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Fits of Madness

Ch. 9


Even though he knew it was her, even though he had prepared himself for this moment, he found himself woefully inadequate. Tucker couldn't even feel the pain of his wound, or the feeling of his blood gushing out from between his fingers as he stared at her.

Her eyes were fixed on his, showing no particular expression and yet showing all of them at once. All of her emotions fought in her mind, all demanding attention. How can one person feel everything and nothing at once? It's one of life's mysteries. A thing that poets, artists, and writers stumble over themselves trying to describe, to capture, to emulate. Such a complex and simple thing cannot be conveyed in mere words, or pictures. It is a paradox, something which our minds are incapable of grasping even though we can feel it so easily.

And so they gazed into each other's eyes, frozen in their unfeeling pathos.

Love is not blind. It is demented.


Clips of her life flitted through her mind as she stood defiantly before his insanity. Perhaps it was what people tend to refer to as that instant in which your life passes before your eyes…just before you die. Or perhaps it was some subconscious need. Maybe she desperately wanted to look upon her life as it was; an innate longing, a type of nostalgia.

But really, there is no label that can be slapped on it; there is no one emotion that dominated throughout these viewing of times long passed away in her life.

Labels are for thing we understand…at least vaguely.


It was night, and the moon was but a sliver of silver light that hung, glittering, in the sky. Sam lay on top of her bed, over the covers. Her violet eyes stared at the ceiling, random thoughts drifting through her head as often happens during that indistinct period before one drifts off to sleep. She played idly with the hem of her black nightdress.

She was waiting…for him.

She smiled as the temperature in the room dropped.

As she sat up, she looked curiously at the shadowed form in the corner. Why wasn't he moving? She slid off her bed and approached him with concern.


A hand roughly grabbed her wrist. It wasn't him.


She was sitting in the tree outside her house, leaning her head upon his shoulder. His neon green eyes were staring into the sky. His arm was wrapped around her waist. She was grateful for the coolness of his body in ghost mode. It had been a scorching summer, and it seemed like the heat didn't want to leave, even though the sun had gone down hours ago.

She closed her eyes in contentment and she drifted off to the realms of sleep. The white-haired boy gazed fondly upon the girl of his dreams and he vowed he would never lose her.

Promises weren't made to be broken. They just always are.


Why couldn't she do anything? She just stood there, unmoving, as his life drained out of his veins in the form of green ectoplasm which was flowing steadily from his body.

So why wasn't she moving? There were no ropes that held her, no chains that tied her to a nearby post…so why did every effort to take a simple step forward come to nothing?

She just stood there, doing nothing as her love died. All because of her.


She nearly laughed at the irony. What was that movie called again? Oh yes, Spiderman 3. There was that one quote, and she felt that it described the situation quite well.

"You cannot fight the darkness for long without finding it within yourself." She whispered.

Yes, that quote was perfect.

She had thought that facing Dan was enough, that entire tangle of what-ifs and what-could-have-beens. Evidently, there is never an 'enough'. There never would be.

There is always something worse. She should have never forgotten that.


She avoided looking at the charred remains of her house. Looking at it would just make the pain all the more unbearable. It would just be an ugly reminder. She didn't need that. But even as hard as she tried to not think about it, one question demanded her attention. It was a simple word. One that many people ask themselves over and over again during the span of their lives.. Now it was her turn.



There she was. She stood there, sad eyes staring into his own. This was the diversion of ways. Those few moments in time would determine the course of the future, for both themselves and the rest of the world. There were a million ways to fail, to send the earth and the people on it into a careening abyss, a living nightmare…beyond anyone's worst fears. There was but one way to win, to save him from himself. To save the world. One misstep would be worse than fatal, worse than catastrophic. They held fate, they controlled it.

But how could she know? How could she know the chances were so slim, that failure was almost guaranteed? How could she find the right path to take, when it would seem like she would fail even as she triumphed? There was nothing she could do but walk out blindly, to take the chance…

Even now, Clockwork wondered how Sam could stave off that feeling of futility so easily. The sense that she would be throwing her life away for nothing. How could she have stared into the eyes of insanity, and perhaps death itself and not tremble? How could she even look upon the man that she loved so completely, when his only desire was to kill her? What strength, what madness is it, that she could stare into those blood-colored eyes so unflinchingly?

What madness indeed. For what could fight insanity but itself? Perhaps she contained a different sort of madness. The kind that feared nothing, which cared nothing for itself. An insanity that battled against the very nature of humanity.

Madness could save the world, and madness could damn it.


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