I know I really shouldn't be making another story, but I just couldn't get rid of this idea. Since this is a tragedy/romance, don't expect too many uplifting parts if any. This will mostly be a bit depressing just to warn you. I'm not sure if I should continue this, so I would like feedback whether or not you people would want to read this. If people do want me to continue, I think I'll update each story once a week.

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom, no matter how much it grieves me.


Fits of Madness



A figure walked slowly down the building, surrounded by a dozen uniformed guards. They were wary of the figure in the center, to the point of fear and slight paranoia despite how calmly the figure cooperated. Lightning flashed brightly, momentarily blinding the guards. Yet the figure took no advantage of the situation, instead, just walking as if it had never happened. The fat drops of rain dashed about fiercely in the wind, wildly whipping the long, white tendrils of hair around the figure's face.

The heavy, metal doors automatically slid open when the group drew near. Five guards went in front of and behind the figure while one went on either side of him. The doors slid shut with a muffled thump. As they walked through the halls of the prison, eyes stared curiously at the newcomer, while whispers permeated the air.

The prisoner's blazing green eyes stared straight ahead. His gaze was haunted, shadows of pain lingering in their depths, never to be banished. People shivered as he walked past. He seemed to make the already freezing air colder with his very presence. The fact that his handcuffs glowed made his appearance all the more eerie.

The heavy clunk of his black boots against the metal floor reverberated through the prison in the semi-silence. Another door slid open, revealing an office of some sort. Everyone watched as the group filtered through the door and into the room beyond. The door slid closed and they all shook themselves from their stupor, getting back to their assigned jobs. But in the back of all their minds, they pondered upon the new arrival, and the immediate uneasiness they had the moment they laid eyes on him.


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