just so you know, this is the prequel to 'How to Tick Your Neighbor off in Three Minutes or Less', and will include both the hated and the loved characters from there, but Miroku-kun will not be mentioned in this story at all, as he comes in during the 'How to Tick….' Story line. Well anyways, please enjoy Chapter 1 of How to Deal with the Local Anger Management Case! Oh, and don't forget to review, as feedback is very much appriciated! Also, this takes place approximately two years before 'How to Tick...', anyways, enjoy!

Chapter 1

Shouts in the Park

Hi! My name is Higurashi Kagome, the one and only! This is like a really strange biography; maybe like a documentary you could say…it's fairly strange actually! After all, I'm only 15, still in Junior High, and getting ready to take my high school entrance exams and all.

Any ways, this is something we need to use to graduate, so I've decided to write about the time that I met my best friend in the entire world, well, besides Sango-chan, of course…but let me rephrase it…my best and first guy-friend in the entire world! There! That makes it much easier to understand!

Any ways, it all happened when I was just getting ready to leave the new amusement park, Fun Land or something like that…it's torn down now, something really bad happened there, I don't know what though, any ways, just as I said before, I was fixing to leave then suddenly, a shout caught my attention.

"Kikyou…?" it was slightly questioning, though it grew louder, it soon occurred to me that it was a guy's voice. And he sounded kinda hot to, but of course, that is way beside the point.

"Kikyou!" This time the voice sounded more urgent, and me, being the nice person I am, came running over, just in time to spot a silver haired boy staring at a girl who looked a bit like me standing right next to a guy with creepy red eyes and long hair with way to much oil.

"…nani…?" the silver haired guy sounded a bit like he was about to cry, but the girl who looked like me, whom I figured to be Kikyou, didn't seem to care, and held her arm possessively around Creepy Eyes.

"Because Inuyasha, you were fun for a few days, but you see, our relationship would never last…sorry." From the mocking tone in Kikyou's voice, I knew she wasn't sorry, but as this sounded like a highly personal conversation, I was hiding in the bushes and couldn't do much.

"Bu-" the Silver Hair, whom I then knew as Inuyasha, was trying to speak, then Creepy Eyes cut him off.

"Listen Mutt, we've got to go," I bit back a growl, that wasn't very nice…but then again, I wasn't supposed to be listening to the conversation. "Kikyou come on."

Kikyou nodded, "Hai, Onigumo" She gave a mocking smirk to Inuyasha then walked off with her arm around Creepy Eyes', or Onigumo as Kikyou called him-waist.

Inuyasha looked heart stricken, and slumped downagainst the wall, mumbling nonsense words to himself, then randomlyshouting in a hoarse voice. I only caught words like'Kikyou you whore' and ''d better watch out...', itwas something around all of those lines.

I was feeling sorry for the guy,so I gulped, pushed my fears down,andthen took a chance- as soon as Kikyou and Creepy Eyes were out of view, I went in, trying to comfort the heart broken looking Inuyasha.

"U…um excuse me?" I spoke quietly, trying to say it as politely as I could.

"Nani?" thehoarse andbetrayedsound of Inuyasha's voice made my heart wrench.

"I just happened to over-" I gulped as I was met by a glaring gold eye.

"I don't care for you're sympathy! Stay away!" Inuyasha snarled, looking away bitterly before straitening and stalking off. I bit back a huff, I was just trying to help and he bites off my head!

"Hey! I was just trying to be nice you know!"

"I don't care!"

"Well I do!"



"..." Inuyasha stayed quiet, and his shoulders were shaking. I gulped, until a little laugh came out of him, and I was greeted by a smile. "You're not going to give up are you...?"

"Iie!" I smiled, "By the name's Higurashi Kagome!"

"Takashi...Takashi Inuyasha..."

End Chapter 1

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Hai: Yes

Nani- What?

Iie- No

Preview of Next Chapter

"Dammit! Will you stop following me all ready?" the annoyed sound of his voice caused me to hold back a giggle.

"Why should I? Hmm?" I said with a smile.

"Because…" he fumbled for a word, I smiled.

"See! You don't even have a good reason!" I giggled, hardly caring when he began mumbling darkly under his breath about annoying women.

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