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It was 'evening'. Or so said Yoruichi-san, forcing Ichigo to stop his training with Zangetsu and relax, healing his wounds in the spring. As for Ichigo, he himself wasn't able to judge how many hours had passed since this day's 'morning'. Pain and tiredness was in every single sell of his body and even magical water couldn't help him out – every wasted second stabbed him like a knife, making it impossible to gather powers for the last, third day of training.

Restless, Ichigo was putting his shinigami clothes on, trying not to see the spring behind his back in which, naked and shameless, Yoruichi-san was resting.

'Why are you so shy, Ichigo? Judging by your looks, I thought you're mature enough not to blush at a woman's body…'

'Agr…' Ichigo tried to keep his 'shut up' inside. Yoruichi-san giggled, making him even more furious. What was she doing in a situation like this, after all?

'Ichigo…' she called him again in a suddenly serious tone. 'For whose sake are you doing this rescue?'

That question made him smile. No matter what, every single peso here in Soul Society had to ask something of this sort, making Ichigo use his brain unusually often. He was stubborn, after all. But for this question he already had an answer. Forgetting about Yoruichi-san being naked, he turned to face her and spoke out quietly:

'It's clearly seen that for my own, not for Rukia's. After all she seems to be more or less fine with this execution.'


'But this is a debt I have to pay no matter what.'

'Even if you die?'

'Oh, stop it. As if I don't know what's awaiting me ahead.' Now, with the pause, he, without even willing to do so, glanced below. Luckily, all he could see was a dark silhouette of Yoruichi's body blurred by water – with only shoulders and head above the surface.

She smiled.

'You are strange, Ichigo.'

'Che. Like it bothers me.' He turned around again, now ready to continue the dressing process, when he felt a wet hand touching his back gently. He froze.

'Yo-yoruichi-san…'a water drop ran down along his spine as he stepped away and turned, her hand loosing contact with his skin. Yoruichi's hand was still trying to reach him and her face, still the same, suddenly seemed unbelievably unfamiliar to Ichigo – as if he was watching a completely different person. 'W-what's wrong?'

She grinned and stood up. 'Trying to help you relax, of course.'


'It's not a thing I want anyone to know, Yoruichi-san. No matter what is going to occur next, I'll pretend it never happened.'

'Morning' has come.