Neji stomped, in a most un-Hyuuga like manner, through the forest. Currently, he was trailing behind Sakura who skipped ahead, occasionally calling to back and requesting an increase in his pace. The things he had to do to make her happy. They had been considered an 'item' for less than one day and already he was being forced to accompany her on leisurely walks, wasting good training/meditation/hair treatment time. Still, he was no fool and unless he wanted his situation to become 'They had only been an 'item' for less than one day' he knew he must make sacrifices for her apparent happiness.

"Neji! Hurry up!" So this was her in a good mood. Fun times lay ahead. He began walking faster despite his own mental slapping. Now it had become 'They had been considered an 'item' for less than a day and Neji was already under the thumb'. This was wrong. He was to be the commanding force in this relationship whether she liked it or not. "Neji!" He started to run.


"Don't slink around behind me or I will think you don't enjoy my company."

"..." She narrowed her eyes at him.

"You're supposed to say 'How could you ever think such a thing! Your soothing voice is half the reason I adore you so! I was simply slowing to gather you these flowers!'"

"I am expected to say such things?"

"Yes! I need to feel appreciated not like I'm only causing you more inconvenience!" Right, she had asked for it. He grabbed her suddenly and spun her until she fell into his arms.

"The only inconvenience you cause me is in your absence! My heart aches when I hear that you doubt my affections! Please do not speak to me so or I fear I may die!" He shook her then, for dramatic effect, before leaning down and kissing her. She seemed to submit slightly...for a moment, before her hand connected with his cheek in a weak attempt of freeing herself. He released her. "I hope you realize that will not always work."

"It works well enough and gives me an excuse to hit you."

"After my deep set confession you still chose to reject me." He raised the back of his hand to his forehead in mock anguish.

"Confession? That was the biggest load of crap I have ever heard!"

"Not true, I recall observing you escorting Naruto home after the 'Sake x 6' incident."

"Can't you ever be nice?"

"I thought I was." Sakura only glared at him until she realized he was smiling at her. She sighed and grabbed his hand.

"This entire relationship is making you smile more than what is natural. It is a good thing I am a medic as I am sure that with the attitude you are currently stunning me with, you should be hospitalized."

"You are exactly the person whom I learn everything nice I say and do off." She made the decision to answer this by suddenly kicking his shin.

"Well, take notes, there's another one to learn." And how was he supposed to not love her?


Sakura tried to straighten her hair as they neared the campsite again. That had to of been one of the most enjoyable walks she had ever taken. She looked at Neji from the corner of her eye, and then glanced down. That was when she spotted it.

"NEJI LOOK!" He did, with an annoyed look on his face probably brought on from her shouting about something he would probably consider entirely irrelevant. Still, he looked past it.

"What?" She bent down and scooped it up. Now he noticed it and took several hasty steps backwards.

"Isn't it adorable?"

"No, it isn't. Put it down." She hugged the squirrel closer.

"Why? It's so friendly. Do you want to hold it?"

"I think you should put it down."

"Tell me why and I will consider it!"

"Are rodents usually this tame? It may have some sort of hidden agenda." She laughed at him.

"Oh! Be afraid of the fluffy squirrel! Keep back or it may set the rabbits on you!" He did not appear to be as amused as she was.

"I don't like the look in its eyes." She laughed again and took a few more steps closer until he was backed against a tree.

"It loves you though!" She pressed it into his arms...apparently Neji had been correct all along.


"It isn't a bad bite..."

"That makes me feel a lot better." She had finished attending to the 'wound' on his arm.

"We might get you a tetanus shot when we get back though...just incase."

"I think you need to work on your bedside manner."

"Hm." He always made her feel so important. She stood to leave.

"Where are you going?" She glanced at him incredulously.

"To tend to the squirrel."

"What? You are going to help it?"

"Yes, after you were so rough on him!"

"Rough? The thing was biting me!"

"Still, I think you over reacted a little."

"There I was thinking I was getting special attention but now I find out you give every stray the same treatment."

"You're hardly a stray Neji. What is it now? You're jealous of an animal."

"That thing is not an animal. It's a demon."

"That thing is called Pinky."

"Pinky? I have never seen anything less pink!"

"Pinky is a name, not a color. It is a nice, masculine name." She had always loved the name and if it couldn't be her first child, it would have to go too the squirrel.

"That's ridiculous. It sounds like you are planning to keep it."

"I am."


He sat outside the Hokage's office, holding the cage at arms length. For once, he could hardly wait to be inside of it, only because he knew that then, he would be as far away from this critter as he had been since he had 'met' it. Escorts (aka luggage carriers) had arrived earlier that week and the trip home and the following days of rest had been somewhat uneventful. Apart from the fact that Sakura had made the decision to adopt what he had labeled as 'An enemy to Konoha'. He glanced at it. All he could see was a small ball of fluff indicating it had gone to sleep. Smiling, he shook the cage and watched it jump up.

"Neji?" Sakura was out and she sounded dangerous. He quickly handed her the cage and strode into the office.


It had taken careful, spur of the moment planning, guts, determination and a really bad day. Finally, Tsunade would reap the rewarding pleasure of Neji's anger and someone in a worse mood than herself. He entered, brushing past Sakura.

"Neji! How are you?"

"Is this going to be a casual conversation or shall I give you the mission's details?" Bluntness. Good sign of a man near broken.

"Oh, yes! Please continue!" She could barely contain her glee. She was about to listen to him rant about what a bad time he had had and how lucky she was to have been in her office completing paperwork. Well, he had to at least be some sort of an improvement upon Sakura who remained vague, but was positively glowing. Tsunade had put it down to the new pet she had acquired.

"I will, but first I want to ask you something." That was strange.

"What?" He pulled out two flat boxes and opened them.

"Do you think Sakura would prefer this necklace, or that one." He asked pointing at them.

"What? Why are you giving her jewelry?"

"Isn't that what people do for their partners? Buy them gifts?"

"P...partner?" She hadn't picked Neji as one for practical jokes.

"Oh, sorry...Your mission worked wonders for me. I have never felt so happy now that Sakura and I are together. You are an excellent Hokage...Is that what you wanted to hear? Now, which one?" Later, she decided she hadn't been much of a help to him. All he could do was choose the one she slumped onto when she passed out, but from what she heard, Sakura loved it anyway.

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