Tsunade was sitting behind her desk considering the options that presently lay before her. She had the choice between the finishing of the reports several Chuuin's had given her, heaped into something that could be called a pile, and a bottle of sake along with a volume of healing techniques that looked like it would make a comfortable pillow. Weighing her pros and cons she had worked out that either choice would result in a headache the next morning. However the latter option would also mean a rude awakening by Shizune when her assistant found her sprawled across her desk, most likely in her undergarments with a half devoured meeting plan in her mouth.

The Hokage smiled at the thought and reached for the bottle. When it came up a little too easily in her hand she frowned. It was empty. With a scream she hurled it against the wall next to her, letting it shatter satisfactorily. It was only then that she noticed the rolled up piece of paper amongst the pieces of broken pottery. Unfurling it she noted her helpers handwriting and the sentence 'Tsunade, do your work'. Throwing this towards the wall too and watching it miss by several centimeters did nothing to help her mood. Neither did the sudden appearance of said assistant who burst into her office holding a scroll in her hand and panting for breath and a squealing pink pig trailing behind her. This could only mean trouble and more work.

Several hours and shouting matches with other dignitaries later, Tsunade had a list in her hand and an annoying voice squeaking somewhere to her right.

"Really Tsunade, I don't think you could have picked a worse combination for a mission like this! I mean their not even all fully qualified!"

"Their qualified enough. Besides the plan outline requires one of his age. He should be enthusiastic enough."

"Of course he will be enthusiastic! It's Konohamaru! That's not the only problem I have with it either and you know it!" Tsunade drummed her fingers on the desk impatiently.


"For starters, the first two. They have never worked together and I doubt it if they have even ever spoken!"

"We need them both. Tenten is the only available Kunoichi of the correct age with no distinct recognizable features. Kiba's in the same situation. They will be undercover too long to hold up any sort of Genjutsu or to risk a disguise of any obvious feature. As to Konohamaru as long as he keeps his mouth shut they will all be fine."

"Still I don't understand the family guise."

"It's Summer Holidays! Lots of families will be holidaying in the region about Hidden Grass Village."

"And the other two? Is Sakura really ready for this mission? And why did you pick him you know he will hate this!" The Hokage held back an evil laugh. It was the same laugh that she had been suppressing since she had come up with this unusual method of torture, for one so undeserving. It may have been a result brought on by her so far incredibly bad day, but Tsunade had picked the absolute worst person for the job required perhaps in an attempt to vent some of her own frustration.

"Sakura doesn't need to know the details but it would be for the best if we had some sort of medical back up in the camp, just in case. But enough talking. It's time to call them in and explain the mission." Tsunade decided to leave the explanation there. Saying that her other choice had been a result of her wish to see someone else suffer wouldn't please either pig or woman.

"Besides by the time he has arrived I'll be able to think of a reasonable excuse for him to go on the mission." She noted mentally.

Shizune turned to leave shaking her head at the lack of proper reasoning.

"Oh and Shizune!" the ever faithful assistant turned. "I will have them in separately if you please, in this order." She handed her the note then turned back to something at her desk letting the shadow hide her smile.

Shizune gathered five ninja's ready to take a message to the required people from the slip of paper now scrunched nervously in her pocket. Giving instructions to all but one, she took her time, hoping that the Hokage would suddenly burst into the room shouting that she had changed her mind. When nothing had happened a few minutes later and the man in front of her had begun shuffling on his feet Shizune finally gave up with a frustrated sigh from Tonton at her ankles.

"Take this scroll to Hyuuga Neji, and report back immediately." She spat out finally.

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