Prologue - Into the Wild

On the outside, number four Privet drive looked to be just another ordinary house containing another ordinary family. This particular house, however, contained a very extraordinary child. This child's name was Harry Potter and he was a wizard. Harry, however, is unaware of this fact and at this moment in time, the five-year-old boy was huddled in a small cupboard under the stairs.

As the young boy sat shivering, he listened fearfully to the rather heated conversation being carried out in the kitchen.

"The boy has to go Petunia, we can't keep him here!" Yelled a masculine voice, thick with anger.

"I know Vernon, but what if they find out," a female's voice, undoubtedly Petunia, replied.

"We'll say he ran away," said Vernon, his voice now lowered, "Say he left, and we didn't know about it until he was gone."

"But what would we do with him," asked Petunia, who seemed more cheerful now they had a basic plan of how to protect themselves against them, however stupid and simple the plan may be.

"Leave that to me Pet, I'll get rid of the boy."

With that the conversation ended, and the two retired to bed. Harry sat in his cupboard, thinking about what he had heard, wondering what his uncle was going to do with him. He shuddered thinking of the other times he had done something abnormal, he still had the scars. With thoughts of the punishments he was likely to receive, the five-year-old drifted into an uneasy sleep.

The next morning, before dawn, the door to Harry's cupboard was wrenched open and he was dragged out by the hair. "Get up, freak, we're leaving." Harry scrambled to his feet, and quickly trotted after his uncle. They reached the car and Harry was thrown roughly into the back. He scrambled to put his seatbelt on as his uncle climbed behind the wheel and started the car. Harry was curious, where was the beating? Where were the knives and the belt? He knew better than to ask, though, so he kept his mouth shut.

After many hours of driving, according to the clock it was now just past midday, uncle Vernon stopped at a small garage and bought a couple of sandwiches, a packet of crisps and a couple of drinks, making it obvious to Harry that he had had his breakfast before leaving, or he would have stopped before. When back in the car Harry's uncle threw him a small bottle of water and a pack of ready salted crisps, murmuring about how he couldn't let the freak pass out, he didn't want to have to carry him.

About six more hours of driving, his uncle stopped in front of a large forest, got out and proceeded to drag Harry from the back. "Move, boy," he snarled, pushing the child forward. The two walked through the forest for no more than about five minutes, when suddenly, Vernon pushed Harry to the ground and spat, "Welcome to your new life, freak, follow me and I'll swear I'll kill you." With that he turned and walked away.

Harry carefully sat up and looked around him, the sun was starting to set. He knew his uncle wouldn't come back, (though a small part of him didn't want to believe it, even with his relative's treatment) and he didn't know how to get out, they hadn't gone in a straight line to get there. He decided he'd best try, so he got up and started walking in the way he thought you got to the road, unknowingly walking deeper into the forest.