Chapter fourteen – Veelas and Fun

The next few months at Hogwarts were peaceful. Christmas went by quickly as the pack visited the wolves at the castle. Torsten and the other wolves protecting the castle had gotten a fair few presents from the students and had given group presents in return. None of the presents given were as magnificent as the dragon statue given to Draco earlier in the year, but all of them were beautiful. Hermione and Ginny had both gotten wolf-made snow-globes. In Hermione's was a scene of the wolves and the 'human pack' having a snowball fight a few weeks ago. The detail was so clear that if you looked through a magnifying glass at the sculpture in the middle you would even see minute detail such as the stitching on the robes and each individual hair on the wolves' bodies.

The scene showed Hermione, Draco, Krum, Terje, Duo and Cahira sitting on the steps of the castle watching as the Weasley Twins and Ginny trying to defend themselves form the snowballs that were being pelted at them by the wolves using magic. All six of those sitting on the steps were laughing.

Ginny's globe contained a scene that had taken place only a few days before Christmas. The wolves had invited the humans to their rooms to relax. The scene contained all six wolves and all six of the human pack sitting by a roaring fire. The Twins, Devaki and Mariko were sitting on the floor with their heads together – a sure sign of a prank to come. Hermione and Draco were sitting at opposite ends of a sofa reading with Duo in between them, reading over Hermione's shoulder. Krum, Terje and Cahira shared another sofa. All three were relaxing and talking quietly to each other, with Terje translating for Viktor. Finally, Ginny and Torsten were playing Chess together. Torsten was just picking up a knight that when he set it down, would give him his first ever win against Ginny Weasley.

The two globes were the most elaborate gifts, but all of them had exquisite detail. Draco received another wooden sculpture, this time of a snake and an Ancient playing together. It was made of ebony and had four gems inlaid. Two emeralds for the wolf's eyes and two diamonds for the snake's. The Weasley Twins received a deer-hide bound homemade photo album each, both filled with pictures, not only of the Twin's pranks, but the wolves' as well. The albums both had engraved pictures of forest clearings. Viktor received a wooden sculpture as well. His showed a proud male unicorn fending of a large magical cat from a mother unicorn and her foal. It two was made of ebony and had precious gems as eyes. The mother and foal's were sapphires, the cat's were rubies and the male unicorns were black opals.

The wolves received many presents in return and were extremely happy, as their friends had searched hard for something they would like. Now, however, Christmas was over and the Second Task was approaching fast. Krum had only just figured out the clue and Hermione pointed him to several books that might be helpful. The wolves started getting more and more worried. Voldemort had been quiet, too quiet in their thinking. They had gone over every available inch of the castle in their night time patrols. Several passages had been sealed off by the wolves' magic, all of which were pointed out by Terje from the Marauder's Map. Torsten never looked at the map, in case he had another panic attack. They were never pleasant for him; a few times he had even turned back to his human form during them. However, he wouldn't let his fear of the panic attacks keep him from the weekly conversations he had with Terje about his parents.

He loved hearing about his mother and her fiery temper, or his father and his love for Quidditch. He loved hearing how they loved each other, and him. He loved hearing of the pranks the Marauders pulled and the secrets they shared. Though he felt a bit uncomfortable knowing that his father's Animagus form was one he commonly hunted. The hunting was one thing that didn't change with the wolves. At Midwinter they returned to the forest for the naming ceremony and the Hunt. Terje usually kept up well, despite not having a voluntary wolf form. Being a Werewolf meant that his strength, speed and senses were many times greater than a humans.

Finally the day of the Second Task came. The day dawned bright and cold. Professor McGonagall had arrived the previous evening and taken Hermione somewhere. Hermione and Viktor had become close over the past short while and had gone to the Yule ball together. The wolves had gone too, as chaperones. Everything went smoothly and everyone had a great time. The start of the second task went smoothly and all three contestants returned, but only two returned with their hostages. Torsten volunteered to go get the third, a young girl named Gabriella, Fleur's sister. Torsten dived into the water with a bubble-head charm on him, supplied by one of the teachers. It was easy to reach the girl with his powerful legs kicking and he had no problem with the mermaids (The wolves had a treaty with them).

The problem came with the Grindelows. They attacked Torsten as he swam by, trying to get at the girl. Apparently they didn't like veelas. However he easily fought them off with his claws and continued swimming to the surface. He broke through into the crisp, fresh air and then swam to shore. Pulling himself and the young girl out of the water was easy and when they reached land the girl opened her eyes. Madam Pomfrey bustled her off while Torsten dealed with a very clingy Fleur. All in all the day was peaceful.

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