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The After Party

Troy and Gabriella were both relaxing at the after party. Talking, taking a sip of punch, relaxing, you know what everyone does. The day had been pretty hectic, but it had all worked out. Everyone worked together, and the results were incredibly satisfying. The two of them watched Chad and Taylor dancing together not far away and both of them had to grin.

"I remember when Taylor absolutely despised Chad," Gabriella said to Troy. "You know the first day I got here when we all got detention."

Troy laughed, "I remember when Chad didn't even know that she existed," replied Troy. "In a way we brought them together."

"I never really thought about that," said Gabriella. "But, you're right." The song Laffy Taffy came on the big stereo system. "Ughh, I hate this song."

"Me too. Hey, do you wanna go for a walk?" Troy got up. "I can't take this song."

"Okay," said Gabby wondering where to go.

Troy led the way outside into the backyard. Gabriella immediately noticed the abnormally large basketball court in his yard. At first she thought that was where they were going to be taking their stroll too. She was relieved when Troy turned away from it and led her towards the garden. So like Troy she thought to herself. She thought of his secret spot on the roof of the school and smiled to herself.

"Is this your secret spot here at home?" she asked.

"Well, it's not really a secret," replied Troy, "but I do love it out here." He led her into the center where a cute little bench was strategically located. The two of them sat down.

Gabriella looked upward at the stars. "They're so beautiful," she said quietly.

"Not as beautiful as the person sitting right next to me," replied Troy staring at her. She felt herself grow hot. His gaze was enough to melt her.

"Someone needs to get some new lines," she said playfully.

"Yeah, well," stuttered Troy, "I'm not a creative person."

"No," agreed Gabriella jokingly, "but you are so romantic so that makes up for it."

Troy laughed. "You were amazing today," he whispered.

"No, I really wasn't," replied Gabriella, "not as amazing as you were."

"You were the most beautiful person there inside and out," gushed Troy.

Their faces moved closer together. Troy hesitated, and looked towards the house. "What's the matter?" asked Gabriella concerned.

"Just making sure no one was gonna interrupt us this time," Troy said to her.

"Someone by the name of Chad," laughed Gabriella. "He has the worst timing I've ever seen."

"After we won the game when we were about to kiss, you know the time when Chad presented me with the game ball, well I got so pissed and I yelled at him so he probably won't interrupt us this time," laughed Troy.

He didn't give Gabriella time to reply. He was sick of the talking, and so was she. He leaned in and kissed her. Immediately she kissed him back and they began to passionately make out. They laid down on the bench when they heard the screen door open. Mrs. Bolton emerged from inside.

"Troy," she said as she walked towards the garden. They immediately pulled apart from each other. She walked towards them and noticed them on the bench. "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought Troy came out here alone and I was wondering why," said Mrs. Bolton. "Well, this explains it. I'll just leave you two be." She began to walk back inside.

"Wait," called Troy. "Mom, this is Gabriella."

"Hi," said Gabby intimidated, afraid that Mrs. Bolton would be as bad as Mr. Bolton.

"It's nice to meet you, dear," replied Mrs. Bolton warmly. "Do me a favor, you two, don't stay out here too much longer, it's cold."

"Okay, mom," replied Troy. He and Gabriella gazed at the stars for a few minutes huddled close, shivering, then they decided to go inside.

Chad held the bottle of Vodka up his shirt. He casually ambled over to the punch bowl, and poured the whole bottle into the punch, unnoticed. He smile to himself, went into the bathroom, broke the bottle, and threw it into the trash. He had previously stripped the bottle of all the labels. No one would ever know.

Troy led Gabby inside, holding her hand. They each got a fresh cup of punch, both too tired and too distracted with each other to notice the strange, addicting taste. Eight cups later, they were completely zonked just like the rest of the room. Troy grabbed Gabriella.

"Hey Gabby," he whispered, "I feel awful."

"Me too, Troy," replied Gabby weakly.

"Let's get outta here," whispered Troy, his talking starting to slur.

"Okay," replied Gabby.

Troy took Gabby's hand and led her towards the stairs. She passed out just as they reached them. Troy picked her up, carried her up the stairs into her room, laid her on his bed, and dashed to the bathroom to throw up. Once he was finished, he took off his vomit-covered shirt and laid down next to Gabriella. He fell asleep beside her almost instantaneously. About an hour later, Gabby woke up running to the bathroom. In her wild attempt to make it to the bathroom in time, Troy was waken up. He followed her and comforted her.

"I feel really hung over," Gabby said to Troy.

"Me too," replied Troy, "and I have no idea why."

Then it dawned on both of them. "The punch," they gasped at the same time.

"I thought it tasted weird," said Troy slapping himself in the head. "Arrghh! Headache! Headache!"

"Oh my God, Troy," gasped Gabriella, "the party! Everyone must be drunk! Oh my God!"

"Listen, Gabby," he said playing with her hair, "I'll go kick everyone out." Gabriella leaned over the toilet and emptied her stomach, again. "Why don't you call your house and tell your mom that your gonna stay over here. Just tell her that your sick."

"I don't know if she'll buy it, Troy," Gabriella replied. "I guess I'll promise her that we won't do anything stupid and that your parents are home."

"My parents," Troy half-yelled, "uh oh. I'm dead."

Troy ran down the stair as fast as he could. To his surprise, everyone was gone. The room was also, surprisingly, clean. Troy checked in on his parents in their room. They had gone to bed. Troy went back to Gabby in his room. She was lying, awake, in his bed.

"Sorry," she said to Troy, "I got cold."

"It's okay," he said to her. "What did your mom say?"

"She apparently is sick, too," replied Gabby, "so she thinks I have what she has. I can stay."

"Good," said Troy. He climbed into bed with her. "Good night," he whispered in her ear. He gave her a long passionate kiss, and then he held her. She rested her head on his chest. They both fell into a deep, happy sleep.

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