Full Summary: Jack and Maddie Fenton successfully capture Danny Phantom, unaware that it is their son. They tie him to a chair with ANTI-ghost ropes and interrogate him brutally. When Danny refuses to answer their questions, Danny's parents decide to give him to the GRC (Ghost Research Center) in Seattle, Washington. They confiscate Danny and ship him away to the government. Danny eventually escapes. He attempts to find his way back to Amity Park. Not for his mom and dad, he does it for Sam. Danny has no idea where he is or how to get to Amity Park. Will he ever find it again?

Original Characters RickJake, Veronica, Drake, Jennifer, Leon

Relationships: Amethyst+Ocean (DxS) Danny+Cindy (Don't like it, don't read it!)

Rated T for Teen for violent content such as criminal activity, graphical pain, and language and is not recommended for ages younger than 13 or the weak hearted.

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Disclaimer: Danny Phantom and all related characters are created and owned by Butch Hartman ©2004-2006. The characters Rick, Veronica, Jake, Drake, Jennifer, and Leon are created and owned by Serenitythe Fallen©2005-2006

This whole story will be in Danny's POV.

Chapter I

Knowing My Fate

I was running, just running. I couldn't see anything. The place was dark, and probably no one could see anything. My breathing was staggered. I began to slow. I couldn't run anymore. It was so quiet I could hear my heartbeat. It was very steady and it began to slow as well. I stopped and listened for voices. But there was nothing. Nothing to hear, nothing at all.

"Hello?" My voice echoed, "Is anyone there?"

My fear began to grow. I heard a crackle in the infinite abyss. My heart began to pound in my chest. My eyes widened. I didn't care anymore how tired I was. The crackle was heard again. I continued running. Where I was going, I didn't know. Anywhere was best for me. All of a sudden I tripped on some unknown force.

I was ambushed. I saw a light not to far from the place I was lying. It made a sound as if it were charging. Two sets of eyes glowed in the shadows. They both laughed evilly.

"See you later ghost kid!" A man shouted.

The gun they held fired. The shot brightened up the area to make the wielders visible. It was my own parents. A glowing green rope came from the weapon. It wrapped around me tightly. A shock emitted from the gun. It coursed through the rope. I cried a horrible scream of pain. I never felt such pain since the accident. My wail of terror only entertained the evil parents. The image all soon black out.

I was tossing and turning in my bed from the dream. I kept saying "No, no! Don't do it! Please!" I had always been a bit of a sleep talker. Ever since I was five. I remember the dream I was having vividly. I dreamt that Elmo killed me. He came slowly with a knife. And he was laughing. From that day on, I feared Elmo. I never watched Sesame Street AGAIN!

I shot up from my bed gasping for air. I've been having that dream for sometime now. It never changed either. It was always me running from something, and then I trip and get thrashed by my parents. Lately my Mom and Dad have been making more and more inventions. All they talk about is the ghost boy and how they are going to tear him apart. That may be triggering these scary dreams. Whenever they're building a new invention, I get out of there ASAP. I think I'm getting ahead of myself. I never introduced you to me yet have I?

My name is Danny Fenton. Not Daniel, Danny. So where do I start? How about the basics? My hair is a pure black. My eyes are a crystal blue. I seem to always wear the same clothes too, a white T-shirt with a red oval, red collar, and red sleeve ends, regular blue jeans, and red and white shoes. My family is kind of on the "off side", do you get what I'm saying? My sister, Jazz, she's a nosey know it all. She also is one of those caring sisters. Sometimes I think she's too caring. My Mom and Dad, they're geniuses too. It seems like I'm the only one that's stupid in my family. My parents don't use their genius to solve scientific matters or some such nonsense. They use it for ghost hunting. They even went to a college for ghost hunting! My parents are pretty bright people even though my Dad is a bit of an idiot too. The basement has been converted into a ghost hunting lab by them. That's the place where my worst nightmare happened.

I have a few friends. One of them is Tucker Foley. He is the techno geek of the school. He also is the king of talking. Never knows when to shut his big mouth. My other friend is Sam Manson. She may be a Goth, but she is one of the greatest friends you'll ever have. She also is an ultra-recyclo-vegetarian. Meat definitely isn't her thing. She does seem to like being unique. I know I do.

There's another thing about me that I might have already hinted. (And I'm pretty sure you already know this) Sam convinced me to go into this invention of my parents. It's called the Fenton Portal. I slipped on a suit and ventured into it. I was clueless and careless. My hand slipped onto a switch that my dad never bothered to turn on. It caused the portal to activate with me inside. It shocked me viscously. Somehow, it made my molecules rearrange and fused me with ghost DNA. I became a half human half ghost hybrid. Crazy I know. I still need to figure out how that's possible.

Allright, so now we go on to the story. I got out of my bed, stretched a bit, and let out a yawn. I was sure glad it was Saturday. No school, no stupid teachers, and best of all, I got to sleep in! My eyes looked over at my alarm clock. It read 10:53. I laughed at how late I had slept. I had a feeling that this was going to be a great day. (Of course I was wrong). I stepped up to my closet. I opened it to find the same clothes I wear everyday. I know this is off topic, but I need to mix up my wardrobe. I slipped a shirt on, followed by a pair of jeans and a pair of shoes. I then exited my room.

I walked down the hallway to the bathroom. The family was already up and about. Jazz was sitting in the living room reading a book that was titled 1001 Tips to Survive Your Freaky Brother. Mom and Dad (you can guess this right?) seemed to be working on a new invention. I continued into the bathroom. I let out another yawn and flipped the switch on. I walked over to the sink. I saw myself in the mirror. My hair was a mess. I took my comb from the drawer. I started working it through my messy jet black hair. It wasn't that difficult to ever comb a guy's hair, but I have more hair on my head than most guys. I winced at the pain of pulling my hair. Once my hair was strait, I put my other business to action.

I was disrupted by Jazz's shriek. "Danny, get down here now! You can look at yourself in the mirror later!"

"I'm coming! And I'm not looking at myself in the mirror!" I shouted back.

"Sam's on the phone!" I heard Jazz add

"She is?"

Swiftly and surely, I glided out of the bathroom and down the stairs. The family was sitting in the living room still. Mom and Dad had a gun of some sort cradled in their arms. Sounds of crackling came from the gun. It looked almost finished. I wanted to get out as soon as possible. Jazz put her book down and handed me the phone.

"Hey Sam, whats up?" I asked.

"Nothing much, you?" The Goth Girl replied

"Uh, not really. What did you want?"

"I wanted to know if you wanted to come over for a while. I've been calling all morning to see if you could come over. Jazz kept saying you were asleep still, but just now, she said you were too busy looking at yourself in the mirror."

"Jazz." I muttered under my breath angrily. Jazz looked at me smiling a smile that spoke, mission accomplished.

"What was that Danny?" Sam asked.

"Oh, nothing." I lied to her, "I'll be at your house ASAP."

I heard Sam laugh a bit in the background. "See ya Danny."

I hung up the phone, as did Sam. Jazz's attention automatically turned to me. She got up from her seat with a sigh. As she walked over, I gave her a confused look. Jazz grabbed me by my shirt collar and yanked me into the kitchen. She put her mouth to my ear.

"Danny, you've got to lay low for a while." Jazz whispered.

I was quite baffled of what she was saying. "What do you mean?"

"Mom and Dad are building something very dangerous. It's packed with weapons and things very harmful to ghosts. I think they called it the Fenton Snatcher."

I pushed myself away from Jazz. I peeked around the corner to see my ghost obsessed parents' new invention. Darn was it big. Mom most likely couldn't carry it. Some compartments had smaller guns poking out for multiple shots at a time. There were many buttons on the side of the gun. Suddenly my mind flashed back to my dream. The weapon in my dream was very similar to the one Mom and Dad were constructing. Is this the end for me?

"Wow, now that's a big weapon." I said in amazement.

"Look Danny, I'm not trying to be nosey but…"

I cut her off right there. "Oh, you're not?"

She scowled at my remark. "Very funny. Anyways, I want you to either lay low until they get bored with this new weapon, or…"

I stood there seeing a nervous face on my sister. She hesitated to say the second thing she had to say. That also caused me to be nervous. She took a deep breath.

"Or what?" I asked.

"Or tell them your secret."

My mind was shouting, "Is she nuts?" while I looked at her like she had just killed someone. If I did tell them my secret, if they didn't trust me, they would hurt me still. Laying low would be the best choice. But then the ghosts in Amity Park will destroy everything. Man, I got a headache! What am I gonna do?

"Jazz, do you really think if I just went up to them and said 'I'm the ghost boy' that they will be all happy and cheery about it?" I asked frantically.

"You don't have to tell them, but I'm concerned about your safety around them." Jazz said firmly.

"Safety from what? They couldn't catch a ghost if there was one standing right in front of them." I laughed.

"Danny!" Jazz complained.

"Don't worry Jazz, I'll be fine." I consoled.

I got up from my seat and walked out of the room. Suddenly I was startled by a loud shout. "Haha! It's finished!"

The shout was followed by a screech of my mom. "Kids, Kids, come see this! It's our best invention yet."

"Uh, oh." I muttered. I quickly attempted to escape by running up to my room. But I was far too late. My dad grabbed me.

"Danny, where are you going?" Dad said gripping on to my arm tight. "You have to come see the Fenton Snatcher!" My dad vigorously yanked me back downstairs into the living room. I saw the gun yet again. Now it was finished. Now it was a threat.

"Um, what does it do?" I asked stuttering.

"Glad ya asked Dan!" Dad shouted. He ran over to the gun and lifted it. He pointed it at me. My reflexes told me to dodge it at all costs. I jumped to the side and my Dad gave me a curious look.

"This weapon is designed to keep hold of ghosts, as well as attack them." Mom explained. "Smaller guns that will harm the ghost making it weaker are attached to the sides. Anti-ghost ropes will shoot from the guns main barrel and lock on to the nearest ghost. Then the ropes will wrap around the ghost immobilizing them. Then when we press one of these buttons," Mom pointed at 4 differently colored buttons. "It will emit a different type of torture onto the ghost." Mom was smiling wide at me. I had a very worried look on my face.

I need to know more. "What…um….are th…the di…different t…tortures?" I asked nervously.

Mom pointed at a yellow button. "This yellow one should shock the ghost with electricity."

Then she pointed at a red button. "This red one is to burn the ghost."

Now her finger was on a blue button. "I call this one 'Freeze'. It makes the ghost pass out for a few hours so we can transport it without any problems."

The last button, it was a black button. "The last one is to make the ghost do what we say. This is a great one for interrogations. If it doesn't obey, though I doubt it will be able to disobey, it will shock them, and then burn them."

"So Danny, what do you think?" Dad asked me smiling a big smile. My left eye twitched. They gave me a weird look.

"I…its great Dad, but keep it away from me please." I requested.

They laughed hysterically. "Oh Danny, we already made sure it was safe for humans. I tested it on your father, and none of the options hurt him." My mom said wiping a tear.

I said not another word. I left the house to go to Sam's house. Walking down the sidewalk, I prevented screaming my head off. My thoughts were buzzing through my head. My life was now at stake. Any move I made as Danny Phantom could mean certain death for me or, certain discovery. Maybe if I took Jazz's advice, lay low until my parents get bored with the Fenton Snatcher.

What would happen to Amity if I ignored it? Most likely, it would be destroyed. I just hope my parents won't actually catch me. It's not like I can ignore a cry for help, right? I mean, I am Danny Phantom, sworn protector of these people and the only decent ghost in the area. I made it to Sams towering mansion. I walked up the steps and knocked on her door.

I heard a girl's voice say "I'll get it!" Most likely it was Sam, requesting that the servants don't open the door. She flung the door open, smacking me in the face. I gave out a small groan in pain.

"Hello?" Sam asked, "Is anyone there?"

I still couldn't get up. I was rubbing my throbbing head. Sam looked around for anyone. Her eyes then drooped in an annoyed fashion.

"Very funny Danny. You can be visible now." said Sam.

"Um, actually." I said getting her attention. "I'm on the ground."

Her gaze went down to the ground. Her violet eyes met my blue eyes. She started laughing at me. I thought, what the heck, and joined the laughter. "How did you get on the ground?" asked Sam.

"Your door did it." I said pointing to the mansion's beautiful door.

Sam's face turned red in embarrassment. Her gleaming smile gave me a warm feeling in my heart. Wait, her gleaming smile? Am I really thinking this? She held out her hand to help me up. I smile and take the offer. She lifted me off of my back. Then, somehow, we ended up in a hug. We looked each other in the eye. Her eyes glistened in the sun that was peaking through the door. By some unknown force, we started to lean towards each other. Were we going to kiss?

A cough came from behind, causing Sam and I to pull apart. We turned to see a smiling African American boy tapping his foot. "Did I interrupt anything?"

We both blushed. I started to feel my blood pressure rise. I was laughing a stammered laugh. Tuckers smile made me even more embarrassed. Sam and I almost kissed! It was one of my dreams come true. But I didn't want it to be awkward. "Uh…uh…no?" I said unsure.

"Right, whatever you say lover boy. Let's go inside shall we?" Tucker said laughing.

I glanced back at Sam, whose normal Goth scowl was an embarrassed grin. I had the same grin on my face. Tucker was still laughing at us as he walked inside the house. I followed him in dragging my feet. Sam and I, together? I had only dreamt it. I had no clue if she liked me back. Maybe, she does though. I must be crazy, she couldn't love me. I'm her best friend. We were so close to a kiss though. I thought I loved Valerie though.

Sam directed us to her bedroom. That was the best place to be when it came to Sam's Place. Otherwise, we would have servants at us non-stop. Sam's room was pretty decent though. It had a stereo the size of the empire state building, with a TV to match. A nice computer to screw around on was available too. Sam also has every single video game system on the market and some not on the market hooked to the TV. Tucker always loved coming in here. The technology was ripe for the picking. He embraced it all muttering something about this being his dream come true.

I wanted to tell my friends about my parents' new weapon. I felt like now wasn't the time though. We came here to have fun, so that's what we were going to do. Have fun.

"So, what're we gonna do?" Sam asked us.

"We have a few options." said Tucker.

"One, we can watch T.V. on your incredibly huge T.V. screen." I stated.

"Two, we can blow our heads off with extremely loud music from your tower speakers." Tucker added.

Sam sighed in annoyance as we continued to list off our options. "And three, we can burn our minds to a crisp by playing video games." I finished.

"I vote for video games." said Sam.

Tucker and I gave each other a high five. Soon, we began to debate on what game to play. Sam wanted to play The Sims Bustin' Out. Come on, that's a girl's game! Tucker tried to get us to play Cyber Commando 4, but he knew very well we beat that months ago and would be no fun. I was all for ATV2. I don't know why, but that game seems to keep us entertained longer. There's plenty to do on that game. There's racing, freestyle, challenges and obstacle courses.

"Come on guys, you never even gave The Sims a chance!" Sam whined.

"Yeah, that's because we know it's a girls game and it has no killing value, cause' I'm all about the killing." Tucker snapped back. "That's where Cyber Commando 4 comes in!"

"Guys, we all know ATV2 is the best choice! You can play around in that game much longer than any other game. Plus, I know a cheat code that will unlock all racers and two bonus racers." I debated.

"Really?" Sam and Tuck said uninterested.

"Tucker, do you know what you can do on The Sims as well?" Sam asked.

"No, the question is, do I want to know?" said Tucker.

"You can start the house on fire if you want. You could get abducted by aliens. And if you want, you can totally just kill them by giving them nothing." Sam smiled. Tucker and I didn't care.

"Yeah, but that takes to long." Tucker cried.

"ATV2 has plenty of violence. You can kick people off their bike. You can crash if you don't nail a landing! And you can do tricks!" I shouted.

"Know what." Sam started. "I'm on Danny's side right now. I guess The Sims got boring anyway."

(A/N I'm not dissing The Sims whatsoever. I love that game! So don't take that sentence the wrong way if you like the game.)

Tucker almost started crying. He was defeated. "So that means ATV2 wins?"

"Oh yeah." Sam and I shouted together.

"Aw man!" Tucker whined like a dog.

(A/N ATV2 is one of my favorites. If you never played it before, bear with me when I explain the games contents)

So I popped the game into the PS2. That's the only console I knew how to play it on. Sam also had the game on Gamecube and Xbox. There was only one profile. The one Sam had started. She wasn't far in her game at all. So I asked, "Want me to put that cheat in I told you about?"

"Sure why not." Sam said grasping the second controller and handing me the first controller.

"Then I need to start a whole new profile."

I pressed the X button over an empty slot. I chose my guy and proceeded to naming. I put in the name, Goldrush. Sam and Tucker gave me a curious look. I pressed enter. In a box it said 'Cheat Accepted, Unlocked Everything.'

(A/N that's a real cheat for the game if you would like to use it.)

"Wow Danny, where did you learn that one!" Tucker said surprised.

"Internet." I said with pride.

Then we started to play. I can explain how long we played in two simple words. Countless hours. I told them they would be entertained for a long while didn't I? We raced for about two hours, and then we played on freestyle for 2 and ½ hours. I won almost every race, but Sam beat me at tricks. Tucker didn't win anything. Poor guy. And soon it was me of all people to announce…

"Okay, this is getting boring."

"You said it!" said Tucker infuriated throwing the controller on the ground.

"I agree. Who's up for T.V?" Sam asked.

I shut the game off. Sam turned the T.V. on. Right now, it was on the news. I thought the news was nice to watch once in a while, but Tucker, I couldn't say the same thing. He thought it was the most boring show on the network.

"Sam, do we have to watch the news?" Tucker moaned.

"Yup, I like watching the news." Sam smirked.

Tucker groaned and walked over to Sam's computer, most likely going to see whats on the internet.

"Today's top story," The anchorwoman said. "Jack and Maddie Fenton are now catching ghosts like there's no tomorrow. How is this possible? Well, we have reporter Harriet Chin live at the Fenton household interviewing Jack and Maddie."

Oh boy! I finally finished this chapter! And I gave you a cliffie! I'm lucky I didn't die while I was typing. Being sick sucks! Plus, I'm gonna miss my best friends birthday party if I don't get rid of this flu within two days. Well, I got to take medicine as constantly as I can I guess. It tastes horrible specially the one that prevents me from choking on the gunk in my throat. Here's to hoping I don't die!

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