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Chapter X

Boiling Blood and a Broken Heart

It seemed like there was no hope for saving Danielle. Every second I wasted just trying to get to the door of the logged cabin was costing her dearly. The puddles of rain and mud were no obstacles for me. I continued moving desperately, wishing that those who inhabited the cabin were both friendly and willing to save Danielle's life.

I stopped abruptly and the door breathing deeply and harshly. I glanced at Danielle as she was cradled in my arms. It was my fault...all my fault...she could die...and it would be me to blame. My tears became stronger before I could muck up the courage to knock on the door.

I let one arm free, allowing me to pound on the cabin's wooden door. I couldn't tell if there were people in the house or not, but the lights were on, shining a little bit of hope to me.

"Is anyone in there! Please help us!" I shouted in anxiety, voice cracking as if it had never been used before.

I could hear faint words on the other side. Yes! Someone was in there! There were two distinct female voices speaking with each other.

"Who could that be in the middle of the forest?" One asked.

"Dunno…" The other replied shakily. "You go check it out."


"Yes you! You're stronger than me anyways."

I was growing impatient. I pounded once more on the door violently, gritting my teeth.

I heard a deep sigh and then footsteps. Finally…someone was coming. I held Danielle tightly to my chest just as the footsteps got closer, not caring that her blood was staining the shirt I had (...too small for me anyway).

The doorknob turned and the door opened with a screech. A young woman was standing in the doorway curious of my presence. For the eternity of a second I was dumbstruck at what I saw. She had long black hair that hung over her shoulders so gracefully. Her eyes…were just beautiful! Icy blue. Kind of like mine, only lighter. I shook off my trance and held Danielle out for her to see. The girl gasped, frightened.

"Please…p-please…help her," I cried as I knelt down, begging for her assistance.

"Oh my God!" The girl screamed. "Hurry up! Get out of the rain!"

She gestured me into her home edgily. The other girl I had heard was sitting on a couch, staring at me like I was a freak. She had darker skin than that of the other girl. Her hair was dark brown and wavy (kind of looked like she curled it herself). Strangely enough, her eyes were dark purple, but you could hardly tell since your attention was drawn to her really noticeable makeup.

I ran in, shivering dreadfully. Every harsh breath I took was whipping at me with cold pain. The water and blood I was soaked with dripped on the hard wooden floor.

"Don't just sit there, Anna! Get the first aide kit and quick!" The raven haired girl demanded.

The other teen she called "Anna" nodded and ran for another room.

"C'mon, c'mon, lay her down on this over here," the girl said, pointing to one of those stretchers that you'd find in hospitals. These people here obviously get hurt a lot. Without thought, I laid Danielle on the bed carefully.

The other girl ran back in with a white case with a red cross on it. "I got it, V."

"Good, now give it here."

The blue eyed girl started pulling out gauge and medical tape. Rolling up Danielle's pant leg, she tightly wrapped the wound with gauge, which quickly absorbed Danielle's blood. She used her teeth to rip off the extra.

"What were you two," She said as she put her teeth over the medical tape and tearing it, ", doing!"

I sighed deeply. "It's a long story."

"Here, I'll get you a towel to dry off." The brown haired girl said generously. "You must be freezing."

It was amazing to me how hospitable these two were. They didn't look much older than I. Basically, we're just random strangers, yet they still took us in like kin. The tan girl came in with a towel and a dark blue blanket. I dried myself off with the towel quickly.

"Y-you don't mind about the blood do you?" I questioned.

"Not at all. It's not like it can't be washed out, right? Now c'mon, get that blanket around you and sit down."

I sat down on the couch as the black haired girl operated on Danielle. The other girl sat next to me as I began to tell the story of what happened. I averted my gaze from both of them when the harshest details came to play. Of course I left out or lied about parts that dealt with me being part ghost. I wasn't quite sure how much I could trust these two, besides the fact that they were helping Danielle.

"...And then...the cave we were s-staying in started to collapse." I said, choking on my words. "I made it out fine..."--I turned my attention to Danielle--"She wasn't as lucky."

The girl sitting next to me gawked at me wide eyed. The other one was still attending to Danielle, but I could tell that she was horrified of my stories.

"I don't think you've told me your name's yet." I said randomly.

"It's common courtesy to give your own name before asking someone else's." The dark skinned girl replied coolly.

I raised an eyebrow as the girl treating Danni chuckled at her statement. "Uhm…okay then," I muttered. "M-my name's Danny. Danny Fenton. Her's is Danielle."

"That's better. It doesn't surprise me, though. You look like a Danny." The girl next to me grinned. "I'm Annalise Remaldo."

"So I should call you Anna for short?" I asked.

"You can call me Anna or Lisa. Whatever works for you."

The other girl walked over to us with a deep sigh. The expression on her face made my stomach drop.

"Is…is she gonna be okay?" I asked holding back tears.

"She might…and she might not," The girl mumbled sadly. "She's lost so much blood that--" She stopped there, obviously noticing my depressed expression.

A long silence deluded us. The soft sounds of the rain and the occasional thunder came upon us. Annalise walked out, saying something about checking up on the others, which left me alone with the other girl.

"S-so," I said through chattering teeth. "What's your name?"

"Heh. Still cold?" She replied. "Me? Well, I'm Veronica."

"That's--that's a nice name," I murmured before I could think of what I was saying.

"Uhm…thanks. You're Danny, right?"

"Yeah…" I answered with a hint of depression in my voice. I could tell she noticed it too.

"I'm sorry about what's happened to you. Are you sure your parents aren't still looking for you?" Veronica inquired.

I stayed silent for a moment reflecting on what she said. "No. They were never looking for me. I hope I never see them again. I only want to get home so I can see my friends again."

I reached into my pocket to grab the photo of my friends who were in Amity Park. I turned my head as I showed it to Veronica. She sighed deeply.

"That's too bad. I know how much it hurts to be hundreds of miles away from home…to not have parents who care about you." She placed her warm hand on my frozen shoulder. "But at least you have someone to go home to someday."

I looked at her with concern. "You mean this isn't where you live?"

"Well, we've only been hanging out here for a couple of weeks," Veronica muttered grimly. "You see…I ran-

"VERONICA!" A loud booming voice called up from the basement furiously.

"Oh no…I'm in SO much trouble!" She cried hysterically.

"What's wron-?

"Veronica, get your ass in this basement now or I swear I will kill you."

"Hold on, Danny. Leon wants me right now," She explained as she stood up and headed for the stairs that flew downstairs.

I was curious about this Leon she spoke of. From the shouting that had come from below he didn't sound too friendly. I glanced over at Danielle for a moment watching as she breathed intense, staggered breaths. I let out a sigh and quietly turned invisible.

Making no sound, I walked over to and down the steps to get a closer look at what was going on. I walked into their steel plated basement stealthily carefully listening to their words.

I saw Veronica kneeling down in front of a group of three males. Another one was outside of this gathering leaning on the wall in the corner. This basement wasn't very normal looking. There were piles of black bags. What was in them was beyond me, but I had two good ideas.

The tallest one in front had unusually long hair for a guy. It was thick and so dark brown it seemed like it was black. His eyes reminded me of Vlad Plasmius's in his ghostly form. The deep red had the lust for blood printed boldly. On his left eye was a very pronounced scar. Come to think of it, he had a lot of scars on the bare skin on his arms and on his face, but the one on his eye was more visible. To me he resembled the famed character from The Lion King.

The guy standing closest to him in comparison with height looked almost as menacing as him as well. He had a normal brown shade of hair with red streaks in it. It was fairly unkempt and long (not as long as the tall guy's though). The eyes he had were more like mine in my ghost form, emerald green, but twice as shiny. His clothing included lots of chains and golden jewelry and was mainly black and red--as was the male's who he stood next to.

The other one who stood in the grouping looked pretty average. Not very special. Sandy blonde hair, deep brown eyes, and average height. His hair was shiny and silky, the best looking hair in this room in my opinion. His eyes were so dark that you could hardly see his pupils.

My gaze moved to the boy who's leg was propped up on the wall. He looked very anger ridden. The thick locks of black greasy hair hung in his face covering his hazel eyes. I could tell even I was taller than him. He wasn't muscular either, unlike the other three. He really didn't look friendly--actually none of them did.

I noticed particular features of the boys that made my insides twist in fear. The pupils of their eyes were mere a cat's. The tallest one in front had a menacing sneer on his face, revealing his pearly fangs. I nearly gasped, but I knew if I was discovered it would be the end of me.

"It has come to my attention that you've let yet another outsider into our hideout," The tall guy stated calmly. Veronica's muscles tensed violently.

"He-he needed help, Leon. He had a little girl who was bleeding to death. Please let him stay." She pleaded.

"Why should I?" He shouted irritated. "What has he done for me?"

"Oh you shouldn't be so strict about outsiders, Leon! For God's sake, the poor guy is lost!" Annalise stepped in. Leon turned to strike her with a devastating blow to the head. I could see the boy with red streaks turn away uncomfortably.

"Leon! Was that really necessary?" Veronica shouted, standing up from her kneeling position.

"Do you need to get beaten as well!"

"Try me!"

It was then I felt like I needed to step into this battle, but the force of something great held me back. Leon grinned, baring his fangs, as he began to emit a faint glow.

My muscles tensed and my insides turned as the glow eventually got brighter. I repeatedly told myself, "Something bad is about to happen right now." In a matter of seconds, I was blinded by a sudden flash.

The glow eventually died, revealing a new creature standing in Leon's place. I rubbed my eyes in hopes that it was a mere side effect from the CCS and I was hallucinating this, but what I was seeing was no mirage. My eyes were open wide to view the tan furred animal with the dark brown mane. Its black claws and white fangs were bared as it let out a threatening roar.

"Leon, please no!" Veronica pleaded as he slashed at her with his paw.

I waited no longer and charged. As Leon pounced, I rammed into him with all my force. He slammed into the wall and slid to the floor. I became visible for everyone to see.

"She didn't do anything!" I bellowed with a scowl. "Leave her alone."

The creature looked up at me, his red eyes gleaming with hatred. He growled darkly.

"Nobody tackles our leader like that, you jerk!" The blond haired boy shouted.

"Let's teach this intruder how the Stray Cats deal with dirty mutts like him," The teen with red streaks said while cracking his knuckles.

The two began to emit the same white glow that Leon had. Another blinding flash replaced their human bodies with that of large felines, neither of which I could easily identify. They both snarled in disgust. I merely smirked.

I felt a strong tug on my arm causing me to turn around to Veronica.

"Who the heck are you!" She shouted softly.

"Calm down. I'll tell you after I've dealt with your little friends here, Veronica."

"How do you know my-?

One of the cats pounced at us. Immediately I shoved Veronica out of the way as I blasted him with my ghost ray.

"It's not important now. Stay down and you'll be fine."

"If there's going to be a fight, count me in!" Annalise shrieked as she stumbled back into her feet, giving off a light glow and soon transformed like the others did.

"Okay. Before we do anything," I started as I threw off one of the big cats. Annalise tackled another. "Tell me why everyone here can change into cats!"

No one answered me. The kid in the corner didn't move a bit, just merely watched Annalise and the boy who changed into a somewhat identical animal swipe at each other.

Leon and the other guy were ganging up on me, backing me into the lower left corner.

"Two on one isn't fair at all," I heard Veronica say from behind me. "Let's even the score."

"Veronica?" I said questioningly. What the hell was going on here? I had induced a war between these...whatever these people were. It was time to settle the many questions banging in my head.

"Okay...everybody...TIME OUT!" I shouted, shushing the roars and growls that were taking place. Their attentions turned towards me.

Irritated, I changed back into my human form, not caring that they knew. "Will one of you please change back and tell me what's going on here?"

Another flare of light came from all of the felines changing them to their normal selves. Veronica was the first to speak up.

"Okay…so maybe there is explaining we need to do, but there's some you need to do as well."

I sighed deeply, lost in my infinite thoughts. I knew what I wanted to say, but it wouldn't come out of my mouth. It was like someone had tied my throat in a knot.

Their eyes were impatient as they waited for me to start my tale, but I couldn't think of a way to begin it. My stomach squirmed uncomfortably, never actually having to tell someone of my special gift.

When I had thought of a good way to explain it, the one they called Leon stopped me as I opened my mouth.

"Wait. First I want you to tell me who you are and why you are here." He said serenely, his voice deep and manly.

"Okay. My name is Danny and the part of me you just fought was my ghost part." I replied quickly.

He raised an eyebrow at my words. I gulped as he approached me slowly, his deep red eyes sending daggers to my insides.

"And why you're here?"

"Because..." I started to say, realization hitting me. I had forgotten Danielle was still upstairs in horrible condition.

"No time for explanations," I said as I turned and ran to go back upstairs.

I stared wide eyed at Danielle's body, seeing her stir a bit. I rushed to her side in an instant. Her eyes were slightly opened, gazing into mine desperately.

"Danni, how are you feeling?"

She groaned lightly. "I don't feel well…" Her voice was cracked and soft.

"Danielle, I'm so sorry. I didn't want this to happen to you!" I cried, tears beginning to stream down my cheeks. "Please…don't die on me…please."

"Y-you couldn't help it," she managed to reply. I could hear the others come up from the basement.

"Please don't die. Hang in there…"

She didn't speak another word. I inhaled deeply, trying not to cry.

"Danielle?" I called to her, hopeful for her answer.

Her breathing then stopped. I couldn't believe this was happening.


I heard the one of the girls gasp in her fear. I felt Danielle's body slowly become colder. It then that I knew it…she was gone.

I couldn't stand it. I lifted her head with my arm and gawked at her lifeless body. My muscles shuddered all at once. For a moment, it seemed like time stopped itself.

"You can't be gone…"

I started breathing fiercely, the anger and depression boiling in my blood. Those behind me were whispering amongst themselves. One of them started to come up to me. A fire of rage smothered me until I could no longer take it.

What happened next was nearly impossible to tell. I felt excruciating pain whip at me mercilessly. Screaming, I let go of Danielle.

Involuntarily I transformed into my ghost form. I knew what was happening. The thing inside of me that killed Danielle was being unleashed once more.

"You guys have to get away, before I hurt you too!" I struggled to say, attempting to fight it away.

"What's wrong Dan-?


The last thing I can remember before blacking out was a loud, sonic wail.

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