"At first we didn't see anything. We'd all swallowed the antidote to Fred and George's gags – I wouldn't recommend those to anyone, they really need to do something about the flavor. The twins were in the back, gathering up their magic to activate the traps as soon as the army arrived. Harry was by my side. We'd all taken cover behind the rubble, waiting.

When Tom arrived, we all realized he, and his followers, had all been in Godric's Hollow before; they Apparated in."

Dumbledore held Sevvy closer, who had started growing already and was now about 12 years old.

"I guess the Twins were tired of hearing him gloat every time he enters a battle. As soon as he opened his mouth, they set off one of the gags that was just behind him."

Suddenly the old man giggled.

"It was a rather explosive Incendio that sounded a bit like a Muggle Whoopee cushion, except it shot flames. Tom let out a VERY undignified yelp," he snorted, "and his Death Eaters were all staring at him like "What? Aren't you supposed to be fearless?". It was priceless.

Tom was furious, of course. He just screamed 'Attack' without any further orders on how, who, where, when. Whatever strategy he had in mind just went out the window. Which was a good thing for us, because Alastor DID think strategy…"

The nurse snorted. Every single Order member had the strategy drilled into his or her head. The old Auror had barely restrained from using the Imperius curse to make sure everyone did what they were supposed to do.

"The Death Eaters rushed forward, along with the werewolves, to comply. Then Fred and George set off the field they had planted before."

"I would guess that not even half the Death Eaters and werewolves escaped the field unharmed. Fred and George had deliberately held Remus back with them, because they had filled bags with silver powder and tied them to fireworks. When they set them off, a lot of werewolves were showered with it…"

Dumbledore grimaced. "It was nasty to see. Fenrir Greyback took most of the powder. He…incinerated..before our very eyes. Many others sustained heavy burns. Remus couldn't even look. Fred and George told him to stay clear of the field, because of the powder residue, but I think he was too shocked to rush at the werewolves anyway.

The Death Eaters weren't harmed by the silver, of course, but many got hurt by the werewolves who were going insane with the pain. They were very, very angry, and started shooting hexes in our direction randomly. That's when the twins fired wand sparks at two corners of what used to be a street, and a huge shield activated.

The shield only held for a few minutes, but it did give us time to get into position. Voldemort had seen Harry by then…"

The old man swallowed.

"Harry looked at me, thanked me for everything, and ran off. I yelled for him to come back, but he ignored everything, and ran for the ruins of James and Lily's house."

Poppy frowned. "But wasn't that the idea?"

The headmaster nodded violently, "YES! But not without backup! By then both sides had split up and smaller fights had started. He just ran through them, shooting occasional spells to keep people off his back, and then he ran into three Dementors."

Dumbledore shot a glare at the still sleeping young man. "He is SO grounded!"

Poppy burst into laughter. "Oh yes, the Prophet would have a field day with that: 'Hero of the Wizarding World Grounded for Fulfilling Destiny.'"

"Anyway, I ran after him," Dumbledore continued, ignoring the nurse, "and just before I got there, he produced the most powerful Patronus I have ever seen. I've never seen Dementors flee that fast. It was a good thing, though, that the twins developed something to counter the effects of their gags, or we'd have been in big trouble; those were some powerful and clever spells.

I tried to follow Harry, but I got distracted when I saw Neville battling both Bellatrix and Draco at the same time. Draco was closest to me, and I had an issue with him over his attempts to kill Sevvy…he was no match for me."

The nurse gasped. "Albus! You…you didn't!"

"I didn't kill him, no," the old man said wearily, "I know I am to blame as well for how many of Slytherin house have turned to Tom. If it wasn't for Severus we'd have lost many more. No, I didn't kill Draco. I Petrified him, put a Locking Spell on him, and left him for the Aurors. I wanted to help Neville with Bellatrix, but he told me to back off and leave her to him. I never saw him again…"

"He is here," the nurse said, "he arrived here with that witch's head in his hands. Severus's potion allowed us to stabilize him for now, but I'm not sure if he will live. You should see the look on his face, though; sad and triumphant at the same time."

"I imagine he would be," Dumbledore sighed. "I saw many people fight, and die, while I searched for Harry. I finally found him, with Tom, in the ruins of the house. The shields he had Fred and George make worked, and I couldn't get to him!"

Frustration was painted on his face, and the nurse felt sorry for him.

"He's fine now, Albus, he survived and will be up and about soon," she soothed.

The headmaster expelled the air he hadn't even realized he was holding.

"I know, dear. But it was so horrid, to see them, and not be able to help."

"How did he defeat him, Albus?"

"I'm…not sure. They battled for quite some time, neither gaining the upper hand. Tom taunted him constantly, but Harry never reacted. He seemed so focused, so completely concentrated on what he had to do that he didn't see anything but Tom.

Tom bombarded him with ancient, rare, powerful spells, anything he could think of, in fact. He clearly believed in our trick that Severus is dead; he constantly tormented Harry with it. I had trouble staying calm, even though I knew Sevvy was fine, but Harry didn't so much as flinch. He stayed focused on his shields, on deflecting, on avoiding the curses."

Dumbledore sighed, and held the limp body of his youngest – eldest – son closer.

"Then Harry cast an Expelliarmus."

The nurse's eyes widened. "Such a simple spell?"

"Yes, such a simple spell. But when thrown with accuracy and power, it can accomplish much more than people give it credit for. Tom was too arrogant; he let it through. His wand flew out of his hand and towards Harry, who caught it.

Tom, of course, may be arrogant, but not stupid. He had another wand on him. I…I thought my heart stopped beating when he started the killing curse, but then Harry held both wands together with both hands, and started a Latin chant; I've never heard it before! There's so many things I want to know once he wakes up…"

"Anyway, he chanted. Vox duos profugus vestri animus pro infinitio. Didn't even sound like proper Latin to me, but the wands…the wands seemed to melt into one, and a beam shot towards Tom. I never saw so many spell effects at once; Priori Incantatem took place; Tom was haunted by his victims. The wands glowed, as did Harry, with the pure force of the spell. Phoenix song filled the battlefield, stronger than I've ever heard. And the beam connected with Tom's chest. And he…he…he changed, Poppy. I think that was the hardest part. Every transformation he performed upon himself came off, and he was that young boy again that studied here. I know he was already going dark when he was here, but still…It shocked Harry too, I know, but he didn't let go. Finally Tom screamed one more time, and then his body fell to the ground, dead."

Dumbledore sobbed. "That was the worst part, Poppy, to see him again as a boy, and being reminded that I didn't, couldn't save him."

The nurse held a vial to his lips, and he slowly drifted off into much needed sleep.


Harry slowly opened his eyes. He was…not dead. He couldn't help but groan when he realized he was in his usual spot in the infirmary.


Someone had taken his glasses. And now they expected him to recognize them? Suuuure.


A glass was pressed to his parched lips, and he drank greedily. After only a few sips the glass was taken, and he moaned in disappointment.

A chuckle above him clued him in on who was with him. Plus, the white beard tickled. He sighed.

"I'm in trouble, aren't I?"

Suddenly arms were around him. "Oh Harry…I'm so happy you are safe, and that the battle is won, that I don't think I can manage a scolding any time soon."

"Give me my glasses, please?"

The world finally came into focus.

"Ron? 'Mione?"

"Safe." Dumbledore knew that he had to tell his son at some point that Hagrid had died, but decided that now was not the time.

Harry didn't need to ask if Voldemort was gone. He knew.


Dumbledore helped him up. "Harry…when Tom died…the spell…it dissipated."

Harry stared at him, not understanding what he'd heard.

"Dissipated? You mean…"

"Yes, Harry. Severus is an adult again."

Dumbledore glanced at the bed beside Harry, where Severus was still unconcious, but now fully returned to his adult form.

"He didn't want that," Harry whispered.

"I know," the headmaster said, gently stroking Severus's hair, "but there's nothing we can do about it now."

Harry swallowed hard. "He'll hate me again," he said miserably.

Dumbledore shook his head.

"We don't know that," he said, "we don't know how much he'll remember and how much it will influence him. But I can tell you this, Harry, he will be very insecure, even more so than when he was six. He'll probably just not show it."

Harry got up and sat besides his brother.

"Is he going to be ok? Why is he not awake?"

"His body is exhausted from shifting back. It hurt a great deal."

Dumbledore sat down at the other side of the bed.

"He will wake up in a few hours, Poppy says."

Harry nodded.

Dumbledore leaned forward and laid a kiss on his sleeping son's forehead.

"We are expected in the Great Hall for a bit, Harry, to give statements to reporters and such. The necessary aftermath," he rolled his eyes.

Harry grimaced. "Was it like that after Grindelwald too?"

Dumbledore sighed dramatically. "You have no idea. We better go to them, or they will find their way in here and disturb Severus's rest."

Harry quickly slipped on some robes.

"We better get it over with, then," he said, "so we can be with Sevvy…professor Snape…when he wakes up. Please tell me Rita Skeeter isn't here…"

The Headmaster laughed. "I'm afraid so, Harry."

Harry smiled wryly before taking his brothers hand. Dumbledore took the other.

"Sleep well, Severus," Harry said gently, "we'll be back soon. I promise I will always be your brother."

"And I your father," Dumbledore added with a smile.

"Well," Harry summoned his Gryffindor courage, "let's go tame the beasts, shall we?"

Secure in the knowledge that both his boys had survived the war, Dumbledore followed Harry out to meet the assembled press.

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