How to Deal with the Local Anger Management Case

By Kuro Doragon Enkou

Summary- Prequel to How to Tick Your Neighbor Off in Three Minutes or Less. Kagome never meant to listen to that conversation in the amusement park…she never meant to help that guy out either. Funny how fate works huh?

Genre- Romance, Humor, Drama, Angst, slight mystery/suspense

Rating- T for swearing, violence, and thematic elements

Anime- Inuyasha

Disclaimer- Unfortunately, the Inuyasha™ franchise is owned and created by none other then Rumiko Takahashi-sama, so, all rights belong to her…and not to me…much to my discomfort.

A/N: Hello everybody! Sorry for the long wait, I've just been swamped with school work! In this chapter Sango makes her appearance! Well, enjoy Chapter 3 of How to Deal with the Local Anger Management Case, and don't forget to review!

Chapter 3

Everybody, Meet the OPBFF (Over Protective Best Friend Forever)

I yawned, staring leisurely into space thinking about a certain silver haired menace, who I won't name, as my sensei rattled on about factoring polynomials and quadratic equations, hardly noticing as half the class began to snore in utter boredom.

"Kagome-chan!" I gave a jump, staring wide at Akiyama Sango, who just happened to be my best friend in the entire world.

Sango-chan is a very pretty girl, if not a little tomboyish…and a total conservative, after all, she never wears any thing that shows off her assets, and if she does, she has to be forced into it and even then she sulks for about ten hours strait…now that I think about it, Sango-chan would get along very well with Inuyasha-kun…

"Kagome-chan, are you alright?" she asked, her tobacco eyes worried.

I gave a slightly fake smile and a nod, but unfortunately, Sango-chan would not be deterred easily. "Kagome-chan, tell me the truth." The no-nonsense tone of voice told me that all hell would break loose if I didn't comply.

I gulped. "You've been awfully jumpy lately Kagome-chan…is something wrong?" Sango continued, looking at me suspiciously.

I gave a nervous smile, "Well…umm…you see…"

"Higurashi-san, Akiyama-san!" I winced as the croaking voice of the math sensei broke the intense silence that had settled across the room, although I was silently praising the old woman as she had just saved me from a investigative Sango-chan…all that mental thanking went down the drain as I heard the teacher's next few words: "Detention."

Great…an extra hour after school with a suspicious Sango-chan. I am so looking forward to it…not.

Sango-chan glared at me suspiciously through out the day, and that kept me on edge, after all, my best friend could just be plain creepy if she was suspicious, she'd give you the 'look' and then glare at you for the rest of the day, hardly saying a word because she was so intent on watching you for clues. In fact…she'd probably make a pretty good cop.

As the last bell rung, I felt a sense of dreading, and the determined look in Sango-chan's eyes didn't help at all.

As we entered the detention room, Sango-chan blew up. "Kagome-chan…you are going to tell me what is going on this instance!" she practically growled, eyes flashing, but at that moment, I only saw ivory hair and a flash of gold eyes.

"Inuyasha-kun…?" I blinked, and blinked again, Sango, hearing the name, stopped her tirade, glaring at the silver haired male before us and golden eyes flashed.

"What do you want…" I blinked, something about Inuyasha was slightly different, maybe it was because he was so…calm, and his next statement explained it, "…with my brother?"

The look of utter fury in his eyes made me take a step back. Okay…apparently this guy was Inuyasha's older brother, and well…he looked pissed.

I blinked, staring into those cold dark eyes, and then, my face turned red. "Uh…gomen?"

Oh god my life sucked, just as it looked as if Inuyasha's older brother was about to glare me to death, and with that glare he probably could, a shout broke my attention.

"Sesshoumaru you bas-…wench?" Inuyasha, this time it really was Inuyasha, blinked, pure astonishment coming onto his face, which was quickly followed by annoyance.

"You've stalked me all the way to school? What…are you that desperate to be-," Inuyasha was cut short mid-tirade as the previously forgotten Sango-chan glared at him, and trust me, that glare was almost as harsh as Inuyasha's older brother…I mean Sesshoumaru's glare…and trust me…that's saying something.

"Listen jackass," Sango snarled, while Inuyasha, and nearly everybody in the room, save for Sesshoumaru, cringed. "You will tell me exactly what is going on…now." Trust me; Sango-chan was not somebody you wanted to piss off.

"Why should I!" Inuyasha seemed to have gotten over the glare, and his pride hit him full force, and at the most inconvenient time to. What is it with males and their pride? Sometimes I wonder if they are a completely different species.

"Because bastard…if you don't I will make you suffer…after all, scissors can be so useful…" the tone of Sango-chan's voice took away all argument- well most of it.

I sighed…and raised my hand, before Inuyasha or Sango-chan could get even more pissed off. "I'll tell…" And for what seemed like an hour, and it probably was, I told the story of my 'relationship', if you'll call it that, with Inuyasha.

"So you mean to tell me…" the disbelieving look on Sango-chan's face made me wince, as I knew what was coming, and trust me, it came in full blow.

"Kagome-chan, you mean to tell me that you eavesdropped, stalked, and then treated this guy to a video game in just two hours! What are you…a moron! It wasn't often Sango-chan blew her top, and if she did, it was either due to what she thought of as sheer stupidity or some pervert asking for death threat (A/N: -coughMirokucough-).

"Gomen, Sango-chan!" I whined, putting my arms up in a placating manor while Inuyasha looked like a defensive puppy, and I bet if he had dog ears they would've been flat against his head!

Sango-chan gave a sigh, and ran her hand through her hair, her normal slightly calm demeanor coming back. "Well, it was nice to let off some steam…" an apologetic smile came onto her face as she faced me, "Sorry Kagome-chan for blowing up in you're face, but next time you stalk a guy, please, tell me first?" she then gave a full blown glare towards Inuyasha, "…and you…Inuyasha-san right?"

Inuyasha gave a confirming nod and flinched when Sango-chan's sickly sweet smile hit him full force as she said cheerfully, "Well Inuyasha-san, you hurt Kagome-chan and I will make you suffer. You can expect lots of plastic tubing, spoons, serrated steak knives, forks, scissors, and of course…barbed wire and duct tape in store for you if you hurt her. Got that?"

Inuyasha gave a gulp, for once looking actually afraid, and as if on cue, the detention officer, who had been asleep during this entire ordeal, woke up and told us it was time to go.

"Well anyway, Ja ne Kagome-chan, Inuyasha-san! See you later!" Sango-chan said, giving a nod confirming she had heard the detention officer's command and left the room.

"Well…that was…nice..." Inuyasha said, sighing in relief as she left the room, while Sesshoumaru, who had stayed quiet through out this entire ordeal merely gave a 'Hn' and stalked out regally, probably having decided that this was not worth his time and he had better things to do then watch two inferior beings such as ourselves bicker and squabble like a cat and dog.

"You said it." I said, sighing as I exited the room. "You said it."

End Chapter 3

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-chan, -san, -kun, -sama, -dono, -sempai, -kohai- Japanese suffixes affixed onto the ends of names that usually generate respect or affection, though –sempai and –kohai are terms meaning older or more professional and of higher rank for –sempai, and –kohai meaning one who is of lower rank in the business world, such as a senior to a freshman for example.

Hn- basically a grunt of acknowledgement, although I'm not to sure about that.

Gomen- sorry

Ja ne- Good bye, Ja is an abbreviated form of this

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