A/N the second part of the Six Years trilogy. This is part two: Son of Hogwarts. Severus (or Sevvy) has spent the summer in Harry's care as a six years old child after being de-aged by Voldemort. Their differences wit the adults sorted out (somewhat) they now return to Hogwarts for Harry's sixth year. Yes, no HBP, obviously.


"Severus Snape," Professor McGonagall called.

The six year old walked up to the stool and climbed on it. He had to hold the Sorting Hat with both hands, or it would have rested on his shoulders.

"Hmmm, what do we have here?" the Hat said in surprise, "What are you doing here, child?"

Severus vaguely remembered this voice. He tried to remember very hard where…until he understood. He must've been Sorted before, the first time he was eleven.

"Indeed," commented the Hat, "and you return here under strange circumstances. This will never do. No, don't worry, you can still go to school here," the assessory assured the little boy.

The mouth of the hat opened, but instead of shouting the name of a House, it once again burst into song.

"Headmaster, what are you thinking

They must have spiked the juice you're drinking

Although this boy has troubles agewise

I will certainly not sort him twice

He suffered enough the first time I did

Besides, what house would he really fit?

He will not go to Slytherin

There he would never again fit in

For Ravenclaw he has the brains

But would they understand his pains?

Hufflepuff in caring and loyalty

Yet a true badger he'll never be

And despite his brothers adoration

I fear Gryffindors motivation

No, headmaster, this will not do at all

Unsorted he will leave this hall

Son of Hogwarts, precious boy

May the entire castle be your toy

Headmaster, while the war is still raging

Do not count on your child re-aging

You know how much could go amiss

He is best protected like this

And now, young one, go join your dad

I want to party, even as a Hat!"

Harry and Hermione smiled. Dumbledore looked surprised for a moment before he, too, smiled and opened his arms to his son.

"Well, let's follow the Hat's good advice," he admonished the Hall, "The Feast is ready; eat up!"